Turning Reality on its Head: A Longstanding US/Western Tradition

Name any issue issue, domestic or geopolitical, and reality repeats with disturbing regularity. 

US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators consistently manipulate the public mind with fake news rubbish over the real thing.

Kill shots and all things related to flu/covid, along with US/Western proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia stand out as co-exhibits No. One.

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT once again turned reality on its head by falsely claiming that Russian “forces are struggl(ing) in Ukraine (sic) (while its) economy “strains under sanctions (sic).”

Suppressed by the Times is how greatly US/Western economies are struggling because sanctions backfired — largely harming perpetrators, not their intended target.

Since ratcheted up to an unparalleled level, they caused minimal harm to Russia’s economy and its people.

And according to mid-August All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center poll, 81.3% of respondents expressed “confidence” in Vladimir Putin.

In stark contrast, a late August Quinnipiac poll found the following:

Mind-manipulated Dems supporters aside, 92% of Republicans and 55% of independents disapprove of the fake Biden’s job performance.

Only 5% of Republicans and 36% of independents expressed approval.

On the regime’s handling of foreign policy, only 38% of all respondents expressed approval.

On the economy, just 37% of respondents approved.

As conditions worsen in fall and winter into next year, approval of Biden regime policies are likely to plummet to new lows — notably if former Blackrock equity porfolio manager/current hedge fund manager, Edward Dowd, is right, saying the following:

In the next 5 – 12 months — at most 24 — a global financial collapse is a mathematical certainty.

It’s coming because of unparalleled money printing madness and related harebrained policies — for short and intermediate-term gains at the expense of a likely protracted mother of all Main Street Depressions.

“Who’s going to save the bubble,” Dowd asked?

“Who’s going to be the buyer (of last resort for) all that debt when the bubble finally blows up?”

“Answer: No one.”

Many, likely most keen observers of what’s gone on, are “surprised (that systemic excesses) lasted this long.

When it blows, and it will, it’ll be the mother of all financial big bang collapses heard and widely felt worldwide.

Instead of setting the record straight on this and other major issues, MSM consistently suppress what’s crucial for everyone to know.

State-approved Big Lies and mass deception are featured instead.

On all things Ukraine, Russian forces are smashing the made-in-the-USA Nazified Kiev monster.

Instead of reporting this reality, NYT rubbish turned reality on its head as follows in its latest fake news edition, falsely saying:

Russian forces “face an increasingly difficult situation at the front lines in Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“Ukraine is mounting a counteroffensive that its officials contend is showing initial signs of success (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from the above fake news.

Separately according to WaPo’s resident lunatic extremist, Max Boot, “Putin is losing his ‘war’ in Ukraine (sic)” — what overpowering Russian forces are decisively winning.

And this Boot trash:

Ukraine’s smashed southern region offensive “is making verifiable progress (sic).”

And this worse trash:

“Ukraine is winning its war of independence (sic).” 

“The major issue now is how much of its territory it can claw back (sic).”

“Vladimir Putin’s (triumphant SMO) failed miserably (sic).”

Still more Boot trash:

Putin failed in trying “to seize Kiev in three to four days” — what Russian forces never attempted, the city never targeted.

Nor does Russia seek to “remove” puppet Zelensky, or intend to “install a Kremlin-friendly” replacement.

No Russian “plans were stymied by (a nonexistent) Kiev defense.”

And claiming that Russian forces “have not made any appreciable progress in Donetsk” ignored how together with its freedom fighters doing the ground fighting, over half of the People’s Republic was liberated from Nazified occupation.

The same goes for how decisively Russian forces are smashing Kiev’s Kherson Region offensive — polar opposite Boot’s phony claim about Moscow “on the defensive in Kherson and the rest of the south (sic).”

The same debunks the fiction of Ukrainian “resilience” — its forces most often on their back foot in retreat.

It’s true as well about fake news claims of (nonexistent) heavy Russian losses of manpower and weapons et al.

And claiming that Ukraine’s greatly degraded military can triumph against overpowering Russian military and tactical superiority doesn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

The above is a sample of trash MSM feed audiences in the US/West daily.

Indisputable reality is worlds apart from a perpetual recitation of fake news over the real thing.


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