Commenting on David Stockman’s View on All Things Russia and Ukraine

Commenting on how hegemon USA-dominated NATO responded to Russia’s SMO in Ukraine and Donbass, Stockman made the following points:

The empire of lies and forever wars could have avoided what’s been ongoing since late February.

It could have “sav(ed) tens of thousands of Ukrainian lives and hundreds of billion of economic cost and destruction.”

Throughout its history since the 18th century, the US has been perpetually at war against one or more invented enemies by direct and/or proxy means.

Both wings of its war party abhor peace and stability. 

It’s bad for business and presents a sissy image over a bold warrior state.

What’s gone on for time immemorial shows how hegemon USA operated from inception — by its own rules exclusively in flagrant breach of the rule of law.

So its war party refused to go along with self-determination for millions of Donbass and Crimean residents as mandated by the UN Charter and other international law.

Nor did it stick to its word about not advancing NATO one inch east decades earlier.

Had it observed all of the above instead of the other way around, US/Western economies would be stable, likely flourishing, not foundering.

The cost of energy, food and other essentials would be affordable, not sky high and increasing because of soaring inflation and disrupted supply chains.

Instead of the best of all possible worlds, what’s unfolding and worsening risks a possible catastrophic outcome if things continue on their present course.

Vladmir Putin’s Wednesday address indeed signaled the likely end of “relative (SMO) restraint” ahead, what’s long overdue.

If Nazified Kiev continues terror-strikes on Donbass, Crimea and Russia’s heartland to kill maximum numbers of civilians and Russian nationals, it’s highly likely that Vladimir Putin will authorize strikes on Ukraine’s “electric power grid and railroad system…” 

They’re crucial to provide its troops with US/Western arms, equipment and other supplies.

When Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye join Russia, what’s likely to occur days after their Sept. 23 – 27 referendums, US orchestrated and directed attacks on their territory will be US/NATO, Kiev war on the Motherland.

Stockman falsely claimed that ballot counting “will be no better than what occurred in” rigging the 2020 Georgia state election.

Not a shred of evidence suggested fraud when Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to join Russia in March 2014.

Nor does any evidence indicate possible rigged referendums in the above-named areas.

And Stockman is very much at fault for falsely accusing Russia of being “as brutal and vindictive” as Ukrainian Nazis.

When ballot counting is completed in Donbass, Kherson and Zaporozhye, results will likely show that around 90% or more of their predominantly Russian speaking population chose the Russian Federation over remaining part of Nazified Ukraine.

Stockman is right saying that once these regions become part of Russia, US-dominated “NATO’s war in support of the Kiev regime will become an explicit war on the (Motherland’s) territory.”

And surely the risk is high of a possible “bloody and disastrous end game.”

Not because of Russia’s liberating SMO, because of hegemon USA’s rage to dominate the world community of nations by brute brute force when lesser tactics fall short.

As for the possibility of greatly degraded Ukraine triumphing against Russia’s vastly superior military, it’s about as likely as my becoming the world’s first Olympian champion well into my 9th decade.

Indeed “(o)nce Moscow takes the gloves off and savages Ukraine’s electric power grid…railway system (and other strategic targets nationwide, including regime command and control centers manned by NATO staff), it will be all over except the” the postmortems.

Then instead of inventing nonexistent advances by regime troops against Russian forces, the US/Western storyline will shift to their nonexistent brutality more than how it’s currently fabricated.

Or the empire of lies, its Western vassals and MSM press agents will change the subject to a new line of fiction over the current one.

Without US/Western support — and indifference by Nazified Kiev toward the lives and well-being of its people by throwing them at Russia nearly untrained to be mowed down like tenpins — the regime’s military would have collapsed long ago.

Having cast the die for perpetual war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder foot soldiers, the regime and its territory are heading toward becoming “a bankrupt landlocked…ward of the West,” as Stockman observed.

Or perhaps the US-dominated West will cut its losses by abandoning the former nation altogether — after transforming it into a platform for war on Russia.

The worst of all possible outcomes would be crossing an unthinkable line to US-dominated NATO war on Russia, no holds barred — what Stockman called “the world teetering on the edge of nuclear war.”

And he believes that “by the time Europe’s cold and dark winter is underway, it will be European governments, which slavishly did Washington’s bidding, that will be falling like dominoes.”

Regime change in the US is also crucial — ending undemocratic Dem control of one or both houses of Congress by midterm elections voting, if Republicans can foil a repeat of their 2020 rigging.

Then dumping the fake Biden in 2024, hopefully by a landslide to rid the nation of the regime’s scourge.


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