The Illusion of Resolving All Things Russia and Ukraine Peacefully

Multiple rounds of conflict resolution talks last winter and early spring between Russian and Ukrainian delegations failed to achieve positive results.

On March 30, Russia’s lead negotiator, Vladimir Medinsky, prematurely announced the following:

“(F)or the first time, (the puppet Zelensky regime said) not only orally but also in written form, that it’s ready to fulfill a number of the most important conditions for building normal, and, hopefully, good-neighborly relations with Russia in the future.”

What followed was continued conflict with no end of it in prospect because dominant Biden regime hardliners want perpetual proxy war on Russia, not resolution to restore peace and stability to central Europe.

While what’s going on one day will end because what can’t go on forever never does, the prospect for near-or-intermediate-term conflict resolution is virtually nil.

Peace and stability in Europe, the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and elsewhere defeat hegemon USA’s push to dominate the world community of nations by whatever it takes to accomplish its diabolical aims.

So US/NATO proxy war on Russia continues with expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers for as long as they last or until the regime’s military exhausts its ability to pursue a lost cause any longer.

Russia clearly has the upper hand against a militarily weak enemy, one sustained by forcibly conscripted cannon fodder, as well as getting billions of dollars worth of weapons, munitions and equipment from US/Western regimes.

As a same day article explains, events since Russia’s SMO began weakened European nations economically.

Supplying Kiev with weapons and munitions also depleted their own stockpiles.

If what’s going on continues through fall and winter, European economies will likely deteriorate more greatly than already — enough perhaps to force a change in what clearly have been counterproductive policies.

At the same time, largely self-sufficient Russia is holding its own well politically, economically and militarily in spite of unparalleled sanctions imposed by US/Western regimes.

How much longer with European ruling authorities continue to shoot themselves in the foot by self-inflicting harm — while achieving no strategic aims against Russia?

Nor is reality likely to change through yearend into 2023.

US/Western plans to undermine Russia failed, their nations harming themselves instead of their intended target.

The longer status quo conditions stay unchanged, the worse off European nations will fare.

And if pain inflicted on their people by self-destructive policies remains unchanged or increases, perhaps the continent will see waves of labor strikes.

Perhaps many thousands of angry people throughout Europe will take to the streets en masse to demand an end to unaffordable gasoline, heating oil, natural gas, food, housing, healthcare and other essentials.

The same goes for Nazified Ukraine.

How much longer will its people tolerate tyrannical rule and perpetual war —what’s making things worse as long as puppet Zelensky bows to the will of his US master at their expense?

The fullness of time will explain what’s not currently known while the following is clear.

In August, UK consumer inflation reached a 40-year high of 10.1%.

On Tuesday, Germany’s Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) reported the country’s highest inflation in nearly 50 years at 8.8%.

In August, eurozone inflation rose to a record-high of 9.1% since adoption of the euro in 1997.

In late August, the London Guardian said “Europe is on the brink” of harder times than already because of “soaring energy prices, supply chain disruption(s), shortages of workers and (widespread) drought…hitting much of the continent.”

And this from The Australian on Monday, saying:

“The energy crisis is fast becoming an economic crisis as Europe faces harsh winter” conditions.

Other MSM warned of things heading toward becoming the most challenging economic and financial crisis conditions in decades — while failing to explain the root cause, self-inflicted harm from backfired sanctions on Russia.

Addressing hegemon USA-led Western policies to try “destroy(ing the Russian economy,” Sergey Lavrov called what’s going on “unprecedented,” adding:

The aim of US/Western proxy hot and “hybrid” war risks potentially catastrophic consequences. 

In August, Russia’s Foreign Ministry warned of possible nuclear conflict with no winners if occurs.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev warned that if puppet Zelensky’s sought security guarantee to maintain Kiev’s military supplied with Western weapons and munitions — with hegemon USA, Britain, the EU and Australia its guarantors — it’ll be “prelude to World War Three” if implemented.

What’s already going on is reminiscent of events preceding WW I and II.

At a time when the destructive ability of today’s modern weapons make ones used in both world wars seem like toys in comparison, humanity should shudder at what may be catastrophic if US/Western regimes push things too far.

That’s where things are heading if what’s ongoing isn’t checked while there’s time.

2 thoughts on “The Illusion of Resolving All Things Russia and Ukraine Peacefully

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  1. Today, The Duran talked about the iron fist coming for the protesters and the centalization of the EU energy policy. THEY will not yield to reality and Alexander says in his often spoken “THEY never do” and “THEY will double down. THEY always do.” Today’s

    “Winter Uniform for the Ukrainian Army


  2. My computer is under attack. It looks like there is a personal assignment to someone.

    The Europeans will be buying winter clothing at the expense of both civilians and the military.

    I don’t agree there was a sensible belief a boycott would take down Russia. What would Europe have done if all Russian energy were cut off. There is no direct shipment of Russian gas, and come December, there will be no more oil coming directly from Russia. India is being enriched by processing Russian oil and selling it to the EU just like China bleeds the EU with LNG it makes with Russian natural gas. The EU will be bled like like China was with opium.

    Oil is too powerful by itself to think what was said to be thunk. Now there is talk of Saudi Arabis joining BRICS Plus along with Iran.


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