The Myth of Sweeping Kiev Regime Gains

If words were weapons, David Kiev would have slain Goliath Russia in the early days of its liberating SMO.

Reality on the ground is worlds apart from MSM fantasy reports on what’s gone on since Russia’s campaign began in late February.

In print, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT finds new way to disgrace itself by featuring state-approved fiction over indisputable reality.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times defied reality by falsely claiming that things are “turn(ing) in Ukraine’s favor (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

Vladimir Putin is “scrambl(ing) for arms from his client states (sic).”

And this fake news:

“Russia expected its February blitzkrieg to end in a quick victory (sic), but (things) bogged down (sic) and Ukraine is now pressing an offensive in the south aimed at busting up Russian logistics (sic) and taking back territory (sic).”

Fact: Russia set no timeline when launching its liberating SMO.

Fact: No bog down occurred since it began, no “busting up of (its) logistics” or supply lines. 

Fact: Territory temporarily retaken by regime troops is comprised of a number of villages and towns of no strategic value — at the cost of many thousands of regime casualties, what the Times failed to explain.

And this Times trash:

“Russia…spen(t) down its munition stores (sic).”

“It is having a hard time replenishing smart weapons (sic).”

Fact: The Biden regime and its Western vassals expected a sanctions blitzkrieg to crush Russia’s economy and turn the “ruble…to rubble” — what the fake JB hyperventilated about last spring.

Fact: Russia’s economy is largely self-sufficient.

Fact: Since escalated US/Western sanctions war on Russia began, the ruble has been one of the world’s best performing currencies.

Fact: European economies have been hardest hit by sanctions war on Russia — hegemon USA’s main target to give corporate America a competitive advance over UK and EU firms.

What Times fake news called “Kremlin Operation Tin Cup toward Iran and North Korea to relieve severe supply shortages (sic)” was debunked by indisputable facts proving otherwise.

The same goes for turning truth on its head by falsely calling the Islamic Republic and DPRK “two of the world’s worst rogues (sic).”

In stark contrast to US-dominated NATO regimes, Iranian and North Korean leadership never attacked another nation preemptively — what hegemon USA and Western vassals are infamous for.

And this Times fake news:

Claiming that Vladimir Putin “threatened (to) cut off (exports of) oil and refined products (to) Europe” ignored what he really said.

Russia may ban energy exports entirely to nations imposing an illegal price cap on its oil and related products.

Most world community nations refuse to go along with illegal sanctions and capping the price of its oil.

And this Times trash:

Vladimir Putin “may escalate (nonexistent Russian) brutality and extortions (sic)” — US/Western specialties, worlds apart from how the Russian Federation operates.

More Times trash:

Claiming “foreign support (is) making a difference” for Kiev’s military is defied by reality on the ground.

More of the same:

Regime “troops ha(ve) reason to be confident (sic) (for) breaking through Russian positions (sic) (and gaining) momentum (sic).”

There’s nothing encouraging about heavy regime losses of manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment.

Nor is there anything positive about many tens of thousands of grieving Ukrainian family member for lost or maimed loved ones since Russia’s liberating SMO began.

What will the Times and other MSM report in the next 48 hours or so once Russian forces take an increasingly heavy toll on regime troops by large-scale aerial and ground attacks — what’s most likely to unfold over the weekend into next week with devastating results.


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  1. My submission for Paragraph of the Day would also be my submission for Paragraph of the Week. It comes from Southfront:

    Absolute Proof that EU Leaders Are Responsible for Europe’s Soaring Fuel-PricesAbsolute Proof that EU Leaders Are Responsible for Europe’s Soaring Fuel-Prices at on 9/10

    “Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Gazprom could restart gas flows to Europe via the key Nord Stream 1 pipeline tomorrow, if it gets the turbines needed. He blamed Germany and Western sanctions for the indefinite halt in operations for the pipeline, according to media reports from his speech at the Eastern Economic Forum. At the same time, he said pressure from the US was behind the holdup in launching another pipeline, Nord Stream 2.”

    The plan to make “everyone will own nothing” is underpinned by creating artificial shortages. The low steam of “evaporate up” is on full boil. The belief sanctions is cover story. Those who bought the path to victory was to remove Russian energy from Europe, should have changed their minds by now if it were not Representation Without Representation in the EU. The plan is to destroy western power. The cover story is dead, but the plan marches on.


  2. The New Atlas put up a 16:52 video today as “Kharkov Offensive 2.0: Winning Headlines Today, Hastening Defeat for Tomorrow” — — where he says it is a tactical success for the Ukrainians and a strategic victory for the Russians. Lines were weakened to send troops into concentrated formations in a confined area with no fortifications.

    There were no military personnel in the territory of what might be called a contact line- only internal security personnel to look after road traffic and sabotage. How is that not a trap when it is all over the Telegram channels, the Wicked Wicked West wants an offensive? Do you think Ukraine might advance on the territory with no Russian troops?

    Russia was aided by civilians furnishing GPS locations on their cell phone. All the territory given up is going to furnish GPS locations to triangulate. The Russians pulled back to let more men and material in to destroy it. New troops are coming in from around Moscow. A consequence of what might be called embarrassment is escalation.

    I see annihilation of the 9000 who rode into a death trap.


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