“Amazing” Flu/Covid Boosters?

Since the mother of all state-sponsored, health-destroying, scams was rolled out at end of 2019, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT has been in the vanguard of promoting what indisputably and irreversibly harmed countless millions of people throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

At the same time, while most people in most places were bamboozled into unwittingly self-inflicting harm, administered jabs provided no protect against the risk of flu/covid infection.

In its latest fake news edition, the Times continued its kill shot-pushing drumbeat, falsely calling new health-destroying boosters “amazing (sic).”

Turning reality on its head, the Times falsely roared the following, saying:

“Not only will (new) booster(s) decrease the likelihood of infection and severe illness (sic), and help reduce (viral) transmission (sic), it could also decrease the likelihood of developing (nonexistent) long (flu/c)ovid (sic).”

Noted physician, biowarfare expert, Meryl Nass MD, set the record straight about emergency authorization of new Pfizer and Moderna flu/covid kill shot boosters in record time — administering them now beginning.

Ignored is that drug development is a lengthy process in multiple phases of clinical trials — taking on average around 9 years to complete.

According to MedicineNet:

In the US, “it takes an average of 12 years for an experimental drug to travel from the laboratory to your medicine cabinet.”

“That is, if it makes it.”

“Only 5 in 5,000 drugs that enter preclinical testing progress to human testing.”

“One of these 5 drugs that are tested in people is approved.”

“The chance for a new drug to actually make it to market is thus only 1 in 5,000.”

“Not very good odds.”

In rushing flu/covid kill shots and boosters to market, longstanding procedures for clinical trials were abandoned.

They were more greatly abandoned for new flu/covid boosters.

Targeting more scariant than variant so-called omicron subvarients, the Pharma-controlled FDA approved “the fastest rollout of a new (flu/covid jab) in world history,” Nass explained, adding:

It was done “by bending the rules, creating a new regulatory playbook, and failing to obtain any human data for the new” jabs.

Newly approved so called BA.4/5 bivalent (kill shots were only) tested on mice.

Yet on the day of approval, healthcare authorities “in Canada, Switzerland and (the EU’s) European Medicines Agency also rolled out new, bivalent booster shot programs.”

“Almost simultaneously, the UK authorized two different bivalent boosters on August 15 and September 3.”

Clearly orchestrated well in advance of the rollout, US/Western MSM were enlisted to push it straightaway in similar fashion to how they’ve promoted flu/covid mass-jabbing since begun at end of 2019.

At this time, new boosters are approved in the US for individuals aged-12 and older. 

Following the earlier pattern of widespread approval in steps, it won’t be long before new boosters are OK’d for all or nearly all Americans.

And make no mistake. Multiple booster jabs will be pushed at designated intervals. 

What’s most important for everyone to know since mass-jabbing began is suppressed.

Jabs harm and don’t protect as falsely claimed.

The more jabs gotten, the greater the destruction of health, the lifespan of jabbed individuals shortened.

Ignored is that full recovery if contract flu/covid is 99.95% for individuals under age-70, 99.99%, or virtually certain, for children and adolescents — 95% for people over age-70.

Jabbed individuals account for around 90% or more of deaths attributed to flu/covid.

The health and well-being of unjabbed individuals are overwhelmingly safer and better protected than their jabbed counterparts.

The same reality applies to virtually everyone with natural immunity.

And all flu/covid strains are virtually alike. Not a dime’s worth of difference separates one from other.

Former Pfizer chief scientist for allergy and infectious diseases, Dr. Michael Yeadon. earlier explained it, saying:

Differences among flu/covid strains are “no more than .003%” — what’s little more than zero.

Yet since mass-jabbing began, the public throughout the US/West and elsewhere has been mind-manipulated to go along with what’s crucial to shun.

Jabbed individuals are most vulnerable to contracting flu/covid, any one or more other major diseases, and they comprise the vast majority of deaths — caused by kill shots, not the viral illness as falsely claimed.

Toxic jabs also permanently damage the body’s immune system, why jabbed individuals are most vulnerable to contracting heart disease, cancer and other serious illnesses.

In her analysis of newly approved boosters, Nass concluded the following:

Approving them without human trials “is unprecedented.”

Liability protection afforded Pharma denies millions of harmed individuals “access to (redress through) the legal system…”

No evidence shows that newly approved boosters “are safe…”

“(L)imited evidence (shows) that they may be more harmful than” earlier jabs.

No evidence shows that new boosters are effective.

As explained above, jabs greatly increase vulnerability to contract the viral illness they’re supposed to protect against but don’t.

The more jabs gotten, including old and new boosters, the greater the harm to health.

With fall a week away, “a major (international) effort will be undertaken to get (new boosters) into arms” of maximum numbers of people maximum times.

Left unexplained is that protecting and preserving health requires shunning jabs — what have been designed and heavily pushed to destroy what’s too precious to lose in segments of societies dark forces want greatly culled.


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