The Leading Proliferator of Fake News Trash in Print

Like other US/Western MSM, the self-styled newspaper of record NYT wages daily editorial war on nations free from hegemon USA’s control — fake news mass-deception its weapon of choice, based on state-approved talking points.

Its daily fake news editions read like long-running soap operas with new twists and turns on common themes to keep listeners and viewers tuning in for more of the same nonsense.

On Thursday, the Times featured the following, easily debunked, rubbish:

“Russia attacked Ukraine’s energy infrastructure during (sic)” its liberating SMO.

Except for a one-time shot across the bow strike against Ukraine’s energy grid to send a message, not destroy it, Russia refrained from attacking Kiev’s infrastructure across the board.

Like countless times in daily fake news editions, the Times lied claiming otherwise.

And this Times bald-faced Big Lie:

Vladimir Putin “show(ed) that (he’s)  willing to junk business relationships with countries like Germany (sic), which required decades to establish, in hopes of bending them to his will (sic).”

And…”energy infrastructure in Ukraine has been repeatedly targeted by Russia (sic).”

Along with falsely accusing Russia of repeated strikes on Ukraine’s electrical power grid (sic), the Times and other MSM defied reality by blaming Russian forces for the Nazified regime’s near-daily attacks on the Zaporozhye NPP.

While the Times so far stopped short of falsely blaming Russia for sabotage on its Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines to Europe — what hegemon USA bears full responsibility for — it moved closer to blaming victimized Russia by claiming that “speculation…point(s)” in this direction (sic).

Ignored is that if Russia wanted to halt gas deliveries to Europe, the easiest way would be by turning off valves that permit it to flow — not blowing up what it spent billions of dollars to construct.

Furthermore, hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes control Baltic Sea waters.

Any attempted Russian sabotage on its pipelines would be spotted straightaway.

And this Times trash:

Russia stands to benefit from what happened (sic) by “spook(ing) markets…raising the price of its gas.”

More trash:

“Russia…alter(ed) flows (from) Nord Stream I (sic)…to raise political tensions and energy prices (sic).”

And this fake news:

Ignoring how Russian forces are smashing Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA war machine, the Times (and other MSM) pretend that its SMO is “go(ing) badly (sic),” adding:

Gazprom can “reduc(e)” or halt supplying gas “to Europe through Ukraine (sic).”

Separately, the Times invented phone calls from Russian military personnel to their family members — pretending that its SMO is “in disarray (sic),” that it’s “losing” what its forces are overwhelmingly winning.

The rubbish it published failed to rise to the level of bad fiction.

Its bald-faced Big Lies were exposed and debunked long ago.

And this trash from Times propagandist, Thomas Friedman, a figure who gives yellow journalism a bad name in all his fake news columns.

“Putin’s (liberating SMO) is a crime against the planet (sic),” he roared.

Falsely claiming that he’s “diverting worldwide attention and resources needed to mitigate climate change” ignored one of the great myths of our time.

Like other fake news proliferators, Friedman ignored that for millions of years, humans and animals with similar longevity survived in climates ranging from steaming hot to frigid cold, as well as from climate-related disasters.

The global warming myth shifts attention away from issues mattering most.

Yet according to Friedman’s gibberish, we’re running out of time “to manage” nonexistent climate change before things “become unmanageable (sic).”

On all things Russia and Nazified Ukraine, delusional Friedman blamed Vladimir Putin for what doesn’t exist — “destroy(ing) forests, peat land, mangroves” and other ecosystems from nonexistent climate change.

And this Friedman trash:

Russia’s SMO “damaged ‘900 protected natural areas (sic),’ according to (a fake news) OECD report issued in July, ‘and an estimated 1.2 million hectares, or about 30 percent of all protected areas of Ukraine (sic).”

Ignored by the Times, other MSM, the OECD and other Western organizations is that throughout its SMO, Russian forces refrained from attacking nonmilitary targets.

In stark contrast, Ukrainian Nazis have shown no such restraint — notably by repeated US-orchestrated and directed attacks on residential areas and infrastructure targets.

Kiev’s aggression since April 2014 is “a crime against…humanity” — what propagandist Friedman falsely blamed on Russia.

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