Russia Bashing As Vladimir Putin Announces Support for Accession of Liberated Territories to Russia

On Friday, US/Western supported Ukrainian Nazis attacked civilian vehicles en route from regime controlled Zaporozhye Region to its liberated territory.

At least 24 people were killed, dozens more wounded, a war crime against people yearning to breathe free from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

According to Zaporozhye Region’s military/civilian head, Yevgeny Balitsky:

“People were leaving Zaporozhye, heading to our territories in the direction of Energodar through the Vasilyevka checkpoint.”

“The Kiev regime tried to destroy people who wished to return to the safe territory of Russia.”

Attacking them “was a deliberate extermination of the civilian population.”

“We extended our sincere condolences to the families of those killed.”

According to local witnesses, Ukrainian Nazis fired around 15 artillery shells and missiles at vehicles en route to liberated Zaporozhye.

We Are Together with Russia head, Vladimir Rogov, explained the following:

Targeted Zaporozhye civilians “were approached by the (regime’s) Security Service (and) police…openly threaten(ing) them and (warning) that they’ll be sorry for what they were doing.”

Here’s how NYT fake news reported on what happened, saying:

“Russia launched a flurry of rocket, drone and missile strikes against Ukrainian towns and cities overnight Thursday to Friday (sic).”

“The most lethal strike hit in Zaporozhye…killed at least 25 civilians who were waiting at a checkpoint and bus stop (sic), and injured about 50.”

Instead of accusing Ukrainian Nazis for what happened, the Times (and other MSM) falsely blamed Russia for what its forces had nothing to do with.

So-called Biden regime envoy to Nazified Ukraine, Bridget Brink, turned truth on its head in similar fashion, falsely tweeting:

“Russia continues strikes on Ukrainian civilians (sic), a further demonstration that Ukraine’s fight is not only a fight for freedom and sovereignty (sic), but for survival (sic).”

Separately, the Times (and other MSM) declared the UN Charter right of self-determination “illegal (sic).”

In response to Vladimir Putin saying that Donbass and Kherson/Zaporozhye residents “made their choice” overwhelmingly to join Russia, according to the rule of law in open, free and fair referendum voting, the Times trampled on the truth in its customary manner as follows, saying:

“The moves are part of a carefully orchestrated process designed to provide a veneer of legality (sic) for the annexation (sic) of Donetsk…Luhansk…Kherson and Zaporozhye.” 

Phony claims of illegality by the Biden regime, its Western vassals, the Times and other MSM press agents, as well as imperial tool UN secretary general Guterres, fly in the face of indisputable international law otherwise.

And this Times fake news:

Vladimir Putin “faces huge hurdles (sic) to reassert his control over an increasingly chaotic war (sic).”

“(H)is army has been losing ground to counter-strikes (sic) by a (greatly battered, degraded and demoralized) Ukrainian military.”

And this Times perversion of reality:

“(I)t is not clear whether even Russia’s staunchest allies will recognize” accession of four regions as Russian Federation republics in accordance with international law.

Ahead of his Friday address to Russian lawmakers, regional governors and heads of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye, Putin said the following on Thursday:

A historical “formation of a more just world order is taking place.”

It’s at a time when “unipolar hegemony is inexorably collapsing.”

“This is an objective reality that the West categorically refuses to accept.”

“We see all the consequences of this.”

“Clinging to the past and trying to pursue a policy of dictate in all areas – from international relations and the economy to culture and sports – the notorious collective West is creating more and more problems and crises.”

“In the process, it is not stopping at anything as it exerts pressure on the countries that choose a sovereign path of development, that do not want to obey it but that want to choose their own path and future independently and freely, and maintain their culture, traditions and values.”

Enemies of peace, stability and the rule of law target “anyone, everyone, any country…instigating ‘color revolutions’ and unleashing bloody massacres.”

The US-dominated “West is devising scenarios for inciting new conflicts…”

“(R)isks of destabilization are growing again, including risks of destabilizing in the entire Asia-Pacific region.”

More Times trash followed its above rubbish.

Defying reality on the ground, the Times continues to pretend that “Russia is mostly losing ground (sic)…that (regime Nazis will) expel the Russian army from Ukraine (sic).”

On Thursday, unindicted war criminal/interventionist Blinken trashed the UN Charter right of self-determination by falsely accusing Russia of “a land grab,” adding:

Hegemon USA won’t recognize the legitimacy of new Russian republics, joining the Russian Federation according to the rule of law.

And he pledged to continue supporting Ukrainian Nazis “for as long as it takes.”

Separately, puppet Zelensky said the following on Friday:

The regime “is applying for NATO membership…under a procedure consistent…for the protection of our entire community…under an accelerated procedure.”

For Russia, NATO membership for Ukraine crosses an unacceptable red line.

In 1995, Ukraine became the first former Soviet republic to join NATO’s so-called Partnership for Peace, a notion abhorred by the US and its imperial partners.

At the time, the Clinton regime called the initiative a “track” for more countries to join NATO.

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

“The appearance on our borders of a powerful military bloc…will be considered by Russia as a direct threat to our country’s security,” adding:

Russian missiles will target Ukraine if it joins NATO or allows Washington’s (solely for offense) missile defense shield to be installed in the country.

Separately, he said that Moscow will “react to what’s going on around us.”

Granting NATO membership to Ukraine and/or Georgia will have “extremely negative consequences.”

Inviting these countries to join the alliance would violate “treaties between Russia and NATO.”

Sergey Lavrov earlier said the following:

“(A)ttempts to draw Ukraine into NATO would be negative for the entire system of European security, and we would be categorically against it.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu earlier warned that Moscow “will act” if Ukraine and/or Georgia join NATO – calling this move, if occurs, part of hegemon USA’s  “militarization of the European continent” against Russia.

Separately on Friday, Vladimir Putin signed treaties for accession of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye to the Russian Federation.

According to Russia’s lower house State Duma Speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin, the body will convene on October 3 to approve accession of the above regions to the Russian Federation.

The following day, Russia’s upper house Federation Council will act in similar fashion.

The above regions are days away from becoming Russian republics, their people to automatically become citizens of the country — with all rights and privileges afforded all Russians.

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