The Latest Fake News on All Things Russia and Ukraine

With nothing positive to report on Nazified Ukraine, MSM resort to making stuff up.

Some of the latest NYT fake news is as follows:

“The signs of (nonexistent Russian) desperation were everywhere (sic).”

“Abandoned military vehicles (sic).”

Small-scale numbers of Russian National Guard forces and Donbass freedom fighters — not what Times fake news falsely called an “army” — pulled out of Kharkov areas of no strategic importance.

Nor did its redeployed forces show “sign(s) a frantic, chaotic withdrawal,” as Times fake news falsely claimed.

Things proceeded in orderly fashion to focus on achieving strategically important goals.

No regime “lightning assaults” occurred anywhere along front line positions in Ukraine or Donbass.

In typical Times fashion, it lied and deceived readers by falsely claiming otherwise.

No “strategic towns (or) abandoned (Russian) weapons (and) ammunition” were captured, no “collapse (of) Russian defenses” — more bald-faced Big Lies in defiance of what actually occurred.

And this Times trash, citing nonexistent “witnesses:”

“Russian troops (are) increasingly ill-disciplined, unpredictable, anxious and, in some cases, simply scared (sic).”

More trash:

They “deserted positions and gear en masse (sic) and Ukrainian forces swept into dozens of villages and towns (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

Ukrainian troops are “more motivated (sic) because (they’re) fighting a just war (sic).”

Ukrainian Nazi fighters are cutthroat killer thugs, war crimes their specialty.

The largest proportion of regime troops are involuntary conscripts aged-around 18 to 60.

They’re teenagers, middle-aged men, farmers, storekeepers, teachers and others wanting to be home with family members, not used by the regime as expendable cannon fodder for a lost cause.

It’s why many surrender or desert posts to stay alive.

And this rubbish from the Times’ resident right-wing extremist, Bret Stephens, reinventing reality his way:

What he called “staggering (regime) gains” of strategic importance were achieved nowhere by Kiev troops, only Russia’s military.

What he called “Ukrainian democracy” is as phony as what exists throughout the US/West — fantasy versions, nowhere the real thing.

And if their regimes supply Kiev with “advanced jet fighters,” superior Russian combat aircraft and air defense systems will destroy them in flight if dare enter Ukrainian airspace.

And the notion of “Russia continu(ing) to lose ground” ignores the reality of its vastly superior military and unmatched super-weapons, excluding nukes clearly unneeded to achieve its publicly stated SMO goals.

And this WaPo fake news in its latest propaganda edition:

“Moscow’s (nonexistent) rapid loss of (Kharkov) territory (sic) raised the prospect that the Russian military is spent as an offensive force for the foreseeable future (sic),” adding: 

Vladimir Putin “could (be) limited to defending Ukrainian territory he already holds (sic) while leaving him open to additional defeats (sic), according to (so-called) military analysts” — a combination of know-nothing former Pentagon officials and imbecilic armchair generals without stars.

And this WaPo perversion of reality:

“Putin faces (nonexistent) obstacles in replenishing (nonexistent) battered ranks and (nonexistent) degraded equipment of his military to…allow Russia to again take the initiative on the battlefield (sic).”

Only an ignoramus or dimwitted propagandist would roar utter nonsense like the above.

Establishment MSM overflow with them. So do the White House and Congress.

Separately, citing fake US intelligence, WaPo falsely accused Russia of “spend(ing) at least $300 million on a (nonexistent) secret political campaign (for favored) parties and candidates in more than two dozen countries since 2014 (sic), adding:

“Moscow plan(s) to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more as part of its covert campaign to weaken democratic systems (sic) and promote global political forces seen as aligned with Kremlin interests (sic).”

Like virtually always when US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators accuse invented enemies, like Russia, of some sort of mischief, no credible corroborating evidence is cited because none exists.

The claims are phony, not legitimate.

And fabricated claims about Russian forces on their back foot against Ukrainian ones are all about promoting the illegitimate Biden regime and undemocratic Dems, especially ahead of upcoming November midterms at a time when the US economy is in recession, inflation is soaring and vast majority of Americans are experiencing increasingly hard times heading toward getting harder.

What’s going on is also about bashing invented enemy Russia for not sacrificing its sovereignty and soul to a higher power in Washington.

Looking ahead, nothing positive is in prospect.

Of greatest concern is whether dominant Biden regime hardliners will push things toward more direct confrontation with Russia than already — the ominous threat of possible global war between the world’s dominant nuclear powers.


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  1. Mercouris reasoned today on The Duran, that there are 80,000 Russian military fighting the SMO and the militia of Lugansk and Donetsk are 100,000. There is a Wagner group of former special forces, which Alexander sometimes calls mercenaries and the Chechens who recently returned to battle in the Donbas which might be 10,000. Together they are a meat grinder.

    “Russian-Led Forces Claim Successes In Bakhmut Region” — The Wagner group is the tip of the sphere.


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