Democracy As it Should Be v. US/Western Fantasy Versions

In Donbass and Kherson/Zaporozhye Regions, democracy as it should be is clear on day-two of open, free and fair referendums on joining Russia.

For the first time since the Obama/Biden regime’s transformation of Ukraine from democratically governed to Nazified tyrannical rule, voting-age residents of the above regions are empowered to decide their future.

Cross-border in Russia on Friday, many thousands turned out in support of referendum voting.

In Moscow near the Kremlin, supportive flag-waving crowds included actors and pop stars involved in the “We Don’t Abandon Our Own” event, its organizers, saying:

Large-scale turnouts “reflect the aspirations of all Russians and will help express the support of Muscovites for residents of the liberated territories.”

Similar events were held in other Russian cities — ignored, of course, by MSM press agents for the scourge of US-dominated NATO’s imperial rampaging and Ukrainian Nazis.

In stark contrast to Russian support for referendum voting, most Americans are so mind-manipulated by state-sponsored, MSM-proliferated rubbish — as well as bread and circus distractions — that they’re easy marks to be fooled time and again.

They’re ignorant about fantasy democracies throughout the US/West, the real thing virtually banned. 

They’re unaware of growing tyrannical rule in the US, stolen 2020 elections by undemocratic Dems, a Biden impersonator in the White House, and the scourge of US/Western support for Nazified rule in Ukraine.

They don’t understand the growing threat of war between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

Nor do they comprehend the mother of all state-sponsored schemes to eliminate unwanted segments of societies throughout the US/West and worldwide by kill shots and all else flu/covid — along with eliminating what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms in favor ruler/serf control.

And they’re blind to plans by undemocratic Dems to try remaining in power by stealing November midterms and 2024 elections.

I’ve written before about the threatened end of rights I and other Americans enjoyed long ago.

I wrote at length about stolen US 2020 elections and threat of it repeating ahead.

More on this below — weeks before upcoming US November 8 midterm congressional elections.

In 1935, Sinclair Lewis saw the threat of emerging US fascism in his novel, titled “It Can’t Happen Here,” saying:

It’ll be led by a con man, self-styled populist impersonator like his fictional Merzelium “Buzz” Windrip.

Allied with corporate interests and extremist ideologues, his promise of equity for all concealed his diabolical aims.

Capitalizing on the tenor of the times, he usurped power, eliminated constitutional rule and instituted militarism — along with military tribunals to punish nonbelievers.

He organized paramilitary thugs to terrorize opposition elements and  declared martial law to rule despotically.

It can happen here — in the USA — said Lewis.

So did Professor of Political Science, Bertram Gross, in his book, titled “Friendly Fascism” — describing what he called a “drift toward greater concentration of power and wealth in a repressive Big Business-Big Government.” 

I agree with Paul Craig Robert’s dire predication of the likely end to US open, free and fair elections.

Election fraud in America isn’t new or an exception to the rule, far from it throughout the nation’s history from inception.

Today it occurs with electronic ease — along with secrecy, back room deals and other dirty tricks.

Both right wings of the US war party share blame, undemocratic Dems most of all.

Stolen Election 2020 stands out as Exhibit A — what was the most brazen election theft in US history.

With the emergence of touchscreen electronic machines, most elections nationwide are now privatized.

With no checks, balances, receipts for verification or vetting of so-called “trade secret” software, corporate-controlled voting is easy to manipulate.

Votes can be erased or invented.

Ones for candidate A can be counted for an opponent.

There’s no ambiguity about grand theft US Election 2020.

Trump handily defeated the fake Biden.

Yet electronic manipulation and other shenanigans returned DJT to private life in favor of a JB impersonator — a know-nothing mumbling, bumbling buffoon, masquerading as the real JB, a figure to cognitively impaired to function in any official capacity.

According to Roberts on Friday:

November midterms are “likely to be either stolen like the 2020 presidential (and key Senate) election(s) or federalized so that the outcome is in (undemocratic Dem) hands.”

The threat of things turning out this way is ominously real, and make no mistake.

Rigging Election 2024 will likely follow to harden usurpation of power by undemocratic Dems.

What can, already has, and will highly likely repeat ahead is facilitated by MSM support for brazen fraud to keep undemocratic Dems illegitimately empowered.

In print, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT is the lead offender.

It’s evident in its fake news September 23 editorial, headlined:

“This (fake) Threat to (America’s fantasy) Democracy Is Hiding in Plain Sight,” saying:

Post-2020 elections, “Trump and his allies were unable to get far in their attempts to prove widespread voter fraud (because) there wasn’t any (sic).”

Indisputable hard evidence clearly proved otherwise!

Times and other MSM coverup and denial went all-out to conceal the reality of unparalleled US election fraud.

The Times correctly said that who counts votes and by what means matter as much as who casts them.

At the same time, it failed to explain brazen election-rigging with electronic ease.

If open, free and fair voting occurs in November midterms, Republicans will clearly regain control of the House, the Senate perhaps as well.

If Trump becomes GOP standard bearer in 2024 in a free, fair and open process, he’s highly likely to trounce whoever undemocratic Dems select to oppose him.

Since open, free and fair US elections were virtually abolished, usurpation of power is likely to follow in November and 2024.

With support by the Times and other MSM for brazen fraud to keep undemocratic Dems empowered, the public will be mind-manipulated to accept what demands all-out opposition and condemnation.

The only way to prevent what Dems likely plan is for Republicans, independents and activists for elections as they should be run to devise ways of foiling their diabolical aims.

The fate of the vast majority of ordinary Americans hangs in the balance.

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