NYT Sunday Edition of Tramping on Truth

All the news that’s fit to print applies to truth-telling alternative media — clearly not the NYT, an infamous press agent for privileged interests and imperial rampaging over journalism as it should be.

An accurate Times motto would be something like the following:

All the fake news that’s unfit to print or read on major issues of most importance.

Its latest fake news edition follows the familiar pattern — featuring debunked Big Lies and mass deception on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Times Big Lie No. One:

Russia’s military recruitment is “flagging (sic).”

No. Two: “Ukrainians in (liberated areas falsely called) occupied (are being) dragoon(ed) to fight against their own (nonexistent) nation (sic)” — now a US-controlled territory under a US-installed puppet for perpetual war on Russia and Donbass civilians.

No. Three: In liberated Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions, Russia is “round(ing) up men to fight (sic) even as they are forcing residents to vote (sic) in” scrupulously open, free and fair referendums on joining Russia, ones Times fake news falsely called “sham(s) (sic).” 

More Big Lies and mass deception followed, trash infesting all Times reports on major issues.

“All men ages 18 to 35 have been forbidden to leave and ordered to report for military duty (sic),” the Times roared — citing unnamed/nonexistent witnesses and US-installed regime officials, ones exposed as serial liars.

And this Times trash, recited numerous times before, repeated again on Sunday, saying:

Vladimir Putin’s announced mobilization of 300,000 reservists is because Russia “suffer(ed) huge casualties (sic) and struggle(s) to hold off (nonexistent) Ukrainian advances” anywhere.

And this bald-faced Big Lie:

Referendums on joining Russia — what the vast majority of voters have been yearning for since the US 2014 coup — continue through Tuesday “amid a backdrop of violence and repression (sic).”

There’s none of it in areas Russia liberated from the scourge of US-installed Nazified tyranny in Ukraine — only in areas controlled by ruthless regime with full US/Western support and encouragement.

Ignored by the Times and other MSM fake news are Russians voluntarily and patriotically queuing up at recruiting stations to help combat the scourge of revived Nazism in Europe’s heartland.

And this Times trash:

Russian forces sent “to fight in Kherson refused to take part in combat missions (sic).”

Once again, unnamed Ukrainian sources were cited — known proliferators of fake news like the Times and other MSM.

Separately, US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg called a special Sept. 27 meeting of war-making alliance members.

He’ll urge them to supply more arms and equipment to Nazified Ukraine — because Russia destroyed most of what they sent so far.

Throwing billions more dollars, euros and pounds in support of a lost cause has limits — especially at a time when European economies are in dire straits because of self-inflicted harm from sanctions war on Russia.

And this Times trash, repeating its earlier Big Lie — falsely claiming that residents Russia liberated from the scourge of Nazified tyranny are “flee(ing) in huge numbers (sic).”

And this Times fake news:

Russian police attacked and arrested “more than 1,300” opponents of Putin’s announced mobilization (sic)” on one day last week — what Times trash falsely called “a chaotic process (sic).”

More Times trash:

Russia “plan(s) to mobilize up to 1.2 million people (sic).”

The correct number is explained above and in previous articles — one-fourth of the above fake figure.

It never quits. Here’s more Times trash, what no responsible editors would touch:

Russia “announced a high-level (Defense Ministry) shake-up Saturday after a (nonexistent) rout of its forces” from parts of Kharkov Region.

What the Times disgracefully called the “butcher of Mariupol (sic),” Col. Gen. Mikhail Mizintsev, was appointed Deputy Defense Minister.

Here’s what RT reported, saying:

Mizintsev was “appointed Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister in charge of ‘material and technical support,’ ” adding:

He’ll fill the post held by General Dmitry Bulgakov who’s being shifted to “an unspecified (new) position.”

“Mizintsev led Russia’s top military coordination agency, the National Defense Management Center, for eight years.”

He oversaw deliveries of humanitarian aid during Moscow’s campaign to aid Syria combat US aggression.

After Russia’s liberating SMO began, he acted in a similar capacity to supply humanitarian aid to liberated Ukrainians.

He also organized civilian evacuations from Mariupol when Russian forces were liberating the city from the scourge of Nazified occupation.

Bulgakov has been involved with Russia’s military since the 1970s.

In 2016, he was awarded Hero of Russia honors, the nation’s highest military award.

According to Times fake news, shifting him to a new post is because of “problems with logistics, combat service support, and provision of supplies for the Russian armed forces (sic).”

Still more Times trash:

There’s “frustration with (Russia’s Defense Ministry) leadership (sic).”

Proceeding as planned so far, Russia will likely toughen its SMO once newly mobilized forces complete training and deploy to front line positions.

More forces are needed because Russia’s SMO front line extends nearly 1,000 km.

Their presence will facilitate liberation of more territory sooner and will hasten the triumph of Russia’s SMO — over the scourge of US-installed and supported Nazism in Kiev.

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