Russian Foreign Ministry on Ukraine and Donbass

Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below), stressed what’s clear and unambiguous.

The Russian Federation is “fighting the (scourge of hegemon USA-dominated) Western regimes in Ukraine” and Donbass.

Their goal is “to “defeat Russia on the battlefield at all costs” — no matter the toll on expendable Ukrainian troops.

The territory called Ukraine is being systematically “destroyed” — by its ruling Nazis and US master.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup, Ukraine has been colonized, controlled, exploited and internally wrecked by the empire of lies and forever wars.

And, of course, its territory is used as a platform for endless war on Russia — the Pentagon and CIA orchestrating, directing and controlling everything, including Russian and Donbass targets to strike.

Hegemon USA’s goal is killing maximum numbers of Russians and supporters.

It’s undermining the Russian Federation, partitioning it for easier control, looting its vast resources, exploiting its people, along with eliminating nonbelievers. 

No longer a nation-state, Ukraine is a weapon for use with these objectives in mind — failed harebrained ones.

Puppet Zelensky serves his US master at the expense of long-suffering Ukrainians under Nazified tyrannical rule — the rule of law entirely abandoned.

The lives and well-being of Russian-speaking Ukrainians and suspected sympathizers are greatly endangered.

According to MZ, the regime and its military “are guilty of looting, torture, beating and execution of civilians.”

They’re “videotaping their crimes, probably so they can shift blame onto Russia.”

“They need to invent new tricks that they can report to those who have set the task of killing as many Russians as they can.”

What’s going on proves the urgency  “of achieving (Russia’s liberating SMO) goals and objectives.”

On the right side of history against the scourge of US/Western forever wars on invented enemies, Russia is “fighting for a multipolar world and right of sovereign states to live and develop without the never-ending pressure and threats from the” empire of lies and its Western vassals.

Dominant US dark forces “thr(ew)  the Kiev regime to the slaughter.” 

“Ukrainian statehood (was) destroyed.” It no longer exists.

“A vast number of people…have been brainwashed or” bribed to serve hegemon USA’s interests.

Where will the empire of lies and forever wars strike next?

According to MZ, its dark forces will target independent nations with significant amounts of “oil, gas, gold, fresh water” and other valued resources.

“US-(dominated) NATO (regimes) will do what they wish (while feigning concern for) freedom and (other) democra(tic)” values they abhor and tolerate nowhere — especially not domestically.

Commenting separately on the so-called draft, titled: The Kiev Security Compact – International Security Guarantees for Ukraine: Recommendations,” MZ called it “poisonous (and) detached from political reality,” adding:

It’s all about a scheme for endless supplies of arms, equipment and related aid from US/Western regimes — no matter the cost or futility of what’s gone on for years.

It’s to wage forever war on Russia — no matter the toll on Ukrainian troops.

There’s “no audit, no attempt to account for funds that (US/Western regimes) laundered through Kiev.” 

“Billions go there, while no one knows where it ends up.”

What’s going on is also a Biden regime back door way to include Ukraine in NATO.

Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, stressed it, saying:

The scheme threatens Russian security, “which means that one of the main reasons for the (SMO) remains, or even becomes more urgent.”

MZ explained that for Ukraine to be secure, in fact, its only option is “return(ing) to non-aligned status…”

It’s “spelled out in the Declaration of State Sovereignty of 1991.”

Ukrainian security also requires rejection of Nazism, demilitarization, as well as respect for the rule of law and “rights of all citizens, including ethnic Russians, Russian-speak(ers) and…ethnic minorities.”

MZ also commented on a possible direct or indirect effort by the Biden regime to create a mechanism for depriving Russia of its status as a permanent Security Council member.

If tried, the attempt would be illegal under international law, she explained, adding:

Amending the UN Charter would be required to achieve this diabolical aim. 

“Two thirds of UN General Assembly members would have to vote for them.”

“Then these amendments would have to be ratified by two thirds of UN member states, including all Security Council permanent members.”

“Russia is one of the latter.”

There is no legal way to carry out this plan.”

Russia will exercise it legitimate veto power to halt it.


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  1. A very evil diabolical plan by the military industrial complex to further obtain financial revenues in Ukraine. MIC controls all aspects of US government.
    the fatal consequences will be absorbed by the brain washed Ukrainians.


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