Fiction Over Truth and Full Disclosure, an MSM Specialty

MSM across the board ignore what’s crucial to explain about Kharkov Region reality on the ground at this time.

Pretending that regime troops caught Russia off-guard ignores that its Defense Ministry knew well in advance what was coming and began preparing to counter it with devastating force. 

Unleashing it can happen at any time.

When begun, regime troops will be highly vulnerable in open spaces for Russian forces to attack them effectively with large-scale, high-precision aerial, artillery, missile and rocket strikes.

Press agents for wealth, power, privilege, imperial wars and hostility toward nations free from US hegemonic control report collectively from what’s state-approved on key domestic and geopolitical issues.

Consistently distorting reality about all things Russia and Nazified Ukraine since Moscow’s liberating SMO began, a sample of their latest failure to set the record straight is clear from the following headlines:

Reuters: “Russia gives up key northeast towns as Ukrainian forces advance (sic)”

AP News: “Ukraine pushes major counteroffensive (sic)”

WaPo: “Russian troops in big retreat as Ukraine offensive advances in Kharkov (sic)”

WSJ: “In Major Advance, Ukraine Drives Russians Out of Key Front-Line Cities (sic)”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “Russian forces withdraw from the Kharkov region as Ukraine pushes a counteroffensive (sic)”

Chicago Tribune: “Russia(n) troops pullback from Ukraine’s Kharkov (sic)”

US News & World Report: “Ukraine Continues to Make Significant Gains in the Kharkov Region (sic)”

Britain’s owned and controlled BBC: 

“Russian forces retreat as Ukraine takes key towns (sic).”

Al Jazeera: “Moscow abandoned its main bastion in Ukraine, an apparent collapse of (a) principal front line (sic)”

Worst of all was the following NYT rubbish as follows:

“Ukrainian Offensive Is Seen as Reshaping the War’s Contours (sic)”

And this Times trash:

“Russian Front Lines Buckled and Troops Fled (sic)”

And this:

“Dramatic gains by Ukrainian forces marked a new phase (sic) of” what’s gone on since Russia’s liberating SMO began.

Details below, but first a straight talk headline like the following, what’s nowhere in sight by MSM:

Russia Let Regime Troops Leave Fortified Defensive Positions for Open Spaces to Make Attacking and Destroying Them Easier

Here’s another:

Aware of Kiev’s Kharkov Region Battle Plan, Russia Redeployed Heavily Armed Forces to Strike Regime Troops with Devastating Force

Instead of anything resembling the above two headlines, followed by details, here’s how the NYT reinvented reality on the ground in its latest fake news edition.

“A lightning Ukrainian offensive…reshaped” front line positions (sic).

“In a matter of days, Russian front lines buckled (sic).”

“Moscow’s troops fled from one village after another (sic)…a hasty retreat (sic).”

So-called Ukrainian advances are “a turning point” on the ground (sic)…dwarfed only by Russia’s humiliating defeat around…Kiev (sic)” — an MSM invented battle never waged so never lost.

What the Times dubiously called a “successful Ukrainian offensive (sic)” hasn’t yet begun until its troops face overwhelmingly powerful Russian military superiority.

And what the self-styled newspaper of record falsely called “shortcomings of the Russian war machine (sic)” ignored the devastating toll it inflicted on regime troops, weapons, munitions and equipment to date with more of the same to come.

And this delusional rubbish from puppet Zelensky, quoted by the Times, saying:

“The path to the return of our entire territory is all there (sic).”

“Every day it becomes clearer (sic).”

“We see the contours of restoring the territorial integrity of our (nonexistent) state (sic)” — what vanished near-straightaway after the US 2014 coup.

No “Russian military collapse,” occurred as the Times falsely claimed.

And this Times trash:

“Russian forces left their flanks undefended (sic), perhaps because of growing troop shortages (sic), exhausted conscripts (sic) and low morale (sic).”

More Times trash:

Russian “losses (are) in the tens of thousands (sic)” — citing fake Western intelligence.

The same goes for phony claims of “superior (Kiev) tactics (sic), better planning (sic), higher morale (sic) and a decentralized command structure (sic), all of which…enable(d) its military to seize the initiative (sic) and…succeed (sic) against a numerically superior force (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

“Ukraine’s rapid (Kharkov Region) advances (sic) significantly weakened Russia’s hold on eastern Ukraine (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality, citing a so-called UK “military expert:”

There’s been a nonexistent “collapse of Russian troops (to be followed by) a cascading effect (sic) (from which) it’s very difficult to recover (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Ukraine’s rapid advances…made possible by months of preparation…reshaped the battlefield…in just a few days (sic).” 

And this fake news:

“(T)here are (nonexistent) signs that the (regime’s) current offensive could be the early stages of a drive that could push back the Russian front line significantly (sic)” —  citing so-called US military experts, including the following perversion of reality by general Frederick Hodges (ret.):

“I thought for several months that Ukraine was going to push Russia back to the 23 February lines by the end of the year (sic).”

And this Times trash, citing so-called “experts:”

They “agreed that the tide might be turning for Ukraine (sic).”

“Now is the time for the (regime) to exploit every opportunity to degrade and destroy the Russian capacity to fight (sic)” — citing one of the so-called experts.

What will they say when Russian forces counter regime troops with high-precision aerial, artillery, missile, and rocket strikes — delivered with devastating force, killing and wounding more thousands than already, destroying their weapons et al, driving survivors to retreat, surrender or desert front line positions to stay alive?

What will MSM report?

There’s no ambiguity about how they’ll address reality on the ground when intense Russia strikes begin taking a devastating toll on regime troop, their weapons, munitions and equipment.

They’ll ignore it and change the subject.


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