Russian Straight Talk Suppressed by MSM Supporters of Imperial Rampaging

In response to illegally imposed sanctions on the Russian Federation by subservient EU vassal regimes to their US master, Russia’s Foreign Ministry slammed them as follows, saying:

What’s going on is a diabolical US-dominated Western plot “to contain (Russia’s) development.”

It also aims “to punish its people for supporting an independent foreign policy” — the right of all nations, according to international law.

Along with the above, US, UK and EU regimes have been waging “unprecedented” war of words on Russia — largely for not subordinating its sovereignty to Western power-grabbing tyrants.

At the same time, US/Western regimes keep pouring “lethal weapons and military equipment” into Nazified Kiev.

What’s been going on since April 2014 has been all about support for perpetual state-terror strikes on Donbass residential areas with killing civilians and destroying vital infrastructure in mind.

And since Russia’s SMO began, it’s also been to wage war on its forces — no matter the exponentially mounting toll of casualties throughout the ranks of Kiev’s military.

EU and UK vassals to US interests are mindless about the “worsening humanitarian situation in (areas of) conflict,” along with threatening continental Europe’s security.

Instead of wanting central European peace and stability restored, ruling Western regimes are hellbent for perpetual war and its mounting human toll.

“In response to new restrictive measures against Russian individuals and legal entities, we expanded the list of individuals representing EU institutions and its member countries who are banned from entering the territory of our country as per Federal Law No. 114-FZ dated August 15, 1996 ‘On the procedure of exit from and entry to the Russian Federation,’ ” its Foreign Ministry explained, adding:

The “Ministry transferred a verbal note to this effect to the EU’s delegation in Russia.”

Newly designated EU persona non grata individuals include “senior military officers and high-ranking officials from law enforcement agencies of” its regimes.

Officials of European merchants of death and mass destruction are also prohibited from entering Russian territory.

Western regimes involved in waging proxy hot and sanctions war on Russia are “remind(ed) that (Moscow) remain(s) steadfast in (its) determination to respond with unwavering resolve to any unfriendly acts targeted against” the motherland.

Separately, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, debunked US/Western fake news about alleged “cruel filtration measures” against Ukrainians, saying:

Since the US 2014 coup in Kiev — replacing democratic governance with Nazified tyranny — Russia accommodated “almost 4 million (Ukrainians), including over 625,000 children,” seeking refuge.

“They live freely and voluntarily on Russian territory,” Zakharova stressed, adding: 

“Nobody prohibits them from moving or leaving the country, which is confirmed by the OHCHR.”

All refugees “receive prompt assistance in resolving various urgent problems linked with further accommodation, food, basic necessities and social payments.”

“Preschool children are provided with places in kindergartens, and schoolchildren are admitted to secondary general education and vocational schools.”

“Many receive targeted humanitarian and medical aid, including psychological rehabilitation.”

“Its goal is to help children forget all the horrors they were exposed to in the previous eight years when Kiev was methodically and with impunity destroying the civilian population of Donbass.”

Russia’s humanitarian outreach to Ukrainians in need is polar opposite how US/Western regimes and Nazified Kiev operates.

Russia operates “over 9,500 temporary accommodation centers for more than 95,000 people in 85 regions,” said Zakharova.

“Refugees are brought to these places by trains.”

“A telephone hotline processes over 250 calls per day.”

“Refugees and displaced persons receive financial, legal, psychological and medical aid.” 

“UNHCR representatives visit them daily in these centers.”

What’s going on is worlds apart from phony accusations of Russian filtration centers — what don’t exist.

Because of perpetual US/Western proxy hot war on Russia by use of Ukrainian troops considered expendable, long lines queue up at border checkpoints, desperate people seeking safe haven in the Russian Federation.

On Friday, Kiev’s so-called bureau of investigations said it began conducting a “filtration” of civilians in (temporarily entered) towns and villages by regime troops — on the phony pretext of “prevent(ing) subversive activities of Russians and their allies (sic).”

What’s intended is wanting Russian-friendly opponents of Nazified Ukraine arrested, detained, imprisoned or eliminated by cold-blooded murder.

That’s what Ukrainian Nazis mean by a “time of reckoning (sic).”

And US-dominated Western regimes back the worst of Kiev’s crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities.

It’s proof positive of their decadence and depravity.

Separately on Saturday, Russia’s representative at the UN Global Congress of Victims of Terrorism, Dmitry Bulgaru, slammed Nazified Kiev as follows, saying:

Its representative at the Congress “demonstrated contempt for the victims of terrorism (by showing the regime’s) readiness to violate the rights of anyone at its discretion.

And he ignored the reality of how its military “ha(s) been intimidating” and terrorizing Donbass civilians since spring 2014.

Its crimes include “indiscriminate shelling of residential areas, killings, abductions and torture of civilians, including women and children.”

“The Ukrainian military recently literally filled up the center of Donetsk and Lugansk with ‘lepestok’ anti-personnel mines” to kill or maim their residents. 

Kiev “saboteurs (also) blew up a car with the head of the administration of Berdyansk, Artem Bardin.”

“On August 24, they killed the head of the temporary civil administration of the settlement of Mikhailovka, Zaporozhye region, Ivan Sushko.”

“At the time of the explosion in the car of the deceased was his daughter, whom he was taking to kindergarten.”

“On August 20, in the Moscow region, a group of established Ukrainian killers cynically killed journalist Daria Dugina, her car blown up.”

“The obvious purpose of (these) terror (tactics) is to sow (fear and) panic among the civilian population, which directly contradicts the fundamental norms of international humanitarian law.”

And this Biden regime terror tactic by other means announced on Friday:

According to its Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), buyers of Russian oil, priced above the G7’s illegally imposed cap — their legal right — will be sanctioned by OFAC, stating:

“Pursuant to Executive Order 1406, (hegemon USA) imposed a prohibition on the importation of Russian Federation origin crude oil; petroleum; and petroleum fuels, oils, and products of their distillation.”

“This prohibition will remain in place alongside the US implementation of the maritime services policy and price exception.”

“Persons that make significant purchases of oil above the price cap and knowingly rely on service providers subject to the maritime services policy, or persons that knowingly provide false information, documentation, or attestations to such a service provider, will have potentially violated the maritime services policy and may be a target for a sanctions enforcement action.”

Effective on Dec. 5, G7 regimes will illegally cap the price of Russian oil once a ceiling is agreed on.

Moscow vowed to halt exports of oil and related products to nations enforcing what none should go along with.

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