Daily Fake News Over the Real Thing

Over time, reporting by US/Western MSM declined to its current dismal state.

Before the television age dawned, journalist AJ Liebling once said:

“People everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers with news.”

US/Western television is worst of all — why educator/media critic, Neil Postman, earlier called it “a wasteland,” adding:

Americans are “the most (over)entertained and least informed people in the world.”

On most all domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, polls proved Postman right.

An earlier Gallup poll this year showed 62% of Americans with a favorable opinion of Nazified Ukraine.

YouGov mid-August poll results among US adults showed the following:

22% of respondents believe Russia is winning — compared 18% saying it’s Ukraine.

Another 39% believe either side is winning over the other, and 21% aren’t sure.

Based on reality on the ground, there’s no ambiguity about how greatly Russian forces are battering and defeating Ukrainian ones.

Yet daily US MSM propaganda mind-manipulated most Americans to believe what’s worlds apart from reality.

The same YouGov poll asked whether or not the Biden regime should aid Ukraine more greatly than already.

23% of respondents said more.

Another 32% said what’s been provided is the right amount.

25% said do less, and 20% aren’t sure either way.

In the run-up to and since Russia’s liberating SMO began, the drumbeat of mind-manipulating Russophobic propaganda by US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents has been intense and unrelenting.

Because most people don’t follow real news, information and opinion from reliable independent sources, they’re easy marks to deceive no matter how many times they were fooled before.

So they believe rubbish like the following NYT fake news, saying:

“Here’s what we know (sic).”

Kiev “claims it regained significant territory on multiple fronts (sic) following an offensive launched this week in the Kharkov region…which appears to have surprised Russian forces (sic) and cut off key supply lines (sic).”

On Thursday, puppet Zelensky turned reality on its head, falsely claiming:

“(M)ore than 1,000 km of territory (was retaken) since the beginning of September (sic).”

Admitting that the regime “imposed sweeping restrictions on reporting its military” activities so it’s virtually impossible to verify claims, the Times and other MSM aren’t shy about repeating a daily drumbeat of easily debunked bald-faced Big Lies by anyone paying attention to reality on the ground.

And this Times nonsense:

Citing unnamed “witnesses, Ukrainian authorities, social media” and other dubious sources, the Times pushed the nonexistent pushback of Russian forces by battered and beaten Ukrainian ones.

Joint chiefs of staff chairman, Milley’s Big Lie was also cited, falsely claiming that regime troops “made tangible gains in recent days” — an illusion worlds apart from reality.

And this Times trash:

“The (nonexistent) rapid Ukrainian advance over the past three days in the northeast” is mind-manipulated rubbish, not reality.

More of the same:

“Ukrainian forces appeared to be advancing east toward Kupiansk, another key railway hub, in a bid to encircle Russian forces in Izium (sic).”

And what the Times falsely called “beleaguered Russian forces (sic)” applies solely to Ukrainian ones.

Separately on Thursday, Milley and Biden regime war secretary, Austin, pledged no end to throwing good money after bad in the form of weapons, munitions and equipment at Ukraine for Russia to destroy or for corrupt regime officials to sell for personal gain.

And on Thursday, the Biden regime sanctioned Iran 4 Iranian companies — on the phony pretext of selling UAVs to Russia despite none sought or sold to its military by the Islamic Republic.

Last week, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov debunked phony Biden regime claims of drone sales to Russia.

So did Iranian authorities.

Hegemon USA is militantly hostile toward all nations free from its control — especially Russia, China and Iran because of their growing prominence on the world stage.


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