The Scourge of MSM Fake News on Major Issues

Throughout the US/West, MSM are virtual extensions of regimes they represent and serve — at the expense of truth and full disclosure they long ago abandoned in favor of state-approved talking points.

Among print media, daily NYT fake news editions are worst of the worst.

The mission of the self-styled newspaper of record is brainwashing gullible readers to believe the fabricated official narrative — no matter how easily it’s refuted.

Featuring Big Lies and mass deception, the Times turned reality on its head by falsely claiming that Russia’s liberating SMO in Ukraine and Donbass “isolated” the nation and “fuel(ed) economic insecurity (sic).”

And this Times rubbish:

Vladimir Putin’s order to mobilize 300,000 reservists “rattl(ed) the Russian public because most Russian men of military age are legally considered reservists (sic).”

The Times ignored that the order exempts students and conscripts.

It applies solely to individuals with prior military service.

US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents, like the Times, know how greatly Russian forces already degraded Nazified Ukraine’s military.

Mobilization announced by Putin will hasten the regime’s defeat.

So dark forces in Washington and other Western capitals are more greatly concerned about how Russia is defeating their diabolical aims.

On Thursday, a UN Security Council session will be held on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Reportedly, Lavrov and unindicted war criminal Blinken will address the session.

On Wednesday, the EU’s so-called foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell,  said that hegemon USA-dominated Western regimes will continue support for Ukrainian Nazis and sanctions war on Russia, adding:

Vladimir Putin “said that” he’ll do what’s necessary to protect Russian security.

He also “means explicitly (by) nuclear arms (sic).”

“This is something that the international community cannot accept. The UN this week has to react (sic).”

Does Borrell have WW III in mind?

And this Times trash:

Nazified Ukraine “forced…a (Russian) chaotic retreat (sic)” from parts of Kharkov.

“The Russians left tanks and their own war dead (sic), but also evidence of potential war crimes with mass graves (sic) and torture rooms (sic).”

The above trash and lots more like is what the self-styled newspaper of record calls “news that’s fit to print (sic).”

More Times trash:

Vladimir Putin’s “menacing televised address (sic) on (Wednesday, not Tuesday as the Times misreported) was much more than a bid to change the course of his faltering war (sic) against Ukraine.”

“It attempted to invert a war of aggression (sic) against (a Nazified aggressor, a real one) into one of defense of a threatened motherland.”

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Putin implicitly conceded (sic) that (Russia’s liberating) SMO) has not gone as he wished (sic).”

“He painted Ukrainians as mere pawns of the ‘military machine of the collective West.’ ”

Indeed, they’re expendable cannon fodder foot soldiers for the US-dominated war on Russia.

Things are very much going as planned.

Rejecting reality in favor of state-approved fake news talking points, the Times falsely called his truth-telling “far-fetched (sic).”

And it claimed what doesn’t exist — the fabricated notion of “growing resistance (sic) of a unified Ukrain(e) (sic).”

Morale among regime troops is rock bottom.

Captured ones said they were forcibly recruited for what they wanted nothing to do with.

After being poorly trained for a few days, they were sent to front line positions with no regime support.

They also said that NATO instructors train Ukrainian officers.

Russia’s Defense Ministry earlier explained that Ukrainian military commanders are forcibly conscripting civilians to make up for large losses during frontline battles.

When captured, most Ukrainian conscripts want no part of returning to Kiev-controlled areas. 

And this Times trash:

Vladimir Putin is “deluded” about all things Russia and Ukraine.

And this fake claim by the fake Biden at the UN General Assembly, quoted by the Times:

Putin said “he had to act because Russia was threatened.”

“But no one threatened Russia (sic) and no one other than Russia sought conflict (sic).”

For time immemorial, the empire of lies and forever wars sought to weaken, undermine, isolate, destroy and partition Russia to control its territory, plunder its resources and exploit its people as serfs.

The fake Biden knows little more than what he’s instructed to say by handlers when allowed to make public remarks.

In stark contrast to Russia and other nations free from the scourge of imperial control, leadership throughout the US/West is absent.

It’s evident by what masquerades as the real thing in the US, UK, France, Germany and Brussels.

Here’s more Times trash:

An op-ed by so-called professor and director of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at the George Washington University, Marlene Laruelle, recited the customary litany of US/Western bald-faced Big Lies about all things Russia and Ukraine.

Students eager to understand reality on the ground are strongly advised to avoid her classes.

According to Laruelle’s fake news, Ukraine achieved a “stunning counteroffensive (sic)…Russia (left) uneasy (sic).”

And this Laruelle perversion of reality:

Russia’s “party of war (sic) (is comprised) of security agencies, the Defense Ministry…outspoken media…political figures, (and) it encompasses the entire radical nationalist ecosystem (sic).”

“(T)he Russian Army was unable to conquer Kiev (sic) — an objective never sought — and overthrow the Zelensky” regime (sic), another non-objective.

And what Laruelle falsely called “Moscow’s…goal (of) conquering Donbass” ignored that its aim is liberating the area from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

And this Laruelle trash:

“With an overdrawn and exhausted army (sic), Putin must still find a way to deliver a military result that can be framed as at least a partial victory (sic).”

Like countless numbers of her Russophobic academic counterparts, Laruelle knows nothing about military strategy and tactics.

Among her dubious “achievements,” she wrote a must avoid book, titled “Is Russia Fascist (sic)?”

No further elaboration of where she’s coming from is needed.

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