Hegemon USA’s Propaganda War on Invented Enemies

With heavy lifting from MSM co-conspirators, US-dominated NATO propaganda wars precede and accompany its proxy and direct hot wars on invented enemies.

Since the 9/11 mother of all state-sponsored false flags — until all things flu/covid surpassed US/Western wickedness — Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria were in hegemon USA’s eye of the storm.

Far and away today, it’s Russia — China sure to follow at a future time.

Because of its sovereign independence, its freedom from attempted political, economic and military strangulation by the empire of lies and forever wars, Russia’s ruling authorities stand in the way of hegemon USA’s drive for unchallenged control over planet earth, its resources and populations.

That’s the root cause of all things Russia and Ukraine and risk posed to world peace if what’s going on leads to direct East/West confrontation — including the ominous threat of nuclear war.

What’s all-out so far has been limited to pouring billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment into Nazified Ukraine for perpetual proxy war on Russia — along with intense anti-Russia propaganda war.

Along with a daily drumbeat of MSM fake news, the Pentagon’s Special Operations Command (SOCOM) has been waging infowar on Russia.

Yet according to the Cyber Policy Center of Stanford University’s Internet Observatory — collaboratively with “social media analytics firm” Graphika — a pro-Western, multi-year, covert influence operations campaign was evaluated in a report published on August 24.

According to its findings, “Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and five other social media platforms…used deceptive tactics” to promote pro-Western narratives in the Middle East, Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Multiple “covert campaigns (were conducted) over a period of almost five years — against Russia since 2012 — rather than one homogeneous operation.”

They pushed narratives serving US/Western interests, while demonizing Russia, China and Iran — nations threatening no one except the US drive for unchallenged hegemony.

The Russian Federation was especially vilified for its liberating SMO in Ukraine by making stuff up — falsely blaming the Kremlin for crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

Along with establishment social and conventional MSM, hegemon USA’s worldwide propaganda apparatus was involved — including its Voice of America (VOA) and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

In cahoots with each other, they feature the fabricated official narrative over truth and full disclosure, the latter excluded from its content.

Yet according to study findings, the multi-hundred million campaign largely shot blanks as judged by its lack of effectiveness, the report saying the following:

Hegemon USA’s “activity represents the most extensive case of covert pro-Western” influence operations (OI), what’s been analyzed for effectiveness or failure to achieve hoped for results.

Study results show “the limitations of using inauthentic tactics to generate engagement and build influence online.”

“The vast majority of posts and tweets we reviewed received no more than a handful of likes or retweets, and only 19% of the covert assets we identified had more than 1,000 followers.”

“The average tweet received 0.49 likes and 0.02 retweets.”

“Tellingly, the two most followed assets in the data provided by Twitter were overt accounts that publicly declared a connection to the US military.”

Pro-Western/anti-Russia influence operations failed against targeted audiences in Central Asia, the Middle East, and Afghanistan.  

The secretive CIA/Pentagon/undemocratic Dem-linked Rendon (PR) Group was identified as SOCOM’s lead disinformation contractor.

The organization was involved in assisting “US military interventions in…Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, Iraq, Kosovo, Panama and Zimbabwe,” among others, according to Sourcewatch.

In a 1998 National Security Conference (NSC) address, its founder, John Rendon, called himself “an information warrior and perception manager.”

According to SOCOM commander, General Richard Clark, its information operations (IO) “more than doubled” since 2019 — perhaps increasing much more against Russia since its liberating SMO began.

Based on analysis by the Stanford report, “inauthentic tactics (used) to generate engagement and build influence online” didn’t achieve desired results — a polite way of stressing dismal failure, despite years of effort and millions of dollars spent, for nothing.


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  1. Orwell missed fact checkers defend the lies and truth advocates are disinformationalists. Free speech is FauxBiden.

    I am not free.


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