Anti-Russia Propaganda Rubbish at All-Time Low

Truth and full disclosure are banned by MSM on all things Russia and Ukraine.

The same reality applies to other major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative alone is permitted.

It’s evident in state-approved propaganda rubbish, what’s featured in daily fake news editions across the board throughout the US/West.

Rare exceptions prove the rule.

Who among MSM hosts but Fox News’ Tucker Carlson would air retired Col. Douglas MacGregor’s straight talk about all things Russia and Ukraine, days earlier saying the following:

Things “may be over soon,” he believes, adding:

“Right now, things are going very, very badly,” for Ukraine.

The regime and US/West are “desperate.”

Aside from Kharkov areas Russia temporarily relinquished to focus on more pressing priorities, regime troops are “losing once again just south of” the region.

Instead of reality on the ground as it should be reported, the latest NYT fake news edition — like all others — defied it, falsely claiming:

“The world (sic) has a vision of a Ukrainian victory (sic)” — despite a zero prospect of things turning out this way.

And this Times nonsense:

Events in Kharkov over the past week — of no strategic importance — “altered the shape of the nearly-seven-month conflict (sic), delivering to Ukrainians a renewed sense of hope (sic) and a body blow to Russia (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

“(T)he significance (of temporarily taking Kharkov towns and villages of no strategic importance) cannot be denied (sic).”

No Russian forces were “taken…by surprise (sic)” in Kharkov or anywhere else in Ukraine or Donbass.

None “le(ft) behind hundreds of vehicles, ammunition and documents (sic)” for regime troops to capture.

And this Times trash:

“This (nonexistent) wreckage of defeat (sic) puts paid (?) to the notion of Russian military excellence (sic).”

“(T)here’s (delusional) talk of victory (sic) and what it would take to get there (sic).”

And this perversion of reality:

The regime’s Kharkov offensive “showed that (its) army is capable not just of defense (sic) but also of attack (sic).”

Its manpower is used solely to terror-strike Donbass residential areas and as expendable cannon fodder for Russian firepower to eliminate.

For long-suffering Ukrainians under fascist rule — including many thousands of families mourning lost loved ones — there’s no “happiness, hope and joy, (just) pain” with no end of it in prospect.

And this Times perversion of reality about Sino/Russian relations at a time when leaders of both countries met at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Samarkand, Uzbekistan:

“Russia lacks the full backing of its most powerful international partner (sic) as it tries to recover from a humiliating rout (sic) in northeastern Ukraine last week.”

As usual on all things Russia, China and other nations free from the scourge of US imperial control, the Times substituted fake news for the real thing.

Commenting on both Sino/Russian leaders after they met for talks at the SCO summit, the China Daily (CD below) reported the following:

“President(s) Xi Jinping and…Vladimir Putin vowed on Thursday that China and Russia will work together to bolster bilateral cooperation, support each other on issues related to their own core interests and jointly uphold regional and global stability,” adding:

“Bilateral cooperation in various fields has made steady progress…”

Xi stressed that both nations work closely together to safeguard basic norms of international relations.

“China stands ready to work with Russia to assume their responsibility as major countries, play a leading role and inject stability into a volatile world,” CD reported, adding:

“Xi also stressed that Beijing is willing to work with Moscow to support each other on issues concerning their own core interests and deepen their pragmatic cooperation in trade, agriculture and mutual connectivity.”

China’s Global Times slammed the Biden regime for “trying to forcibly drag China into the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in every possible way,” adding:

“Such greed is really ugly.”

Hegemon USA’s “bottom line is lower than the world can imagine.”

Instead of focusing on the above reality, the Times turned it on its head as follows, saying:

“(L)ukewarm Chinese support (sic) leaves (Vladimir) Putin in an increasingly difficult spot (sic) as…he faces increasing criticism inside Russia about how he is conducting the” SCO (sic).

Putin’s 80%+ approval rating debunks the above fake news, what the Times failed to report.

And this CNN fake news about what it falsely called a “faltering (sic)” Russian campaign in Ukraine — what’s proceeding as planned it left unexplained.

And this fake news by Britain’s owned and controlled BBC propaganda operation:

Asking “who is winning” in Ukraine, the beeb left what’s indisputable unaddressed, instead quoting the following perversions of reality on the ground:

According to the neocon infested, so-called Institute for the Study of War, Nazified Ukraine “inflicted a major operational defeat on Russian forces (sic).” 

And this trash from Britain’s so-called Royal United Services Institute:

“Russian positions in Kharkov suffered a total collapse (sic).” 

Instead of truth and full disclosure on all things Russia and Ukraine, MSM and dubious sources it quotes or cites push rubbish like the above — daily.

Commenting on this disturbing reality with no end of it in prospect, analyst Vitaly Sovin said the following:

“The US propaganda machine is playing dirtier than ever in its information war against Russia,” adding:

“With…midterm election(s) (upcoming in) November and the Ukrainian army suffering significant losses, the US continues to play dirty in its use of information warfare (by) weaponizing fake news.”

And this from military analyst Andrei Martyanov:

“(N)ever in my life have I experienced such a volume of sheer BS poured over the heads of the population(s) of any modern country, with the exception of Ukraine, of course, as Western PR and (its) propaganda machine produces.” 

“It is unprecedented and, remarkably, tells you everything you need to know about…weakness of this machine…” 

Its “only skill…is a production of BS” — masquerading as news. 

A key requirement for MSM employment is abandonment of journalism as it should be.

Daring to practice it at the Times, other print MSM and their electronic counterparts assures banishment along with blackballing to assure employment with other dominant 4th estate members is permanently off-the-table.


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