Russia v. the Empire of Lies and Forever Wars on Invented Enemies

The times are a-changin, with attribution to Bob Dylan.

Vladimir Putin’s Wednesday address to the nation changed the rules of the game in Ukraine and Donbass.

The gloves are off. 

Once Donbass and Kherson/Zaporozhye Regions join Russia, any US-orchestrated and directed attack on their territory by Ukrainian Nazis will reflect aggression against the Motherland.

Restraint by Russian forces to date will likely end. 

Striking Ukrainian strategic targets will likely follow — notably the regime’s rail network, electricity grid, as well as command and control centers wherever located in its territory.

If Russia’s message isn’t understood by dominant Biden regime hardliners, their Western counterparts and Ukrainian Nazis, by continuing attacks on the Motherland, Moscow’s SMO may be upgraded to a declaration of war on all things Ukraine to smash the US-created monster once and for all.

On Friday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, urged hegemon USA “to avoid a situation that could lead to a direct military clash with Russia.”

He also accused the Biden regime of willfully “lowering the nuclear threshold,” along with “implementing a destabilizing program to modernize its nuclear potential.”

Separately in response unparalleled US/Western sanctions war and aggressive posturing, Vladimir Putin instructed Russia’s Defense Ministry to institute a state of high combat alert.

And, of course, he announced a partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists.

It’s because of the existential threat to the nation by “the entire Western military machine” — what’s heavily involved in supporting the scourge of Nazism in Ukraine as an imperial proxy force for perpetual war on Russia.

Separately on Friday, Russia’s US envoy, Anatoly Antonov, addressed participants at the conference to commemorate the upcoming 60th anniversary of the October 16 – 29, 1962 Cuban missile crisis at a time when history threatens to repeat in new form.

Post-the 9/11 mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time,  hegemon USA asserted the right to use nukes in retaliation against nuclear, biological or chemical attacks, or in case of unexpected military developments whether or not threatening. 

The empire of lies and forever wars unilaterally abandoned one landmark agreement after another.

They notably included the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the ABM and Comprehensive Test Ban Treaties, as well as the Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention, the Fissile Material Cutoff Treaty, and Russia/NATO Founding Act.

The latter agreement vowed no expansion of the US-dominated war-making alliance one inch eastward.

It also pledged to refrain from use of force, as well to respect the sovereignty, borders, and territorial integrity of signatory nations to the agreement.

And it was agreed to settle disputes peacefully when arise, as well as mutual cooperation to protect and preserve “security and stability in the Euro/Atlantic area” to prevent conflict between the world’s leading nuclear powers.

At the time, the Clinton regime called the Founding Act “an historic change in” East/West relations (sic).

What followed was a major example of US duplicity, why its ruling regimes can never be trusted, diplomacy with them a colossal waste of time.

Hegemon USA poses an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere. 

Its new millennium nuclear doctrine asserts the right to use these WMDs against invented enemies at its discretion.

The policy also applies to its use of chemical, biological and other banned weapons.

The US drive for hegemony by brute force is proof positive that human intelligence doesn’t guarantee humanity’s survival.

On Friday, Antonov said the following:

It’s important “to analyze lessons and try to draw parallels” between the 1962 missiles of October and current dire conditions.

A major difference was early 1960s US JFK leadership v. the today’s buffoon imposter in the White House.

While the threat of nuclear war was real in 1962, Kennedy said that he had no intention of using nukes to resolve things after they were peacefully resolved.

Today’s White House imposter is no Jack Kennedy.

Nor are today’s undemocratic Dems like their 1960s counterparts.

Antonov explained that Kennedy and Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev wanted peace, not war with nukes or conventional weapons.

“They understood the need…for compromise and de-escalation.” 

JFK advisor, noted historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., later said the following: 

“Cuba made vivid the sense that all humanity had a common interest in the prevention of nuclear war – an interest far above those national and ideological interests which had once seemed ultimate.”

Following resolution of the 1962 missiles of October, Soviet/US relations improved.

In 1963, both nations signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty.

A Kremlin/White House hotline was established.

JFK called for abolishing nuclear weapons, wanted the Cold War ended and supported rapprochement with Soviet Russia.

He opposed Pax Americana and signed National Security Memorandum 263. 

It called for removing 1,000 US forces from Vietnam by yearend — wanting them all out by December 1965.

Entering office as a warrior, he transformed himself into a peacemaker, urged complete disarmament and wanted the CIA disbanded.

It’s why agency assassins eliminated him, Lee Harvey Oswald used as a convenient patsy, then eliminated to silence him.

Antonov and other Russian officials know that no one empowered in Washington today remotely approaches the stature of JFK and his key advisors.

It’s why today’s crisis conditions are far more perilous than when Kennedy was in office.


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