Russia-Bashing Tuesday

Make no mistake.

Along with waging unparalleled sanctions war, hegemon USA and its NATO vassals are waging hot war on Russia — with full support and encouragement from their MSM co-conspirators.

While MSM pursue the same anti-Russia agenda — in cahoots with rogue states where they’re based — the NYT is the leading Russophobe offender in print, bald-faced Big Lies and mass-deception is weapons of choice.

Russia-bashing Tuesday is like all other days, sticking exclusively to fabricated official narrative talking points.

Instead of reporting reality on the ground in areas where five days of referendum voting to join Russia just concluded, the Times (and other MSM) suppressed it.

Preliminary results reported so far include the following:

Based on 22.48% of votes counted so far, a near-unanimous 98.35% of Donetsk residents expressed support to join Russia.

In Lugansk based on 21.11% of ballots counted, it’s an overwhelming 97.83% majority.

Based on 29% of Zaporozhye Region votes counted, it’s 97.79%.

And in Kherson Region, based on 28% of ballots counted, it’s 97.05%.

Tabulations should be completed on Wednesday — to be reported on in a follow-up article.

Here’s how the NYT misreported in its Tuesday fake news edition:

“(V)oting of stage-managed referendums (sic) on joining Russia in (what the Times falsely called) occupied parts of Ukraine (sic), blended raw intimidation tactics (sic), including armed men in ski masks at polling stations (sic), Orwellian messaging (sic) and efforts at festivities, such as thinly attended concerts on central squares (sic).”

As stressed time and again before, whenever the Times and other MSM accuse Russia of virtually anything imaginable, corroborating evidence is never supplied to verify claims made because there is none.

They’re made up stuff rubbish — at times by MSM on their own, at other times based on the fabricated official narrative, or increasingly often by quoting or citing unnamed Western or Ukrainian sources.

They either don’t exist or are paid to lie and mass deceive.

And in response to what the Times called “chilling real-world consequences” — of democracy in action as it should be it failed to explain — officials in Russia and liberated areas involved in holding now completed referendums — perhaps are saying: Bring it on.

They clearly don’t give a damn whether results are or are not recognized in the West and Nazified Ukraine.

What matters is becoming Russia’s newest republics — what’ll likely be official on or about September 30.

And this Times trash:

Russian soldiers “bang loudly, ring doorbell(s)… give people a ballot and point with their rifles where to put the mark (sic).”

Results when official, followed by accession to become Russian republics is worlds apart from what the Times falsely called “meaningless (sic).”

More Times trash:

Russians are “protest(ing)” against Vladimir Putin’s announced mobilization of 300,000 reservists with prior military experience.

Claiming that recruitment offices are “being burned in arson attacks, (along with) Russian men rush(ing) to border crossings to avoid” active duty is typical of how Times fake news operates.

And whatever the Times reports by citing or quoting unnamed regime sources turns truth on its head every time.

No Kiev offensives are underway, no advances against vastly superior Russian forces, no “confidence” among greatly degraded rank-and-file Ukrainian troops — no threat of Russian use of nukes.

Separately, Russia reported underwater explosions near its Nord Stream gas pipelines, causing at least three leaks.

Nord Stream AG called the incidents unprecedented, what’s likely to take a considerable time to repair.

Tass reported what happened as follows, saying:

“A decrease in pressure in one of Nord Stream 2’s two lines was registered overnight into September 26 from the coastal platform of Nord Stream 2 AG.”

“At the same time, the shore authorities of Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia were notified about the incident.”

“The press service of the pipeline’s operator noted that the incident occurred in the Danish exclusive economic zone southeast of the island of Bornholm.”

“That same evening, pressure fell in both lines of Nord Stream 1 as well.”

“Normally pressure inside the pipe equals 105 bar, whereas now it is only 7 bar at the German section.”

Nord Stream II spokesman, Ulrich Lissek, reported the following:

Locations of pipeline leaks from holes have not been located so far.

Clearly what happened was sabotage.

Were hegemon USA’s dirty hands involved or did Biden regime dark forces enlist one of its vassals for dirty work service?

Clearly, Russia had nothing to do with what happened.

It wants its pipelines operating normally to supply nations eager to receive its energy by this means.

It’ll get to the bottom of what happened precisely and who’s likely responsible.

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