Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained the following:

Russia’s liberating SMO “proceeds in Ukraine and Donbass at a planned and confident pace, which is causing increasing nervousness and, in some places, hysteria among the Kiev regime’s Western handlers,” adding:

They demand that “the Zelensky regime demonstrate at all costs (an) ability of (UAF) to effectively use weapons received in huge quantities from (US-dominated) NATO, threatening otherwise to cut back significantly on aid provided.”

What’s going on shows that the US/West is indifferent toward the lives and well-being of Ukrainian troops, what they consider expendable.

Nor do their ruling regimes care a whit about the transformation of Ukraine form a nation-state pre-2014 to its current dismal state — a US-colonized, Nazi-infested, tyrannically run platform for perpetual proxy hot war on Russia.

It forcibly rounds up and conscripts teenagers and others up to age-60 for front line duty as “21st century cannon fodder,” MZ stressed.

And after months of throwing billions of dollars worth of weapons at Kiev for waging a lost cause against Russian military superiority, European regimes are complaining about depleting their store of arms with nothing to show for the giveaway.

According to Germany’s war minister, Christine Lambrecht, the Scholz regime “reach (its) limit in this area,” MZ noting:

“Apparently, human resources have not reached the limit.”

“After all, they(‘re) Ukrainian(s), not German(s).”

So who cares how many perish, how many others suffer irreparable physical and emotional harm, how many thousands of Ukrainian families mourn loss of loved ones.

Despite tens of thousands killed or wounded regime troops, twin offensives were launched in the Kherson and Kharkov Regions.

So-called Kharkov gains made are only temporary — at the cost of many more thousands of dead or wounded troops so far, thousands more to follow if fighting continues in the coming days or longer.

US-dominated NATO regimes, puppet Zelensky and hardcore fascists around him don’t give a hoot about how poorly trained, rushed to battle front line troops suffer and families grieve loss of loved ones.

At the same time, Ukrainian military commanders called for stepped up strikes on Russian territory, as well as saying that the “liberation of Crimea (sic)” is a key aim.

As fighting continues, the Ukrainian human toll will keep rising exponentially — while achieving no strategic aims.

At the same time, regime troops continue attacks on the Zaporozhye NPP and residential areas around it.

Since the dawn of the nuclear age, never before now was a facility for supplying electricity by nuclear energy considered a military target.

There’s no ambiguity about who’s responsible — despite refusal by imperial tool, IAEA head, Grossi, to lay blame where it belongs.

Shelling continues because dominant Biden regime hardliners wants deadly radiation released and spread across much of central Europe to falsely blame Russia for Kiev’s war crime.

As events on the ground continue to unfold, it’s clear that Russia will achieve its goals of liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation, as well as the demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine.

As for puppet Zelensky, how long will he last once Russia’s goals are accomplished?

Separately on the issue of suspending the Russia/EU visa facilitation agreement by Brussels, MZ said the following:

The action taken was further proof that agreements by US/Western regimes aren’t worth the paper they’re written on — to be breached and abandoned at their discretion.

“(A)bsurd statements (by EU officials) about (nonexistent security) threats (posed by) Russian tourists camouflage a desire to collectively punish our citizens” for overwhelmingly supporting the liberating SMO, MZ explained, adding:

The EU action “is an example of insanity, poor judgement and lack of connection with civilized norms lauded in the West.” 

“If Europeans really had capabilities they brag about, they would have used them long ago to prevent” the dismal state all things Russia and Ukraine.

“But they don’t have capabilities, (just invented) fears.”

On how IAEA head, Grossi, ignored reality at the Zaporozhye NPP after visiting the plant, MZ said the following:

Russia went all-out to accommodate him and his team.

It was shown indisputable evidence of who’s responsible for attacking the facility repeatedly. 

Yet his report whitewashed reality by refusing to lay blame where it belongs.

And by so doing, he’s complicit with Kiev’s strikes on the NPP, what seriously compromises its safety and security.

As for possible conflict resolution talks with the Kiev regime at a future time, it’s off the table as long as hegemon USA controls its actions.

It’s clear that US-dominated NATO wants no end to perpetual proxy war on Russia – no matter how many thousands of Ukrainian troops perish as long as it continues.


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