The Illusion of Dramatic Regime Gains and Mounting Russian Losses

Overpowering Russian forces are inflicting huge losses on regime troops, its weapons, munitions and equipment.

What’s going on is indisputably, not the other way around as MSM fake news claim in their state-approved propaganda reports — what’s worlds apart from reality on the ground.

No “rapid military gains” were made by regime troops against Russian forces anywhere in Ukraine or Donbass, as Times fake news claimed.

Previous articles explained what the broadsheet and other MSM suppressed in similar fashion to how they’ve misreported on Russia’s liberating SMO since launched.

And this Times trash:

Regime “forces devastated Russian command and control (sic), and appear poised to capitalize on their advances in the northeast…and another campaign in the south (sic).”

Russia redeployed forces from strategically unimportant parts of Kharkov Region to where they’re most needed — while maintaining control over Kherson Region after smashing Kiev’s attempted offensive.

Looking ahead, the illusion of regime success in Kharkov Region will be dispelled as Russia’s area battle plan unfolds.

As a friend wisely noted by gmail about how Russia’s SMO is progressing, its Defense Ministry “only sent (an expeditionary force comprised of) junior varsity (troops) and is kicking (Ukraine’s) ass.”

Russia’s control over Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters, along with its superior super-weapons and tactical skills made a huge difference from day one of its liberating SMO.

NYT and other MSM propaganda reports defy reality on the ground  by featuring fake news over the real thing.

Reinventing what’s going on, the Times roared the following rubbish:

Nazified “Ukraine (is) on the march (sic).”

The regime “is making progress in multiple places (sic).”

And sounding buffoon-like, a know-nothing Times propagandist asked:

“Could Ukraine actually” defeat Russia’s liberating SMO?

More nonsense followed, saying:

After Russia redeployed its forces away from in and around Izyum — an area of no strategic importance — and regime forces moved in, the Times reinvented the area as a nonexistent “hub” used by the Russian Defense Ministry to “supply its forces elsewhere (sic).”

Russian forces left the area because its terrain wasn’t suitable for this purpose, what the Times failed to explain.

And the regime only temporarily regained areas of nonstrategic importance. 

Nor were Russian forces “surprised” about what they knew was planned days before things unfolded on the ground.

And claiming that Ukraine’s nonexistent “push is a big deal (sic)” turned reality on its head.

Events since late last week didn’t remotely resemble what another know-nothing Times propagandist falsely called “a dramatic win (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Ukraine’s (mischaracterized) advance also undermined Vladimir Putin’s propaganda (sic).”

The regime caused no “serious damage” to Russia’s SMO, what’s proceeding as planned.

And claiming the Kiev can either defeat Russian forces or force a stalemate shows colossal ignorance of reality on the ground.

And this Times nonsense:

“The last few days show(ed) that the Ukrainians can craft effective plans based on intelligence, advice and high-tech American weaponry used in innovative ways (sic),” adding: 

“And those plans, so far, delivered real battlefield results (sic).”

No Ukrainian “strength” exists except in numbers of expendable cannon fodder troops.

Russian forces killed or wounded many tens of thousands so far, while sustaining minimal losses of manpower, weapons and equipment.

No matter how many billions of dollars worth of firepower US/Western regimes throw at Nazified Ukraine, the status of what’s strategically important on the ground won’t change.

Pretense otherwise by the Times and other MSM won’t make a dent in what’s indisputable reality.

When all is said and done, Russia will achieve its goals of demilitarizing and deNazifying Ukraine, along with liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of US/Western-supported Nazified occupation.

A Final Comment

In similar fashion to the Times and other MSM fake news, a WaPo report reinvented reality by falsely claiming that events since late last week “points to a potential turning point in Ukraine (sic).”

When what unfolds ahead bites the Times, WaPo and other MSM in the rump as Russian forces rout regime troops decisively en route to achieving their SMO objectives, all the chest-thumping fake news now ongoing will shift to bashing Russia in other ways and/or change the subject altogether.


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  1. Russians withdrew from Moscow and let the Russian winter defeat Napoleon.

    A replay for east of Kharkiv as its electricity infrastructure hit.


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