Nazified Ukraine Turning the Tide Against Russia?

According to Russophobic MSM reports — fake news not rising to the level of bad science fiction — the tide of battle shifted to favor Ukraine over Russia (sic).

Do the following facts on the ground support the above assessment?

Since late February, attrition in the ranks of Ukraine’s military has been around 350,000 manpower losses in less than 7 months.

Included are numbers killed, wounded, captured, MIA and desertions from front line positions and elsewhere to stay alive.

As a previous article explained, Russian losses of forces, weapons, munitions and equipment have been minimal because most frontline combat is fought by Donbass freedom fighters — heavily supported by Russian airpower, artillery, missiles and rockets.

Attrition in the ranks of Russian and Donbass forces is likely around one-tenth the number of Ukrainian casualties.

The same ratio likely applies losses of arms and equipment by both sides.

And while Kiev is heavily dependent on what’s supplied by the US/West, self-sufficient Russia needs no foreign help to sustain its SMO.

Do the following regime losses through mid-September — staggering ones — support the MSM reported notion of turning the tide against Russia?

The toll includes:

Virtual elimination of Kiev’s airpower.

All, or nearly all, its warplanes were destroyed by Russia.

If any remain and go airborne, Russian air defenses or superior airpower will destroy them in flight.

Russia controls Ukrainian airspace and offshore waters.

As published and regularly updated by Russia’s Defense Ministry:

Its forces eliminated 293 regime warplanes, 155 helicopters, 1,960 UAVs, 374 anti-aircraft missile systems, 4,934 tanks, 835 MLRS, 3,387 artillery and mortars, as well as 5,602 pieces of military equipment.

If any of the above was inaccurate, why haven’t US/Western regimes, Nazified Ukraine and their MSM press agents refuted it?

They haven’t because the above arms and equipment attrition is factual.

It’s why Kiev keeps asking the US/West for more weapons, munitions and equipment.

Without a steady flow, regime forces couldn’t continue attacks on Donbass and Russian residential areas by artillery, missiles and rockets.

They’d be forced to halt fighting for lack of arms to continue pursuing a lost cause.

And this assessment by analyst Andrei Raevsky:

The regime’s Kharkov offensive caused “staggering” numbers of killed, wounded, MIA and destroyed arms.

And for what — virtually nothing of strategic value.

Despite the enormous toll on its manpower, weapons, munitions and equipment, the regime — as directed by its US master — is preparing more similar offensives.

Kiev and the US/West don’t give a hoot about lost lives and well-being of regime troops — nor about their grieving family members.

They’re willing “to trade (them) for territorial gains, no matter how small or irrelevant…”

In stark contrast, Russia prioritizes protection of its forces, arms and equipment, including the lives of Ukrainian civilians.

Despite a daily drumbeat of US/Western propaganda rubbish, things are proceeding as planned by Moscow to achieve demilitarization and deNazification of Ukraine, along with liberating Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

And temporarily relinquished Kharkov areas in pursuit of strategic priorities elsewhere will be regained at a future time.

Whatever the amount of weapons, munitions and equipment supplied to Kiev by US/Western regime, they won’t change a thing on the ground.

While what’s destroyed in the way of arms and equipment can be replaced, loss of Ukraine’s best trained, most committed troops cannot once eliminated.

What’s largely left already are forcibly conscripted, poorly trained, rushed to battle 18 – 60 year-olds —  used by US/West and Kiev as expendable cannon fodder. 

And this Raevsky observation:

At a time of US/Western “political chaos” — and increasingly shaky economic conditions heading south as fall approaches with likely tough winter conditions to follow — how much longer is it “possible to conceal the magnitude of the disaster for” US-dominated NATO and Ukraine?

Who’ll “run out of…manpower,” arms, equipment and “firepower…first?”

What’s clear needs no elaboration — other than to stress that since day one of its liberating SMO, Russian forces greatly degraded Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war machine.

When all is said and done ahead, it may never be the same again for a generation or longer, maybe never throughout the 21st century or beyond.


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  1. “When all is said and done ahead, it may never be the same again for a generation or longer, maybe never throughout the 21st century or beyond.”

    Gonzalo Lira was a guest on The Duran yesterday along with the man behind The New Atlas. Lira said Russia would have to capture all of Ukraine. It seems likely more personnel will have to be employed in the taking of Kharkov which Lira also become Russian.

    Where I have a problem with almost everyone is their global view on the upcoming magnetic reversal of earth that is coming in about 20 years. It happens every 6000 years. The field will flip as fast as one magnet will flip when two like poles are put together. The earth will stop and the oceans will keep going and then the earth will flip. This is a giant lie of omission and Ben Davidson talks about how the CIA dealt with it in one of his three “movies” released in August of 2019. It now playlist and most often the link is listed in the description of his daily reports on his SuspiciousObservers YT Channel.

    Ben the Tremendous called the 6000-year harmonic of the 12,000-year cycle the Noah Event. The 12,000 cycle will see a micro-nova of the sun as the magnetic field of the sun sheds the debris it collects in this band of energy we are now in. Ben has recently said there is no signal for when this will happen. The 6000-year cycle does cause the poles to move and that is in the infomentaty that started the Earth Catastrophe playlist.

    The Wave is coming. Be aware, the Wave is coming. Actually one wave causes a second as the oceans refill.

    Ukraine will never be the same, alright.


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