Highlights of Sergey Lavrov’s News Conference Following His Straight-Talk UN General Assembly Address

Commenting first on referendum voting in Donbass and Kherson/Zaporozhye Regions to join Russia, Lavrov stressed the following:

US/Western “hysterics” over what’s going on reflects their ruling regimes’ intolerance of democracy in action wherever occurring.

It’s happening in the above areas because Nazified Ukraine made “life (for) ethnic Russians…intolerable.”

Local governments on their own decided to hold them — free from external pressure.

“Based on their outcome, Russia will respect the will expressed by people who suffered for years from the neo-Nazi regime’s atrocities,” Lavrov stressed.

On nuclear weapons, Lavrov stressed what Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials said on this issue time and again.

Russia’s Basic Principles of State Policy of the Russian Federation on Nuclear Deterrence are clear.

They’d only be used if nukes are used against Russian territory or if the nation’s existence is greatly jeopardized.

On US/Western involvement in aiding Ukraine wage war on Russia and Donbass civilians, Lavrov stressed the following:

US/Western regimes are “openly pump(ing) (arms and equipment) into Ukraine.”

The collective West “is using approximately 70 military satellites and 200 private satellites to support Ukrainian” Nazis and conscript troops.

The Pentagon and CIA choose their targets.

Lavrov minced no words stressing:

“What is this if not direct involvement when they target us with lethal weapons and participate in the war?”

And US/Western involvement in aiding the scourge of Nazified Ukraine is in flagrant breach of the UN Charter, the 1907 Hague Conventions, the Geneva Conventions and other international laws.

“Ukrainian embassies and consulates in European and other countries openly posted invitations on their websites to join in the ‘holy war’ against Russia,” Lavrov explained, adding:

Western regimes involved in OKing this breached the convention on neutral states, proving they’re “not passive onlookers but rather are directly involved in the conflict.”

UN Charter principles respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of nation-states. 

They also affirm the universal right of self-determination, Lavrov stressed, adding:

“The UN General Assembly came to the following conclusion regarding the interpretation of the UN Charter.”

“Every state must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of any state whose government respects the principle of self-determination of peoples and represents all ethnicities living in its territory.”

The Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Kiev coup flagrantly breached the above principle and rule of law overall.

What followed included “bans on the Russian language, Russian education, and Russian media…” 

Ukrainian “putschists bombed territories where people refused to recognize results of the coup…”

“(T)he Kiev junta, the neo-Nazi regime adopted laws to legalize Nazi theory and practices…” 

“(T)his regime does not represent people who regard themselves as native Russian speakers and share Russian culture.”

They’re considered enemies of the state — in flagrant breach of the rule of law.

Ahead of Sunday elections in Italy, so-called European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen threatened retaliation if results were other than what she and likeminded EU hardliners demand.

Italian voters defied her threat by supporting Giorgia Meloni’s right-wing Brothers of Italy bloc.

Winning a majority of the vote, she’ll become new Italian prime minister ahead, the first woman to hold the nation’s top job.

While she expressed support for Ukraine, her coalition partners oppose US/Western sanctions war on Russia and respect Vladimir Putin.

Commenting on von der Leyen’s threatened retaliation ahead of Sunday’s vote, Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“I cannot recall if any EU leader sunk so low as to make threats of this kind.”

“The EU, in principle, becomes an authoritarian, rigid, dictatorial institution.”

It’s been “rigid(ly)” anti-democratic since established.

And on all things related to fractured Western relations with Russia, Lavrov said the following:

“The Anglo-Saxons told us that they were not going to talk with us. You can judge for yourself.”

“Everything collapsed and continues to be ruined by, in particular, Washington, London (more actively), and Brussels.”

Elaborating further on Ukraine, Lavrov explained the following:

Longstanding US/Western dirty business in Ukraine began long before the 2014 coup.

“(I)n 2003, when preparations were underway for elections, Western politicians, officials, foreign ministers, in particular Belgian minister Louis Michel, stated bluntly that Ukrainians should decide whom they side with – Russia or Europe – in the election.”

Russophobia existed in the US/West existed throughout the post-WW II period and earlier.

US-dominated Western regimes want “the whole world (to follow their) disgraceful policies.”

“In December 2013, a leaked telephone conversation was revealed between (Obama/Biden regime) Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland and (its envoy) to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt…”

They discussed “which politicians should be groomed for the new government although elections were more than a year away.”

In response to Pyatt saying that US favorites weren’t supported by the EU, Nuland notoriously replied:

“F..k the EU.”

“That’s the (US) attitude,” Lavrov stressed — then, earlier and now.

The self-declared master of the universe views all things Ukraine as a “yardstick (on) measur(ing) its ability to remain a hegemon,” he explained.

Asked about Russia’s intentions in Ukraine, he stressed that Vladimir Putin explained them publicly last February.

There’s no ambiguity about what Russia seeks to accomplish — in strict compliance with international law.

It’s worlds apart different from US-dominated NATO’s imperial rampaging war on humanity worldwide.

Lavrov added the following straight talk in response to a Western reporter’s question about Russia’s objectives in Ukraine and Donbass.

Here it is in its entirety because all of it hits home hard:

“Don’t try to judge from your office or from New York.”

“Go to Crimea. Talk to the people.”

“Nobody does it except for some brave politicians who are not in the system’s elite.”

“Go to the east.”

“Any of you, did you go to Donbass during eight years of war, when the Minsk (conflict resolution) agreements were raped every day?”


“Russian television was broadcasting the situation on the Donbass side of the line of contact.” 

“The daily life, and damage to the civilian infrastructure, the killing of the peaceful population was broadcast daily.”

“And we have been asking why Western journalists don’t do the same on the Ukrainian side of the line of contact.”

“Because on the Ukrainian side of the line of contact damage was inflicted only by return fire.”

“And it would be seen immediately.”

And Lavrov added this on lack of food security, especially in Africa and other poor countries, saying:

Instead of actions backing rhetorical concern, only a small fraction of grain shipped from Ukraine went to these countries.

Most of it went to EU nations.

As for what was agreed on for Russian agricultural products, including fertilizers, US/Western regimes continue to obstruct its exports.

There were no Western reports about famine in nations terror-bombed by US/NATO regimes.

The plight of people in Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria was ignored.

From then to the present day, US/Western regimes treat their long-suffering populations as non-persons.

As for contacts between Russia and the US/West, Moscow won’t initiate them after their ruling regimes virtually severed relations.

“We learned our lesson,” said Lavrov. 

“They are absolutely untrustworthy and selfish to the bone.”

They can never be trusted. 


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