If Words Were Weapons Revisited

US/Western MSM operate in cahoots with regimes they represent — sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative on key issues.

In its latest fake news edition, NYT propaganda rubbish defiantly raged against the UN Charter right of self-determination — falsely calling accession to Russia of four liberated regions “illegal (sic).”

And it crowed about Nazified Ukrainian troops entering Krasny Liman after Russian forces pulled back to positions more easily defended.

Following its pattern of quoting fake news by regime officials, the Times falsely claimed the following:

“Russian soldiers retreated chaotically (sic), breaking from their units (sic) and escaping in smaller groups into the surrounding forests (sic).”

And this Times perversion of reality:

“Many were killed or captured (sic).”

Russia’s Defense Ministry explained what happened as follows, saying:

“Due to the emerging threat of encirclement, allied troops withdrew from the settlement of Krasny Liman and deployed to more advantageous positions.”

Over 200 regime troops were killed,  five tanks and five infantry fighting vehicles destroyed. 

Kiev falsely claimed that Russian forces were encircled. 

The pullback proceeded in an orderly fashion.

Ahead of their redeployment, the Donetsk News Agency reported the following:

Regime troops “half-encircled” Krasny Liman.

“The road to Svatovo is under our control, but sporadically under shelling.”

“Sabotage squads are operating constantly.”

“Yampol and Drobyshevo are not fully under our control.” 

“Our guys are fighting.”

“We are pulling up reserves.”

“We must withstand, but the enemy also dispatched massive forces.”

And this Times trash:

Russian forces are “imperil(ed) in Donbass (sic).”

Repeating earlier trash:

Vladimir Putin “defied international law (sic) by announcing the” accession of four regions largely or entirely liberated from the scourge of Nazified tyrannical rule.

No regime counteroffensive is ongoing in the Kherson Region, as the Times falsely claimed.

Russian forces smashed earlier attempted regime offensives, inflicting large-scale losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

More Times trash:

“(O)dds increasingly appear to be stacked against Russian forces (sic), the bulk of which have been cut off from their supply lines (sic) by successful Ukrainian attacks (sic).”

Ignored by the Times and other MSM is that it’s just a matter of time before all predominantly Russian-speaking areas of the former Ukraine become part of the Motherland —  regime territory  reduced to greatly weakened rump status.

More of the same trash:

“(T)op Russian officials are making explicit nuclear threats (sic).” 

Dominant Biden regime hardliners “are gaming out scenarios should Vladimir Putin Putin decide to use a tactical nuclear weapon (sic) to make up for (nonexistent) failings of Russian troops in Ukraine (sic).”

Separately, WaPo editors tried matching Times trash by defiantly turning truth on its head:

“Perhaps the only thing more brazen (sic) than (announcing the accession of 4 liberated regions to the Motherland), based on (indisputable international law), was (Vladimir Putin’s stirring straight-talk) Friday” address, they roared.

And this WaPo trash:

“Putin failed to defeat (Nazified) Ukraine militarily (sic).”

He “bullied” liberated regions “into accepting Russian sovereignty (sic) with…implied…use (of) nuclear weapons (sic).”

“(H)is strategic position is deteriorating (sic).”

Mobilizing reservists is “in response to setbacks (sic).”

He “senses (an) approaching…endgame (sic) and fears losing it (sic).”

And this WSJ trash:

“Vladimir Putin is losing the war (he’s overwhelmingly winning) and raising the stakes (sic).”

“(H)e might use nuclear weapons (sic) — despite no evidence suggesting it.

Russian “forces continue to lose ground (sic) to” Ukrainian Nazis (sic) they’ve been smashing, inflicting catastrophic losses on a generation of Ukrainian youths — ones hegemon USA and its Western vassals consider expendable and don’t give a damn about.

More Journal trash:

“(F)ighting and economic war…are going badly for Moscow (sic).”

And this trash from imitation analyst, Ulrich Speck, quoted by the Journal:

“Putin is trying to turn a position of military weakness (sic) into a position of strength by using fear (sic).”

More rubbish:

“Western weapons helped (Ukrainian Nazis) seize the military initiative (sic).”

And like other MSM, the Journal falsely blamed Russia for sabotaging its own gas pipelines to Europe — instead of pointing fingers at the real culprit(s).

“Putin is losing the energy war (sic).”

It’s Ukraine SMO is “failing (sic).”

“He threatened use of nukes (sic).”

“He bet that if he cut off gas  (sic), Europe would give up (sic).”

“Instead, Europe…largely replace(d) Russian gas (sic).”

The above is the type trash fed residents of US/Western societies daily — reality about Russia’s liberating SMO suppressed.

No wonder most Americans and Europeans are brainwashed to believe black is white and vice versa.

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Russia’s Constitutional Court approved treaties for accession of 4 liberated regions to the Motherland.

On the same day, Vladimir Putin sent them to Russia’s lower house State Duma and upper house Federation Council for official ratification.

Millions liberated from the scourge of Nazified tyrannical rule are on the cusp of becoming citizens of Russian republics — with all rights and benefits afforded everyone in the country.

What’s going on is an historic time in Russian history.

There’s no turning back and one more thing.

There’s not a damn thing hegemon US-dominated Western regimes and their MSM press agents can do but pout and proliferate more bald-faced Big Lies than already.

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