Russian Straight Talk v. the Fake Biden’s Forked-Tongue Big Lies

The fake Biden is an embarrassment to what leadership is supposed to be — a reflection of US-led Western decadence and depravity.

Days earlier remarks by the illegitimate White House imposter at the UN General Assembly featured Big Lies and mass deception prepared for him to recite via teleprompter.

His only factual remark was about food insecurity and inflation.

Yet like virtually always when hegemon USA representatives speak, they fail to lay blame where it belongs on all things related harm  on humanity domestically and abroad.

In defiance of reality last week, the fake JB ignored the early stages of a collapsing Wall Street-controlled/Fed-created financial bubble — the mother of them all in world history now deflating in plain sight.

And with it, trillions of dollars are evaporating with a diabolical end game in mind, planned by dominant monied interests — digital money replacing paper currencies, the heart of what Great Reset tyranny is all about.

It’s not a pretty picture, the worst of it ahead — the abolition of what little remains of greatly eroded freedoms, the scourge of ruler/serf enslavement replacing what’s too precious to lose.

Along with the horror of what Paul Craig Roberts calls “the dark side of the digital revolution,” the risk of possible direct US war on Russia is greater than ever since the dawn of the nuclear age.

In his Russia-bashing rant on the world stage, the fake JB falsely blamed its leadership for years of made-in-the-USA conflict in central Europe.

Begun by the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Kiev coup, endless war continues by US-installed Nazis against millions of Donbass residents.

Russia’s SMO was launched to free them from the scourge of US-orchestrated and directed occupation and state terror unleashed against their people — in compliance with the UN Charter Article 51’s right of self-defense.

On all things related to violating what the fake JB called its “core tenets,” hegemon USA is by far the world’s leading offender — clearly not Russia.

The fake JB’s pre-scripted rant featured beginning-to-end Big Lies and mass deception, truth-telling reality excluded.

Addressing the UN General Assembly on Saturday, Sergey Lavrov’s straight talk filled the chamber with indisputable facts about all things Russia and Ukraine, saying the following:

Years of good faith efforts by Moscow for world peace, stability, and mutual cooperation among nations in compliance with international law were spurned by the US-dominated West.

“We repeatedly proposed over the years to agree on rules for coexistence in Europe based on the principle of equal and indivisible security, approved at the highest level of OSCE documents,” Lavrov explained, adding:

“We made our last proposal to make this principle legally binding in December 2021, to which we received an arrogant refusal” by the self-declared master of the universe.

Following hegemon USA’s 2014 coup, Ukraine was transformed from a nation-state to a US-controlled territorial platform for waging perpetual war on Russia and Donbass.

For the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies — together with its Western vassals — “Ukraine is simply expendable material in the fight against Russia,” said Lavrov. 

US-dominated “NATO declared our country a direct threat on the path to total US dominance, and named China as a long-term strategic challenge.”

In response to Nazified Ukraine’s admission about Pentagon (and CIA) control over its targets, Lavrov minced no words, stressing:

“What is this if not direct (Biden regime) participation in aiming of deadly weapons and participation in the war?” 

On referendums continuing through Sept. 27 in Donbass and Kherson/Zaporozhye Regions on joining Russia, not only are they legitimate according to the UN Charter/universal right of self-determination for everyone everywhere, but puppet Zelensky “advised everyone who feels Russian to ‘go to Russia’ ” last year, Lavrov explained, adding:

“That’s what (they’re doing and) taking their lands, on which their ancestors lived for centuries, with them” — their legal right.

On hegemon USA’s rage for dominating the world community of nations, Lavrov slammed its diabolical aim as follows, saying:

The self-declared master of the universe USA elevated itself almost to the rank of messenger of God on earth, with no obligations, but only ‘sacred’ rights to act with impunity, as it pleases anywhere” at its discretion.

Post-WW II, preemptive US-led NATO wars of aggression were waged against one nonthreatening/nonbelligerent nation after another — causing vast destruction and massacring millions, the highest of high crimes.

On UK and EU regimes selling their sovereignty and souls to a higher power in Washington, they agreed to be “subjugated,” said Lavrov.

In the process, they abandoned the letter and spirit of democracy in favor of “authoritarian, rigid, dictatorial” rule.

Despite forever wars and related ruthlessness to preserve its unipolar moment, it crumbled in favor of today’s multilateral world.

The vast majority of non-Western nations reject imperial dominance in favor of governance “without blackmail and intimidation…without (the twin scourges of) Nazism and neo-colonialism,” Lavrov explained.

Hegemon USA’s unipolar moment no longer exists.

The early stages of multilateralism replaced it.

There’s no going back to what the vast majority of people everywhere reject and will no longer tolerate.

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