Sunday Morning Russia-Bashing Propaganda

On Sundays and every day, MSM quote, cite or interview a rogue’s gallery of unindicted war criminals.

Notably showing up like clockwork on so-called Sunday talk shows, they lie and mass deceive viewers, truth-telling off-the-table entirely.

Former Obama/Biden regime CIA director, David Petraeus, showed up on Sunday.

Sacked for incompetence when CENTCOM commander, his peers and superiors accused him of brown-nosing his way to higher-ranking positions he didn’t deserve.

Before introducing him on ABC This Week, its so-called chief foreign correspondent, Pannell, reinvented reality as follows, saying:

Last week, Vladimir Putin “crossed a point of no return (sic)” — by supporting the UN Charter right of self-determination, what hegemon USA and its Western vassals reject.

And this Pannell bald-faced Big Lie:

“Putin effectively double-downed (sic) on a war he’s proven incapable of winning (sic).”

And another for good measure:

“(A) Russian missile strike onto a convoy of civilians in Zaporozhye kill(ed) over 30 and injur(ed) dozens (sic).”

Once again, Russia was falsely blamed for a war crime committed by Ukrainian Nazis.

More ABC state-approved propaganda rubbish followed, continued by defrocked Petraeus when inttroduced, saying:

Putin is “desperate (sic).”

He’s “losing (sic).”

“(T)he battlefield reality is irreversible (sic).”

Nazified Ukraine “recruited, trained, equipped, organized and employed forces incomparably better than Russia has (sic).”

“The reality (sic) facing Russia now is that Ukraine has much more effective army on the ground (sic), and other assets as well (sic), all of this supported by the arsenal of (fantasy) democracy.”

The above trampling on reality is ample evidence of why Petraeus was sacked for incompetence.

His truth-trampling continued, falsely claiming that Russia will “continue to lose on the battlefield (sic),” adding:

“There’s nothing (its forces) can do at this point (sic)…The losses have been staggering (sic).”

They’re “losing in Kherson…Donetsk…and Zaporozhye (sic).”

“More Russian men left the country than have been conscripted (sic).”

Responsible media would never give the likes of Petraeus and others like him a platform to lie and mass deceive.

It’s longstanding practice by US/Western MSM.

NBC’s Meet the Press producers embarrassed themselves by inviting on US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg.

Discussing sabotage to Russia’s Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines to Germany, he failed to lay blame for what happened where it belongs.

And he denied reality by falsely claiming that US-dominated NATO is not involved in combatting Russia — what’s been going on since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev by use of its expendable foot soldiers.

And he lied by falsely claiming that Russia poses a nuclear threat (sic).

Reciting pre-scripted lines last Friday, he turned reality on its head as follows, falsely saying:

“Inaction is a great risk (sic), because that will create a world where Putin will see that, with impunity, he can use military force (sic), invade the neighbor, and then establish a sphere of influence (sic).”

On Sunday, he said that US-dominated NATO will continue “providing support to (Nazified) Ukraine.”

And like Petraeus, he pretended that Ukrainian Nazis will “retake territory” liberated from their scourge.

And this Stoltenberg’s perversion of reality:

“Ukrainians are making progress (sic).”

They’re “push(ing) back Russian forces because of their courage (sic)…bravery (sic) and skills (sic). 

They’re “making a difference on the battlefield every day (sic).”

The war-making alliance’s “top priority is to support Ukrain(ian)” Nazis.

CBS Face the Nation featured Biden regime cybersecurity director, Chris Krebs, invited on to hyperventilate about (nonexistent) Russian and other foreign threats to upcoming November midterms.

He lied accusing Russia, China and Iran of interfering in US elections “over the last couple of years (sic).”

Not a shred of evidence suggests US election interference by any foreign nations.

In stark contrast, election interference is longstanding US policy to install puppets serving its interests in one nation after another — what’s gone on throughout the post-WW II period and earlier.

At the same time, independent nations from US control are falsely accused of all sorts of things they had nothing to do with.

Krebs recited a litany of long ago debunked Big Lies about nations on the US target list for regime change.

The only risks to US elections are home-grown.

Stolen Election 2020 by undemocratic Dems stands out as Exhibit A — with plans afoot for encores in November and 2024 if Republicans aren’t able to foil their diabolical intentions.

Separately, CBS Face the Nation interviewed former Trump regime national security advisor, retired general HR McMaster, to lie and mass deceive in similar fashion to others invited on propaganda TV.

Like Petraeus, he defied reality by falsely claiming that greatly degraded Ukrainian troops can achieve “a cascading series of defeats of Russian forces (sic),” adding:

Regime troops are advancing in Kherson (sic).

Things are “at the precipice of really the collapse of the Russian army in Ukraine (sic), a moral collapse (sic).”

“(T)hey must really be at a breaking point (sic).”

“(L)ook at just the numbers of casualties (sic)” — overwhelming decimation of Ukrainian troops, not Russian ones.

Latter forces keep smashing regime ones, including near Artyomovsk and Soledar in Donetsk, in Lugansk by wiping out invading Kiev troops, inflicting heavy losses on them around Nikolayev and foiling their attempted advances in Kherson Region.

According to the region’s military/civilian administration head, Kirill Stremousov:

Regime troops “made a breakthrough attempt and moved forward along the Dnieper River.”

“All these attempts are being crushed, and the enemy’s forces are being bombarded.”

“They moved forward and were destroyed there.”

“They only managed to make photos.”

“That was the end of it, and there is no further advance.”

Truth-telling guests aren’t invited on propaganda TV, only hegemon USA-supporting ones.

MSM followers are mind-manipulated to know nothing about reality.

Supporters of smashing one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening nation after another like Petraeus, Krebs, McMaster and others like them are paid to lie and conceal what’s important for everyone to know.

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