Tuesday Edition of Trampling on Truth

War of words on truth and full disclosure is an everyday thing at the self-styled newspaper of record NYT — as well as other US/Western MSM.

Mind-numbing rubbish is consistently featured instead on major issues — based on state-approved talking points, what I call the fabricated official narrative.

On all things flu/covid and health-destroying kill shots, along with reports on Russia’s liberating SMO against the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine, misreporting by the Times and other MSM hit an all-time dismal low.

The latest Times fake news edition follows the familiar pattern, truth-telling nowhere in sight.

Another “powerful Russian missile” struck near the Zaporozhye NPP, the Times misreported on Tuesday.

Ukrainian Nazis bear full responsibility for numerous strikes on and around the plant.

Yet the Times, other MSM and imperial tool IAEA falsely blamed Russia for their criminality.

According to Times trash, “Russia threatens nuclear sites” in Ukraine (sic). 

Ignored is that its forces are protecting these sites from regime attempts to release and spread deadly radiation across much of central Europe to falsely blame the Russian Federation for their diabolical action if successful.

And this Times fake news:

Regime troops are “pushing a counteroffensive in the east and south (sic), applying greater pressure to Russian forces (sic).”

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is that aside from redeployment of Russian forces from strategically unimportant parts of the Kharkov Region, other attempted regime offensives were smashed.

And countless thousands of regime troops were killed or wounded, many seriously.

Most US/Western supplied arms and equipment were either destroyed by Russia or resold for personal gain by deeply corrupted regime officials via dark net transactions.

And this Times trash:

Russia is “bolstered by inmates-turned-fighters and by Iranian drones (sic).”

And virtually daily, fake news Times reports defy reality by falsely claiming that regime troops are disrupting Russian supply lines (sic) (while its forces) took a crippling defeat” in the Kharkov Region (sic).”

The same reality applies to fake news claims about “blowing up Russian ammunition dumps and command posts…hitting river crossings (and) isolating 25,000 Russians (sic).”

And time and again, the self-styled newspaper of repeats fake news rubbish about Russia’s nonexistent “humiliating defeat around Kiev (sic).”

The Times quoted fake news by so-called Biden regime national security council spokeswoman, Adrienne Watson.

Defying reality, she falsely claimed the following:

Russia’s “military is suffering from major supply shortages in Ukraine (sic), in part because of sanctions and export controls, forcing Russia to rely on unreliable countries like Iran for supplies and equipment (sic).”

Russia is largely self-sufficient, relying on no other nations to aid its liberating SMO.

Phony claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies — a US/Western/Nazified Ukraine speciality.

The same reality applies to their MSM co-conspirators with trash like the above and the following:

“Ukrainian forces continue to press forward in eastern Ukraine (sic), steadily reclaiming land (sic) that Moscow spent months pounding into ruins (sic)” — 3 bald-faced Big Lies in one fake news sentence.

Here’s another:

“Ukrainian (Nazis) say that” planned referendums in liberated areas to join Russia “are a reflection of desperation (sic).”

Here’s more of the same:

Ukrainian Nazis and their US/Western paymasters say “such votes would be illegal (sic).”

Not according to the UN Charter, other international law, independent legal experts and UN General Assembly.

As a same-day article explains on this issue, self-determination is a universal right.

All the huffing, puffing, lying and otherwise turning indisputable reality on its head by the Times, other MSM and Ukrainian Nazis can’t reverse international law.

They repeatedly fall on their collective face by trying to portray legitimate Crimean self-determination in March 2014 to join Russia as Vladimir Putin’s “annex(ation) (sic).”

The Times defied indisputable reality by calling near-unanimity among Crimeans to join Russia as “fraud(ulent) (sic)” — ignoring affirmation of an open, free and fair referendum process by independent legal experts.

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Russia is struggling to attract recruits for its army (sic) amid its setbacks in Ukraine (sic).”

According to an unnamed Biden regime official — someone too embarrassed to reveal his or her name for turning truth on its head:

“The Russians are performing so poorly (sic) that news from Kharkov inspired many Russian volunteers to refuse combat (sic).”

The same goes for falsely claiming that Russia is recruiting convicts to serve in Ukraine, as well as falsely maintaining the myth of regime troops “continuing to take back territory from Russian forces (sic).”

In all Times reports I sharply critiqued to set the record straight throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, I can’t recall a single broadsheet admission of crushing Ukrainian manpower losses — notably its best trained and committed troops — along with vast destruction of most arms and equipment supplied by US/Western regimes.

And when commenting on battlefield attrition, rubbish like the following is featured, the latest on September 7, falsely saying:

“Western estimates (sic) (indicate) as many as 80,000 Russian soldiers killed or wounded (sic).” 

“Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians and troops have been killed and swaths of cities, towns and villages leveled (sic).”

Throughout Russia’s SMO, hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian troops were killed, wounded, captured or deserted front line positions to avoid death or crippling injuries.

In stark contrast, Russian losses have been minimal.

Most of its forces are positioned well behind front line areas.

Donbass freedom fighters are involved in most close combat fighting, heavily supported by Russian missiles, rockets, long-range artillery and airpower.

Times and other MSM reports consistently pervert reality on the ground with a daily blitzkrieg of fake news mass deception on all things Russia and Ukraine.

While they may fool most people most of the time — followers of state-approved fake news over the real thing — individuals who rely on truth-telling from independent sources are well aware of what’s going on

There’s no ambiguity about how Russian forces are grinding down Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war machine as part of demilitarizing and deNazifying its territory, along with freeing Donbass entirely from the scourge of Nazi occupation.


One thought on “Tuesday Edition of Trampling on Truth

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  1. Russia is “bolstered by inmates-turned-fighters and by Iranian drones (sic).”
    Alexander of The Duran spoke of 3000 Iranian suicide drones being put to use effectively against the Ukranians. They are used in pairs and fly low and are superior to the Russian suicide drones. Russia and Iran have a “strategic alliance” which is not reported in Mythland Media.

    Russia did recruit prisoners to join the army and Alexander reckoned they are part of what might be 15,000 newly trained troops now joining the fight.

    When Ukraine fell to the Wicked Wicked West in 2014, it was said Monsanto was the biggest winner. Monsanto bought up Ukrainian farmland along with DuPont and Catapillar by one account. Putin said it was American grain leaving Odessa and I never saw opposition to the statement.

    There is no way rump Ukraine can pay the odious debt stacked on it.


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