lllusion of a Failed Russian SMO in Ukraine

At the the Billington CyberSecurity conference in Washington this week, CIA director William Burns ignored how greatly Russian forces are smashing Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war-making machine.

Pretending that Kiev’s greatly degraded military is defeating Russia’s overwhelming firepower and tactical superiority reinvented reality on the ground.

Since launching its SMO on Feb. 24, Russian forces liberated areas greater than the size of Great Britain, freeing its people from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

Regime forces have been largely on their back foot since day-one of Russia’s campaign.

At the Security Council on Wednesday, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, set the record straight about the Kiev regime’s latest failed Kherson and Kharkov offensives, saying:

Areas around Nikolaev, Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye are littered with many thousands of killed and badly wounded Ukrainian troops.

Like earlier ones, the latest regime offensives have been suicide missions.

And this from Russia’s Defense Ministry, saying:

In the above areas, “Ukrainian military units (suffered) heavy losses.”

Russian “tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery continue to deliver strikes on military targets on Ukrainian” troops.

Over 50 Ukrainian artillery units were struck in 167 districts, taking a significant toll on regime weapons and manpower.

During his cybersecurity conference address, Burns reinvented reality on the ground with remarks like the following, saying:

It’s “hard to see Putin’s record in (Ukraine) as anything but a failure (sic).”

He “bet…that he is going to be tougher than the Ukrainians, the Europeans, the Americans (sic).”

He’s “wrong about that bet (sic) as he was profoundly wrong in his assumptions going back to last February about Ukrainian will to resist (sic).”

“Russia is going to pay a very heavy price (sic).”

“Not only has the weakness of the Russian military been exposed (sic), but there is going to be longterm damage to the Russian economy (sic) and generations of Russians (sic).”

Along with the above rubbish, Burns contributed to a daily drumbeat of Russia-bashing by falsely claiming the following:

Hegemon USA is “working with our (subservient vassals to reinvent Russia’s liberating SMO as) naked aggression (sic).”

What’s longstanding US policy since the 18th century is world’s apart from the Russian Federation operates.

And this perversion of reality from puppet Zelensky in his latest scripted for him to recite propaganda remarks, falsely claiming:

Badly beaten regime troops retook “more than a thousand square kilometers of…territory…since September 1 (sic).”

And this from interventionist Blinken from Nazified Kiev, reinventing reality as follows, saying:

“More than six months into Russia’s (liberating SMO, Kiev’s latest) counteroffensive is (no more) effective” than earlier harebrained ones. 

And what Blinken called “incredible bravery and resilience of Ukrainian” troops, ignored the death and injury toll of up to around 1,000 on some days — along with hundreds of Ukrainians surrendering or deserting to stay alive.  

Blinken also announced another $675 million worth of weapons et al for Ukraine — most of which will be destroyed by Russian forces or sold by corrupted regime officials on the dark net to any willing buyers.

And this from Blinken, saying:

The Biden regime is notifying Congress today of (its) intent to make a further $2.2 billion available in longterm investments (sic) under Foreign Military Financing to (further aid aggression) of Ukraine and…neighbor(ing)” US vassals.

Since the illegitimate Biden regime usurped power, military aid for Nazified Ukraine totaled around $15.2 billion — accomplishing nothing more than a horrendous daily human toll of dead and wounded troops for a lost cause.

According to military analyst Andrei Martyanov on Thursday:

The regime’s “offensive was effective in terms of disposing of many thousands of (its) personnel killed, (many) more wounded, not counting (enormous amounts of) hardware lost.”

“The new number (of regime troops) killed in September alone so far is “up to 10,000.” 

Many more thousands were wounded and hospitalized.

And according to a Russian field commander, what’s happening around the city of Balakleya “was planned.”

It’s “a tactical ploy that helped us to pull all their forces and means to the territory where it is convenient for us to fight (and defeat) them.”

And this from joint chiefs of staff head, Milley, on Thursday from the Pentagon’s Ramstein air base in Germany, saying:

“(O)n or about the first of September, (Nazified) Ukraine launched an offensive to seize operational and strategic initiative (sic).” 

Despite sustaining heavy casualties and being virtually defeated, it remains “ongoing.” 

While it’s “too early to provide an assessment of how Ukraine is progressing, (alleged) operational advances in the Kharkov (and) Kherson region(s)” are perversions of reality.

According to Martyanov, “Milley…deliver(ed) BS (at) Ramstein,” adding:

“I am officially now on record (saying that the) SMO’s result is a complete destruction of any remaining reputation of the American ground warfare ‘school.’ ” 

US-dominated NATO is orchestrating and directing aggression by Nazified Ukraine “in manual mode.”

Throughout the post-WW II period, the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies lost one preemptive conflict after another except for the October 1983 5-day police action in Grenada and Bush/Cheney’s 2003 “turkey shoot in Iraq.”

So what’s really going on in Kherson and Kharkov in what Kiev calls the southern region, Martyanov asked?

Losses of manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment are mounting in “terrifying” fashion.

At this time, Russian forces “are pouring into Kharkov.”

It’s the “start of (what’s likely to be) the slaughter” of regime troops.

The toll on regime manpower and weapons et al “will (likely) make (the regime’s) Kherson ‘offensive’ pale in comparison.”

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, its forces maintained military superiority over poorly trained, armed and directed regime troops.

The outcome of Russia’s operation was clear before begun.

It’s just a matter of time before the regime’s war machine collapses or ceases to fight from exhaustion.


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