Sergey Lavrov’s Straight-Talk Truth-Telling at the UN Security Council

When Russian officials and their allies address the Security Council, a breath of truth-telling fresh air fumigates the chamber from noxious Big Lies and mass deception by hegemon USA, its Western and other vassals.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov’s hard-hitting, no punches pulled remarks provided cleansing disinfectant to counter the fabricated US/Western official narrative.

No US/Western politician or so-called diplomat matches Lavrov’s stature on the world stage.

Even Ukraine’s imitation foreign minister, Kuleba, looked awestruck while listening to his telling-in-like-it-is remarks, based on a published image of his facial expression in the SC chamber.

Discussing reality about how the scourge of Nazi-infested Ukraine operates, Lavrov explained the following:

Things began in early 2014 after “nationalist radical forces, overt Russophobes and neo-Nazis came to power because of (a made-in-the-USA) armed coup.”

Straightaway, “a path of lawlessness and complete (abandonment of) basic human rights and freedoms” followed. 

In US-controlled Nazified Ukraine, “the right to life, freedom of speech, access to information, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience and the use of (their) native tongue” by Russian-speaking Ukrainians were banned in favor of tyrannical rule.

Perpetrators of the Obama/Biden regime’s February 2014 Maidan crimes remain “unpunished to this day.”

The same reality applies to “guilty (parties involved in the) monstrous” May 2, 2014 Odessa massacre. 

About 50 freedom-loving Ukrainians “were burned alive in the (city’s) House of Trade Unions.”

Others escaping from immolation were shot or otherwise murdered outside by Ukrainian Nazis.

Since the US coup — transforming Ukraine from democratic governance to despotic Nazified rule — the empire of lies and forever war orchestrated and directed “over eight years” of state terror by Nazified Kiv against Donbass residents.

It’s because “they refused to recognize the outcome of the criminal, bloody, anti-constitutional coup in Kiev,” Lavrov explained, adding: 

They’ve “uph(eld) their rights as guaranteed by Ukraine’s constitution, including the right to freely use their native Russian tongue.”

At the time, Obama/Biden regime-installed Nazi prime minister, Yatsenyuk, called Donbass residents “sub-humans.”

Puppet Zelensky sticks to the same tyrannical policy.

“When asked what he thought about the residents of Donbass in September 2021, he replied that some were people and others were creatures or animal species,” Lavrov explained. 

“This is a salient feature of the Ukrainian regime,” under puppet Zelensky and his predecessor Poroshenko.

They call freedom-loving opponents of Nazified coup d’etat rule “terrorists.”

“For eight years, the Kiev regime (waged aggression) against peaceful Donbass civilians.” 

As ordered and directed by its US master, it’s been “carrying out a total mobilization of adults, including women…recruit(ing) them” as combatants for perpetual war on all things Russia.

“Hypocritically declaring their commitment to Minsk (I and II conflict resolution) agreements, Kiev (Nazis) openly subverted the(ir) implementation…with impunity,” Lavrov stressed, adding:

“A financial, transport and energy blockade was imposed on Donbass.”

“Its residents were cut off from their social benefits, pensions, salaries, banking services, communications, education and healthcare.”

“They were deprived of elementary civil rights that were guaranteed, in particular, by the 1966 international covenants on economic, social and cultural rights, as well as on civil and political rights.”

Puppets Poroshenko and Zelensky made clear their intention to spurn Minsk I and II, pretending otherwise for “time to receive weapons from Western (regimes) for war on the Russian Federation.” 

Other Ukrainian Nazi officials made similar comments.

The Kiev regime exists because it was installed and is propped up by hegemon USA, along with key NATO vassals Britain, France, Germany and Brussels.

Written or publicly spoken Russian language is banned and criminalized by so-called language laws.

They include On Education (2017), On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language (2019), On Complete General Secondary Education (2020), and On the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine (2021).

“At the same time, laws were passed that encouraged Nazi theory and practice,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“Kiev completely ignored the half-hearted recommendations issued by the Council of Europe’s Venice Commission, the Office of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the OSCE High Commissioner for National Minorities to improve the language related legislation.”

These groups did nothing to oppose and denounce Nazified tyrannical rule in Kiev, turning a blind eye and deaf ear to what’s gone on since 2014.

In similar fashion to how Nazi Germany terrorized Jews, Slavs and others considered untermenschen, Ukraine persecutes, terrorizes and torments its Russian nationals by a policy of “ethnic intolerance.”

Regime officials “are no longer ashamed of their Nazi-like nature.” 

