The Most “Dunderheaded…Destructive…Intervention in Modern Times”

David Stockman doesn’t mince words.

Neither do I.

Straight-talk matters at all times, especially when discussing major issues.

Anything less is unacceptable.

In his commentary last week, Stockman cut to the chase as follows, saying:

“Washington’s dunderheaded intervention in (all things Russia and Ukraine, along with) accompanying global Sanctions War is the surely the stupidest, most destructive project to arise from the banks of the Potomac in modern times” — courtesy of dominant Biden regime hardliners and their supportive MSM press agents. 

Far more than any combination of other nations throughout its history from inception, hegemon USA inflicted more harm on more people over a longer duration than the world’s worst despots combined.

At the same time throughout most of the post-WW II period, it’s been sowing the seeds of its own decline.

Things gained momentum post-state-sponsored 9/11, then accelerated more greatly by waging war on Russia with expendable Ukrainian Nazified and conscript foot soldiers.

At no time was US national security threatened.

Targeted nations have been invented enemies, not real ones.

Military Keynesianism is self-defeating longterm.

Seymour Melman explained the toll.

It includes de-industrializing the US and financing a permanent war economy at the expense of vital homeland needs.

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals transformed themselves into nations of growing poverty, homelessness, food insecurity and hunger, unemployment or underemployment, as well as increased desperation and despair.

Growing millions are “disconnected from society’s mainstream,” said Melman. 

They’re “restless and unhappy, frustrated, angry and sad.”

A government/business partnership characterizes the dismal state of US/Western nations — at the expense of the great majority of their people, exploited, not served.

Stockman accused the empire of lies and forever wars of “wallowing in unhinged hypocrisy.”

Its ruling regimes “abandoned every semblance of commonsense as to why (it’s at war on Russia, what it can’t win), and why it is wholly irrelevant to (its) national security.”

The same reality applies to its European and Canadian vassals.

Stockman explained that post-Soviet Russia Ukraine was “never…a nation-state.”

For around “275 years before 1918, much of its territories were borderlands, vassals and outright provinces of Czarist Russia.”

Before that, they were “constituents of the Polish-Lithuanian Empire and others.”

So historical reality about the territory called Ukraine is “not a long-established, ethnically and linguistically coherent state…”

It’s a “potpourri of separate (cobbled together) tongues, territories, economies and histories…” 

Today’s reality is soon-to-arrive “cold winter (misery with self-inflicted energy deprivation at a time of) stagflationary collapse in Europe” — planned and implemented by the mortal enemy of its nation-states, USA, not Russia.

So what’s likely ahead.

Election of a right-wing government in Italy was a shot across the bow.

And Hungary’s Viktor Orban called for Brussels to lift self-destructive sanctions to increase energy supply and cut prices, making it more affordable for hard-pressed enterprises and households.

Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotaki, Italian politician, Matteo Salvini, and German MP, Mariana Harder-Kuhnel, urged the same thing to save European nations from greater self-inflicted harm than already.

Before reversing its precipitous decline, Britain’s pound plunged to a record low following the Truss regime’s announced tax cuts for rich Brits and energy bailout scheme.

On Monday, her chancellor of the exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, said “we are not proceeding with the abolition of the 45p tax rate.”

According to the London Guardian, he planned on Monday to publicly express confidence in the plan now scrapped — at least for now.

Reversal was a major climbdown for a highly touted scheme by a regime in office for less than a month.

Yet instead of admitting a major policy error on Monday, Kwarteng called the planned tax cut for the rich “a massive distraction on a strong package (sic).”

And declining to admit reality about his shattered credibility, he added:

“We’re 100% focused on the (so-called) growth plan.”

Separately on Sept. 29, YouGov polling data showed that public approval of Labor surged to a 33-point lead lead over Truss-led Tories.

The 54 – 21% margin is Labor’s highest lead over Tories since the 1990s.

On Saturday, the Guardian said Truss’ approval rating plunged to a level below Boris Johnson’s before his ouster from office — a “minus 37, while just 12%” of Brits expressed approval of her budget.

Stockman slammed her incompetence, saying she’s  “destroy(ing) the remnants of the UK’s fiscal sustainability.”

Her harebrained scheme to “freeze all energy prices for all citizens and businesses at a cost of upwards of $200 billion per year or 5% of GDP (is) neocon insanity run amok.”

The way to increase supply and lower prices is for Europe to abandon US sanctions war on Russia.

The empire of lies and forever wars doesn’t give a damn about Ukraine or its people — just its territory bordering Russia for perpetual war on the nation and its people in pursuit of its drive for unchallenged hegemony.

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  1. “US hegemony” is simply Rothschild cabal control of the “west” using the U.S. as its knee capper.
    Say so, damit!
    Why should these satanic/talmudic/Jew bastards get a forever free ride without suffering anything while stealing all the world’s wealth, causing misery to everyone else?


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