Falsely Blaming Russia for US Dirty Hands Behind Nord Stream I and II Sabotage

There’s no ambiguity about who benefits and who doesn’t from sabotaging Russia’s Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines.

European beneficiaries of Russian gas are big losers, their troubled economies now more adversely affected than while Nord Stream I was operating — even though down for repairs when sabotage occurred.

Russia is harmed most by losing hundreds of millions of rubles as long as it’s unable to deliver gas to willing European markets via its pipelines.

In stark contrast, the empire of lies and forever wars benefits hugely — with European economies more greatly dependent than before on its LNG and other high-priced energy supplies.

On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, announced the following:

“Russia is planning to call for an official meeting of the UN Security Council over the provocations against the Nord Stream I and II (gas) pipelines” — what caused “unprecedented damage,” adding:

“Are you still looking for an answer to the question of who is behind the whole Ukrainian bloody scenario, the destruction of pan-European cooperation and the global world crisis?” 

Look no further than a video of Russophobe extremist Victoria Nuland’s remarks last January 27, saying: 

“If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

“And before that, she notoriously said ‘f..k the EU. When will Brussels wake up?”

It’s important for Russia to continue delivering energy through pipelines constructed for this purpose.

Yet according to WaPo’s fake news:

“Five (unnamed) European officials  with (alleged) direct knowledge of security discussions said there was a widespread assumption that Russia was behind the incident (sic).”

“Only Russia had the motivation (sic), the submersible equipment (sic) and the capability (sic), several of them said, though they cautioned that they did not yet have direct evidence of Russia’s involvement” because there is none, WaPo adding:

“No one on the European side of the ocean is thinking this is anything other than Russian sabotage (sic).” 

Separately, unelected European Commission head, von der Layen, falsely accused Russia of using oil and gas to “blackmail” countries supporting Ukraine (sic).”

And a so-called puppet Zelensky “advisor” accused Russia of what it clearly had nothing to do with.

And this rubbish from the Russophobic Times of London, headlining:

“Russia accused of Nord Stream sabotage over gas leaks in Baltic Sea (sic),” saying:

“Russia has been accused of blowing up two of its own gas pipelines in the Baltic Sea (sic) with the aim of destabilizing Europe (sic) in the midst of its (nonexistent) energy war (sic).”

So-called security expert, Michael Clarke, was quoted, falsely saying:

What happened was “not some casual terrorist act (sic).”

“It has to be a government.”

“Privately, everyone is convinced this is a Kremlin-inspired piece of sabotage (sic).”

“It opens up a new front in the war (sic).”

“It means the Ukrainian war is now going to the Baltic (sic).”

Russia is “creat(ing) insecurity (sic).”

Pressuring gas supplies is “a strategic goal because although it increases the sense of isolation that there will be no Russian gas for Europe this winter, it actually destroys Russia’s credibility completely with European customers for the next couple of generations (sic).”

And this Times of London trash:

“Some security experts speculated that Russia might have wrecked the Nord Stream project to demonstrate its capabilities hours before the opening of a new gas pipeline from Norway to Poland (sic).”

“Norway put its offshore rigs on alert for a possible attack.”

According to a Eurasia Group assessment:

“(M)ultiple undersea leaks mean neither pipeline will likely deliver any gas to the EU over the coming winter, irrespective of political developments in…Ukraine.”

And this perversion of reality from former CIA director, John Brennan, on Wednesday:

Nord Stream pipeline leaks were an act of sabotage “most likely from Russia (sic).”

There’s no ambiguity about Russia wanting its pipelines able to deliver energy to eager buyers.

Nor is there any ambiguity about hegemon USA’s motive, opportunity and expertise to sabotage them.

Draw your own conclusion of who’s responsible for rendering Nord Stream I and II inoperable until damage is repaired — and costing Russia hundreds of millions of lost rubles in revenue.


4 thoughts on “Falsely Blaming Russia for US Dirty Hands Behind Nord Stream I and II Sabotage

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  1. Disgusting mis/disinformation, lies and warmongering by the despicable, deplorable, dirty US and the rest of the West. Thanks for sorting this out, sir, in reporting terms any decent, reasonably intelligent human being should/can relate to. Sigh…what to do?


  2. BP’s Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline is the reason for the Chechen Wars to stop the existing Baku–Novorossiysk pipeline which is now almost idle.

    Unocal’s proposed gas and oil pipeline from Central Asia to the Arabian Sea 2001 is the reason for the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan.

    The Myanmar Army fought Rohingas and foreign Muslim mercenaries attacking the Sino-Myanmar pipelines from the Kyaukphyu Port in Rakhine State to Kunming in China.

    The proposed Qatar-Turkey gas pipeline to connect to the Nabucco pipeline is the reason for the ISIS invasion of Syria. After the defeat of ISIS, the US occupied north-east Syria as an alternative route to Turkey. Turkey occupies Idlib and with the ongoing Israeli air strikes, hope to conquer west Syria for the pipeline.

    Since Nord Stream 2 can be turned on at any time, it had to be destroyed.

    Without cheap Russian gas, European manufactured goods will be unable to compete internationally.

    How come the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico pipelines are never attacked? The answer: the fingerprints of the Beast (UK-USA) with 2 horns like a lamb are everywhere.

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