They “openly and with impunity call for killing Russians.”

Lavrov quoted the regime’s so-called envoy to Kazakhstan, Vrublevsky, saying the following in late August:

“We are trying to kill as many of them as possible.”

“The more Russians we kill now, the fewer Russians our children will have to kill. That’s all.”

Instead of denouncing him, US/Western regimes and their MSM press agents ignored what demanded condemnation.

Other Nazified Ukrainian officials made similar remarks, including by the regime’s so-called national security and war council secretary, Danilov, saying: 

“People in communities taken back by (regime troops) will be Ukrainianized without asking for their opinion.”

“This will apply not only to Russians, but people of other ethnic backgrounds as well.”

“If you want to study additionally in another language, Romanian, Polish, or Hebrew, please do so, but not at the expense of our state.” 

In early August — as scripted for him to recite by his US master — puppet Zelensky called for Russian-speaking Ukrainian nationals to leave its territory.

The regime continues to intensify “the persecution of dissidents under the (phony) pretext of countering ‘Russian aggression’ and ‘separatism,’ ” Lavrov explained, adding: 

“A ban on the activities of 11 political parties was imposed last March under the (phony) pretext that (they’re) ‘tied to Russia.’ ” 

“(L)eading opposition television channels that broadcasted in Russian were shut down long ago.”

Truth-telling websites that the (regime) finds objectionable are blocked.”

“Journalists are harassed for attempts to express an alternative view on what is happening.”

Their lives and well-being are endangered. 

“Prominent Ukrainian public figure, Yelena Berezhnaya, is in a (regime) security service dungeon.”

“She repeatedly spoke at the UN and OSCE about the (scourge) of neo-Nazism in Ukraine.”

Today’s Ukraine is “a Nazi-style totalitarian (dictatorship) where standards of international humanitarian law are trampled underfoot with impunity.”

“It is no surprise that (Nazified and other Ukrainian (troops) resort to terrorist tactics and use civilians as (human) shields.”

The goal of US/Western regimes involved in supplying Nazified Ukraine with arms and equipment is to wage forever war on Russia.

US-dominated NATO crossed the line from proxy to direct involvement in aggression against the Russian Federation.

Along with aiding the regime’s war-making machine, “the collective West…is supplying (it) with real-time intelligence…aircraft, ships, satellites and strategic drones.” 

Nothing is hidden. What’s going on “is as overt as it can be.”

Arms supplied to Kiev are used to kill maximum numbers of Donbass civilians and Russians.

The regime also “scattered prohibited anti-personnel Petal mines over the center of Donetsk and its suburbs,” said Lavrov, adding:

“(U)se of these mines (flagrantly breaches) the 1997 convention on the prohibition of anti-personnel mines.”

Pre-coup d’etat Ukraine ratified it in 2005, as well as the second protocol to the Geneva Convention on conventional arms.

It bans mines without a self-destruct device.

The regime gets away with mass murder, torture and related crimes because the collective West supports and encourages them as part of waging forever war on Russia.  

For hegemon USA, puppet Zelensky “is a son of a bitch, but (he’s) our son of a bitch,” Lavrov stressed — citing longstanding US imperial policy.

The empire of lies and forever wars, together with its Western vassals, also orchestrate and direct repeated regime strikes on the Zaporoahye NPP — with intent to release and spread deadly radiation across much of central Europe to falsely blame Russia for their criminality.

And in stark contrast to how Russia treats Ukrainian POWs humanely, there’s indisputable evidence of torture and cold-blooded murder of Russian captives by regime Nazis.

All of the above and what relates it comprise ample evidence of why Russia’s liberating SMO was launched.

Indisputable evidence showed that the regime — as ordered and directed by its US master — was poised to launch full-scale aggression on Donbass and the Russian Republic of Crimea.

Moscow acted defensively to prevent and foil their diabolical plan.

Looking ahead, Lavrov stressed that Russia will counter threats to its security — its SMO goals to be achieved.

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  1. Ashkenaz was the great grandson of Noah and the Hebrew name for Germany. Ashkenaz settled in what is modern-day Ukraine. Descendants are called Ashkenazi, or Nazis for short.

    Their religion is Judaism which follows the occultic Babylonian Talmud worshipping the Devil. Followers are called Jews, hence Ashkenazi Jews. There is no ethnicity in Judaism which has nothing to do with the Bible.

    The Lord Jesus was an Israelite, not a Jew.

    Non-Jews are called goyims and equated to animals, hence Puppet Zelensky’s remark on Russians as “animal species”. They applied the same category to Bashar Al-Assad.


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