Trampling on Truth Saturday

Commenting on Vladimir Putin’s stirring straight-talk address on Friday, mouthpiece for US monied interests and imperial rampaging, NYT, mocked his truth-telling candor as exhibited in all his public remarks.

It’s in stark contrast to duplicitous, double-talking US/Western officials — time and again saying one thing, then doing something else entirely.

Saying the Biden regime condemned accession of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye as new Russian republics, the Times failed to explain that Vladimir Putin, Russian lawmakers, its other officials and their counterparts in the above regions don’t give a damn how US-dominated Western regimes react.

And this Times trash:

Delivered at a time of historic importance for Russia, Vladimir Putin’s address “was an extraordinary combination of bluster and menace (sic), mixing conspiratorial riffs (sic) against” the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies left unmentioned by the Times.

He did not “raise the specter of nuclear weapons” use as Times fake news claimed.

ln its perversion of reality reports on all things Russia and Ukraine, the Times invariably includes buffoon-like remarks from US-installed puppet Zelensky.

On Friday saying that “everything will be Ukraine (sic)” ignored the reality of four regions joining Russia permanently and certain collapse of his greatly degraded military ahead.

There’s nothing the Nazified regime and its US/Western paymasters can do about it.

The Times even mocked the celebratory mood in Red Square on Friday evening.

Vladimir Putin addressed thousands turning out for the People’s Choice: Together Forever concert rally in support four new regions about to become part of the Russian Federation.

“Today is a special, momentous and, without exaggeration, historic day, a day of truth and justice,” Putin stressed, adding:

Russia gave residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye “the right to choose.”

They voted overwhelmingly “to be with their historic homeland, Russia.”

“Russia is not just opening the doors of its native home to our brothers and sisters; it is opening its heart to them.”

“Welcome home!”

“We are now stronger because we are together.”

“The truth is on our side, and the truth means strength, which means victory.”

“Victory will be ours!”

Separately, notorious Times propagandist, Thomas Friedman, was at it again.

His customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies followed:

Russia is “now desperate (sic),” he hyperventilated.

Russia is “a pariah (sic).”

Russia is “humiliated (sic).”

“(M)any of its most talented engineers, programmers and scientists are fleeing through any exit they can find (sic).”

“Russia…lost so many trading partners that it can survive only as an oil and natural gas colony of China (sic).” 

“Russia is a failed state (sic).”

Reality on the ground in Russia is world’s apart from Friedman’s trash.

The Times repeatedly features what no responsible editors would tolerate — all propaganda rubbish on key issues, truth and full-disclosure banned.

Putin is relentlessly bashed by the Times and other MSM because of his prominence on the world stage, because Russians have real democracy under his model leadership — in stark contrast to fantasy versions throughout the US/West, the real thing virtually banned, along with leadership as it should be.

And this Friedman trash — falsely accusing Donetsk and Lugansk residents of “fighting Kiev since 2014,” ignoring that it’s the other way around.

More Friedman trash, sounding delusional, saying Russians are “angry at…military humiliation in Ukraine (sic).”

More of the same, defying reality by calling Russia’s military “battered (sic)…not capable of (advancing) (sic), losing more territory by the day (sic).”

“Putin is painting himself into a corner (sic).”

“(H)e might one day feel he can escape only with a nuclear weapon (sic).”

If hegemon USA and its Western vassals don’t “swerve…doubl(ing) down with more arms…Putin’s army will collapse (sic).”

When Nazified Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA military collapses for real ahead, Friedman will likely slink into the shadows, tail between his legs, and ignore it by changing the subject.

His trash is polar opposite what journalism as it should be is all about.

He’s got lots of company infesting the Times and other MSM.

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