Trampling on the Truth Updated

The undisputed champion of newsprint misinformation and disinformation, NYT, proves its top hall of shame position in daily fake news editions.

Its latest edition follows the disturbing pattern.

Lying to and mass deceiving readers repeats in all Times editions — while pretending that its readership can’t distinguish between made up stuff and journalism as it should be — the latter long ago abandoned by the self-styled newspaper of record in favor of sticking to the fabricated official narrative.

Its daily fake news on all things Russia and Ukraine notably exclude setting the record straight on what’s going on.

Rare exceptions include slipping occasional kernels of truth in reports — buried well into columns for minimal numbers of readers to spot.

Once again on Sunday — like all other days — the Times misreported.

Saying regime troops are “put(ting) pressure on Russian forces” got things backwards as usual.

Things are clearly the other way around.

Along with killing and wounding Donbass civilians, regime troops focus mainly on hunkering down for protection against overpowering Russian high-precision strikes by missiles, rockets and long-range artillery.

On Sunday, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported the latest number of regime arms and equipment eliminated — information suppressed by the Times and other MSM.

The devastating toll since late Feb. includes “293 aircraft, 155 helicopters, 1,981 UAVs, 375 anti-aircraft missile systems, 5,022 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 837 multiple rocket launcher combat vehicles, 3,397 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 5,680 special military vehicles.”

Over the last 24 hours, Russian forces destroyed a regime’s munitions depot near Kharkov with thousands of Western-supplied artillery shells.

And Russian air defense systems destroyed 8 UAVs in the Kharkov Region and Donetsk over the same time frame. 

Eight HIMARS rockets were also destroyed in mid-area in the Kherson Region.

“In (and around) Nikolayev-Krivoy, the enemy made unsuccessful offensive attempts with three company tactical groups of the 60th infantry and 57th motorized infantry brigades, supported by six tanks in the Kherson Region.”

“All attacks were successfully repelled by units of the Russian Armed Forces,” its Defense Ministry reported.

In Donetsk and the Zaporozhye Region over the past 24 hours, Russian forces killed or wounded about 200 regime troops, along with eliminating most weapons, munitions and equipment of four enemy brigades.

Around 180 target sites were struck.

Ignoring all of the above, the Times defied reality with the following fake news rubbish:

“(P)ressure on Russian forces in southern Ukraine deepened over the weekend (sic) as Ukrainian forces conducted strikes on Russian military strongholds (sic) and continued to hit supply lines for thousands of Russian soldiers (sic).”

And this Times trash, falsely calling strikes by Russian forces on enemy positions “factional fighting among those on Moscow’s side (sic).”

Aside from moving troops into strategically unimportant parts of Kharkov, areas Russian forces, their arms and equipment left to focus on liberating more Donetsk territory, Kiev regime troops have been on their back foot throughout the Russian Federation’s liberating SMO.

Defying reality on the ground since last February, fake news by the Times and other MSM have pretended otherwise — by turning truth on its head.

No “wear(ing) down (of) Russian (forces) and forc(ing) their surrender or retreat” occurred.

Battered and beaten regime troops have done the retreating, surrendering and deserting in large numbers to stay alive in one piece.

No “lightning (regime) assault” occurred anywhere at any time throughout Russia’s SMO.

Fabricated Times claims otherwise are debunked by reality on the ground.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Regime troops are “blowing up Russian ammunition dumps and command posts (sic) and hitting river crossings and supply lines with precision missile strikes (sic), seeking to isolate…Russians (sic) on the Dnipro’s west bank.”

The notion of outgunned, outmaneuvered and outwitted regime troops “degrad(ing) Russian combat capabilities” is farcical on its face.

The same goes for fabricated claims about Kiev troops making “slow…hard-fought…steady…gains (sic).”

Time and again when rubbish like the above is reported, the Times admits that it cannot be “independently verified” — for good reasons.

It’s fake news.

The same goes for falsely accusing Russian forces of killing civilians — a US/Western/Nazified Kiev specialty, clearly not how Russia operates.

And except for letting regime troops enter strategically unimportant Kharhov areas unopposed, Russian forces smashed other attempted Kiev offensives — as ordered,  orchestrated and directed by its US master.

A Final Comment

Separately according to Times fake news, hegemon USA faces two “serious threats (sic).”

1. A “growing (GOP) movement…to refuse to accept” 2020 election results.

No believer in open, free and fair elections should accept stolen presidential and congressional races.

Trump defeated Biden in 2020. 

Indisputable election theft by undemocratic Dems rigged things to pretend they turned out the other way.

Yet since January 20, 2021, an imposter has occupied the White House because of election theft, as well as because the real JB is too cognitively impaired to function in any official capacity.

Dems stole key Senate races to control the evenly divided body between them and Republicans.

When tie votes occur, unelected Harris decides them in favor of undemocratic Dems.

The Times has been in the vanguard of pushing all-out support for the White House imposter and Dem-controlled Congress by foul, not fair, means.

2. What the Times called a “chronic…growing threat to democracy (sic)” ignored that it only exists in fantasy form throughout the US/West.

The real thing as it should be is virtually banned.

Wherever it shows up anywhere worldwide, hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes go all-out to kill it by whatever dirty tricks can accomplish its diabolical aims.

What the Times falsely called a threat to democracy in America is its absence, the way it’s been since the 18th century, notably today at a time of police state tyranny — what’s heading toward becoming full-blown.

And what the Times called “ris(ing) authoritarian sentiment” is rooted in how undemocratic Dems run things — for their own self-interest and cronies at the expense of the general welfare they want eliminated, along with unwanted segments of societies worldwide by kill shots designed for this purpose.

The Times and other MSM are part of the problem — for supporting what demands condemnation.

And having stolen election 2020, Dem dark forces are planning another election theft in 2024, maybe November midterms as well.

Americans have no say over how they’re ill-governed, no power to turn things around except by taking to the streets with revolutionary fervor against the scourge of what no one should tolerate.


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