Reinventing Vladimir Putin’s Game-Changing Address to the Nation

Vladimir Putin’s nationally televised Wednesday remarks drew a line in the sand on how Russia will confront the scourge of Nazi-infested Kiev and its Western backers ahead.

As expected, US/Western MSM  reinvented his remarks to fit the fabricated official narrative about all things Russia and Ukraine.

Some examples:

NYT fake news: “Putin Calls Up More Troops as His War Effort in Ukraine Falters (sic)”

More below on typical Times trash.

WaPo: “Russia pushes the panic button (sic) and raises risk of nuclear war (sic)”

WSJ: “Russia Moves to Annex Occupied Lands (sic) in Bid to Halt Ukrainian Advance (sic)”

“Moscow plans to stage annexation votes in four occupied regions (sic), and is moving to address troop shortages (sic).”

Reuters: “Russia’s mobilization was predictable (sic), shows war effort failing, Ukraine says (sic)”

AP (fake) News: Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobilization of reservists an admission that Moscow’s war against Ukraine isn’t going according to plan (sic)”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “Russia makes moves to annex separatist regions in Ukraine (sic)”

Britain’s State-Owned BBC: In response to Putin’s reality check about control of Kiev’s aggression by US/Western “advisors,” the beeb pretended otherwise.

Al Jazeera: “At UN General Assembly (Western regimes) condemn” Russia for Kiev’s aggression.

“Mobilization (of) Russian (reservists) to avoid defeats (sic)”

Elaborating on the latest edition of Times trash, it once again turned reality on its head by falsely claiming that Putin announced a partial mobilization of reservists because “Moscow’s troops have recently suffered humiliating losses on the battlefield (sic).”

Following Putin’s address, Russia’s Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, said the following:

“Our losses to date are 5,937 dead.”

Around 90% of wounded Russian military personnel were able to return to duty after medical treatment.

In stark contrast, Kiev regime troops initially numbered “between 201,000 and 202,000 people, and since then they suffered losses of around 100,000, with 61,207 killed and 49,368 others wounded.”

I believe the full toll on Ukrainian manpower is much higher than Shoigu’s lowball casualty count.

Many thousands more troops surrendered or deserted their ranks to avoid death or disabling injury.

Thousands of foreign mercenaries were also eliminated.

Shoigu estimated about 1,000 foreign fighters remain in Ukraine.

Battlefield losses have been hugely one-sided, forcing the Kiev regime to recruit thousands more troops to serve as expendable cannon fodder.

In service to undemocratic Dems, US merchants of death, the empire lies’ permanent war policy, Pharma profiteers and other corporate predators, the Times crossed all lines by repeatedly turning truth on its head like the following fake news:

Vladimir Putin’s Wednesday address “was an apparent attempt to reassert his authority over an increasingly chaotic war (sic) that  undermined his leadership both at home and on the global stage (sic).”

Ignoring the universal right of self-determination under international law, the Times falsely accused Russia of intending to “annex” Donbass republics as well as the Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions if results of upcoming referendums express the will of their people to join Russia.

And this Times trash:

Citing unnamed “analysts” too embarrassed to reveal their identity, the Times cited their fake news claim of “tens of thousands” of killed Russian forces (sic).

The true toll is less than 6,000 as Shoigu explained.

And this Times nonsense:

“Russia…is struggling to recruit new soldiers (sic) and is facing a growing backlash (sic).”

Ignored by the Times are most recent polling results, showing Putin’s public approval at over 81%.

And this Times perversion of reality:

Citing unnamed “US officials,” they turned reality on its head by falsely claiming that upcoming referendums are “sham(s).”

And this Times quoted trash by a so-called puppet Zelensky “advisor,” defying reality as follows, saying:

“Referendums and mobilization in the Russian Federation will not have any consequences (sic), except for accelerating the collapse and revolution in Putin’s Russia (sic).”

And in his latest overnight hyperventilating, buffoon Zelensky defied reality by falsely claiming that “the frontline…initiative belongs to (battered and degraded) Ukraine (sic).”

What he called “stabilization measures” are detentions, torture and assassinations of Russian supporters in occupied Kharkov areas.

The more he roars, the more buffoon-like he sounds.

Separately, US/Western officials and installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg virtually followed the same script in response to Putin’s Wednesday address and upcoming referendums in roaring hollow outrage.

At this time, Russia frankly doesn’t give a damn about remarks like the following from the Biden regime’s so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, roaring:

Hegemon USA “will never recognize” the legitimate right of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye to join the Russian Federation.

As ordered by his US master, the EU’s so-called foreign policy chief, Borrell, made similar remarks.

France’s Macron embarrassed himself more than already by falsely calling upcoming referendums “fake (sic).”

And this trash from longtime proliferator of fake news, Thomas Friedman:

Inventing three fake outcomes of all things Russia and Ukraine, he embarrassed himself as follows, saying:

“Outcome 1 is a total Ukrainian victory (sic), which risks Putin doing something crazy as defeat and humiliation stare him in the face (sic).”

“Outcome 2 is a dirty (Putin) deal” — the likelihood of which is zero.

The same defiance of reality applies to what Friedman called “a less dirty” 3rd outcome to include Putin’s “ouste(r) (sic).”

No responsible editors would touch the type rubbish Friedman is notorious for.

Times editors feature it, along with an array of rubbish across the board in all its fake news editions.


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