Nazified Ukrainian Fascists Are What They Are: A Regional Menace

After Russia ceded a number of strategically unimportant Kharkov towns and villages to the regime by redeploying forces in them to where most needed in Donetsk, the scourge of how Nazified Ukraine operates reared its ugly head.

According to the region’s military/civil administration head, Vitaly Ganchez:

UAF thugs and complicit mercenaries “started repressive actions,” adding:

They’re “driving around and shooting people (indiscriminately) while filming it on camera.”

What’s going on is clear, a familiar pattern repeated numerous times before in various ways.

The regime “want(s) to cleanse (temporarily occupied) towns” and villages of Russian supporters, then claim Russian Federation forces were responsible for what they had nothing to do with.

History not only rhymes, it repeats, especially during conflicts.

Regime troops are repeating what happened in Bucha and Kramatorsk earlier — Biden regime orchestrated, Kiev implemented false flag atrocities wrongfully blame on Russia.

Because of what’s going on, fearful civilians were forced into hiding.

Before ongoing terror tactics began, Russian forces and local authorities helped evacuate over 5,000 civilians cross-border to safe haven in Russia.

Lugansk head, Leonid Pasechnik, confirmed what Ganchev reported, saying:

Regime “authorities confirmed their neo-Nazi nature.”

In Kharkov Region (areas occupied by its troops), “Ukrainian intelligence services set up purges and (to repress) the civilian population.”

An earlier article discussed repressive Zelensky regime “filtration” centers to detain, torture, imprison and eliminate suspected Russian supporters.

Separately, while regime troops made no strategically important gains in Kharkov, undemocratic Dem Senator Mark Warner pretended otherwise, saying:

Hegemon USA and its NATO vassals aided Nazified Kiev make “great gains” in Kharkov (sic), adding:

Collaborative efforts show “the strength of our combined military intel (sic).”

US-dominated NATO will “make sure” that Nazified Kiev gets whatever military aid it needs — for perpetual US-orchestrated and directed proxy hot war on Russia.

Separately on Monday, Vladimir Putin said the following:

“Russia is confidently coping with external pressure (from) financial and technological aggression” initiated by US/Western regimes. 

“Economic blitzkrieg (tactics, an), onslaught they were counting on failed.”

It’s “obvious to everyone, and to them too.”

Russia “implemented effective protective measures.”

“(M)echanisms (were implemented) to support key industries, backbone enterprises, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.”

“All of them aim to preserve employment and jobs.”

They “provide targeted assistance to our citizens and, above all, families with children and pensioners.”

“As a result of implementing this complex of measures, we have avoided a sharp decline in the economy.”

“Inflation quickly stabilized.”

From an April 17.8% high, it’s expected to be about 12% by yearend or sooner. 

“(M)onthly dynamics of key indicators also show gradual economic stabilization and a growth trajectory.”

“Enterprises are returning to a normal schedule.”

Construction sector growth reached 6.6% in July. GDP decline slowed to 4.3%. 

“In August, banks provided more loans to the economy, real sector and population.”

“It is a good sign that shows growth in economic activity.”

The labor market is stable. 

Unemployment is at all-time low. From May to July, “it was only 3.9%.”

At the same time, around 234,000 working-age Russians “are experiencing downtime or who are on forced leave or work part time.”

“This is almost twice as many as at the beginning of the year.”

“(E)ffective solutions” to help them are being sought.

“(Actions of our…ill-wishers are to a large extent unpredictable and impulsive.”

“(C)learly unprofessional,” we’re forced to “follow our own logic and keep the initiative.”

“We should not just react to certain unfriendly steps, but consistently reach our development goals in the economy, social sphere and infrastructure.”

“(P)rompt adoption of large-scale anti-crisis measures (to achieve stability and maintain economic strength) in the face of external challenges are largely the result of our…macroeconomic policy in the past few years.”

“This is why (economic conditions in Russia are) doing much better than” in the US-dominated Western countries. 

A Final Comment

On Monday, Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) said it prevented a series of attempted Kherson Region and Republic of Crimea sabotage and terror attacks — ones intended to be carried out by Kiev’s so-called security service.

Individuals involved in the diabolical scheme were apprehended, including their ringleader. 

According to Russia’s FSB, “exhaustive information has been obtained with regards to the operations conducted by the (regime’s) special service, the means of committing (intended) crimes…and communication channels (used by elements involved, as well as their) means of financing.”

Separately, according to Russia’s Security Council head, Nikolay Patrushev, on Monday:

The Biden regime is supplying Kiev with intelligence on where and what to terror-strike at and around the Zaporozhye NPP, adding:

“The consequences of these provocations could be very catastrophic, not only for the majority of the population of Ukraine and Russia but also for Europe.”

“In terms of their scale, they could surpass the tragedies (of) Chernobyl and Fukushima.”

If terror-strikes continue unchecked, chances of something catastrophic occurring will be ominously high.


6 thoughts on “Nazified Ukrainian Fascists Are What They Are: A Regional Menace

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  1. ‘Russia ceded a number of strategically unimportant Kharkov towns and villages to the regime’
    ‘The regime “want(s) to cleanse (temporarily occupied) towns” and villages of Russian supporters’

    Wasn’t protecting Russians in Ukraine the whole point of this war? Because they seem to be doing terrible job at it, according to the text.


  2. Deviant MSM is lying to us for 30 pieces of silver.

    Not a word from MSM on the Zelensky Nazi regime shelling and killing its own people.

    MSM haven’t questioned the Artemis launch delay which is proof of the fake Apollo moon landings.

    Did I hear that MSM stands for deviant “Men who have Sex with Men”?


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