Russia Responds to Big Lies and Mass Deception by Hegemon USA and its Western Vassals

On Tuesday at the Security Council, Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, more than held his own in setting the record straight on the reality about now concluded open, free and fair referendum voting to join Russia.

While it’s hoped that long-suffering residents of Nazified state-terror will be freed at last from its scourge, most likely it’ll take some time after joining Russia.

For over eight years, they “lived in constant fear for their lives,” Nebenzia stressed.

It’s why they voted overwhelmingly to join Russia, their wish to be granted in the coming days.

Since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, Ukrainian Nazis “adopted a course towards physical extermination of unwanted” DPR and LPR residents — supported and encourage by hegemon USA and its Western vassals. 

“Had it not been for this criminal connivance and hypocrisy, had the West made its proteges in Kiev observe basic human rights, respect its people and their right to life, there would not have been any need for our special military operation,” Nebenzia explained.   

Ukrainian Nazis openly proclaimed Russian and Russian-speaking residents of Donbass as “inhumans” and “species.”

Now they’re joining Russia and “taking lands where their ancestors lived for centuries” with them.

Since Crimeans joined Russia in March 2014, their lives and well-being benefitted hugely.

Despite US-dominated Western perversions of reality otherwise, now concluded referendums to join Russia “were (conducted with) exceptional transparency, with all electoral norms being fully observed.”

“This is (an indisputable) fact, no matter how hard Kiev (Nazis) and (their) Western” paymasters pretend otherwise. 

Over 100 monitors from 40 nations confirmed it — based on their firsthand observations.

Notably they stressed “how enthusiastic people in DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye Regions were about the referendums…how long they had waited for” them to be held, how they yearn to join Russia and be free from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

Sounding like a Third Reich Nazi, Germany’s so-called foreign minister, Baerbock, turned reality on its head by falsely saying:

Referendum voters were “shot and raped (sic) and then made to check the box on the ballot sheet while soldiers with Kalashnikovs stand next to them (sic).”

She should have stressed that while democratically exercising their franchise, Ukrainian Nazis terrorized them cross-border by artillery shelling.

And this from Nebenzia:

While Western regime officials go all-out to spread “hysteria” by a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about reality on the ground, they oppose democracy as it should be and try to eliminate it wherever it exists.

For them and rogue states they represent, “self-determination (is only OK) if the West approves it.”

Ahead of Italy’s election days earlier, unelected European Commission head, von der Leyen, threatened the nation if its people voted for the wrong candidates.

Hungary and Serbia are on the US-dominated Western blacklist for wanting normalized relations with Russia.

“When denying the people of Donbass and liberated territories of Ukraine their right to self-determination, Western (regimes) demonstrate blatant double standards,” Nebenzia stressed.

They hypocritically supported Kosovo’s independence without referendum voting, Kosovars denied the right to decide on breaking from Serbia or remaining part of the country.

Nor did hegemon USA grant Puerto Ricans and Hawaiians their right of self-determination.

Western regimes pretend support for democratic values and international law — principles they repeatedly breach and don’t tolerate.

And Nebenzia stressed the following:

The UN Charter “stipulates the principle of respect for territorial integrity.”

“As we know, the General Assembly, when acting collectively and on the basis of consensus, elaborated on the principle of territorial integrity in its Declaration on Principles of International Law concerning Friendly Relations and Cooperation among States.”

“According to the Declaration, all states should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states, where governments respect the principle of self-determination of nations and represent all peoples dwelling on their territories.”

Yet today, “Western (regimes ignore) this crucial criterion.”

“After the (US) 2014 coup, after prohibiting the Russian language, education, and media, after (Kiev Nazis) bombed the area where people refused to recognize the results of the coup, after burning Russian activists alive in Odessa, after (Nazis were installed in) Kiev – after all that does anybody dare  say that the Kiev (regime) represents the interests of the people of Donbass and the Russian-speaking population at large whom they subject either to Ukrainization or extermination?”

There’s no ambiguity about the following, what’s been US/Western policy for over a century, what “everyone understands.”

The collective West’s aim “is to weaken and exsanguinate Russia (drain its blood), and ideally, dismember and subjugate” the nation and its people, Nebenzia explained. 

That’s how the scourge of imperial rampaging operates — in flagrant breach of international law.

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