Reality v. US/Western Propaganda Rubbish

On its back foot on all things Russia and Ukraine, the US-dominated collective West, its MSM press agents and Nazified Kiev persist in defying reality on the ground by falsely pretending otherwise.

According to the neocon infested Institute for the Study of War — a notorious Washington-based propaganda operation publishing state-approved talking points — Kiev regime troops are making “substantial gains (sic).”

Reality on the ground is worlds apart different from the above trash.

And this from AP (fake) News on Tuesday:

The collective West “rejected” accession treaties ratified by Russia’s Parliament — in full compliance with international law, the wire service failed to explain.

And this Russia-bashing fake news by Al Jazeera, saying:

Kiev regime troops “advance(d) in the south and east (sic)” while Russia’s parliament approved accession of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye.

And this WaPo fake news:

Approved accession treaties “violat(ed) international law (sic).”

And this NYT trash in its latest fake news edition:

Russia “d(oes) not know where borders are for new (republics and) regions (sic).”

“Russian forces (are) on the run (sic) across a broad swath of the frontline (sic). 

Regime troops “pressed (their nonexistent) blitz offensive (sic) in the east and made gains in the south (sic).”

The above trash and daily volumes more reflect how the public mind is manipulated throughout the US/West by MSM fake news rubbish — truth and full disclosure banned on key issues.

Last week, CNBC reported a rare kernel of reality about US/Western war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers, saying:

The collective West is “running out of weapons to send to Ukraine.”

Ramping up production may take place but it’s no quick fix or simple task.

US merchants of death, mass destruction and human misery produce about 30,000 rounds of 155 millimeter howitzer shells annually.

Ukrainian Nazi and conscript troops expend that volume in about “two weeks,” said CNBC.

According to US National Defense University’s senior military fellow, Dave Des Roches:

“Unless we have new production, which takes months to ramp up, we’re not going to have the ability to supply the Ukrainians.”

And this from the EU’s so-called foreign policy chief, Borrell, saying:

“Military stocks of most (European NATO regimes (have been) depleted in a high proportion.”

Hegemon USA nearly exhausted its supply of 155 howitzers and shells — except for what’s reserved for its own forces.

And this reality check from retired marine corps colonel/senior Center for Strategic and International Studies advisor, Mark Cancian:

“There are a number of systems where the (US war department) reached levels where it’s not willing to provide more of that particular system to Ukraine,” adding:

Hegemon USA “needs to maintain stockpiles to support (its) war plans.” 

“For some munitions, the driving war plan would be a conflict with China over Taiwan or in the South China Sea.”

“For others, particularly ground systems, the driving war plan would be North Korea or Europe.” 

The empire of lies and forever wars is “limited” in how many HIMARS, Javelin and Stinger missiles, as well as M777 howitzers and 155 mm shells it can supply to Ukrainian Nazis and conscript troops.

It takes one to four years to boost weapons production significantly, Cancian stressed.

Last spring, Lockheed Martin spokesman, Jim Taiclet, said the following:

It takes “6, 12 to 18 months” to deliver weapons once “our supply chain (is) ramped up.”

Left unexplained by CNBC and other MSM is how much in the way of arms and equipment supplied to the Kiev regime is destroyed by Russian forces.

In stark contrast, analyst Helmholz Smith explained the following:

Russian videos show “trains carrying heavy equipment west.”

“I’ve seen tanks, Mstas, BM-21s, Iskanders and lots of BMPs.” 

“Nothing suggests that Russia is running out of anything.”

“This suggests preparations for a large-scale Russian Army armored offensive along traditional deep penetration doctrine.”

“The status of four new regions opens the possibility of more forceful actions by the Russian Armed Forces because they are defending the Motherland.”

“There is a good deal of plausible speculation that the 300 thousand man call up may free up soldiers in the rear.”

“If so, the effect of extra troops may be felt sooner than many expect.”

And if a winter campaign follows, Russian forces are well-equipped, trained and experienced in frigid weather fighting.

And this reality check posted by military analyst Andrei Martyanov, an analysis by an individual identified as Larch, saying the following:

“Putin set the goals of the SMO.” 

“The demilitarization of an enormous military, stocked for eight years and restocked feverishly from the bases and warehouses of 30 countries in NATO, is going very well.”

“The Ukies had 750,000 men in trenches and fortified positions and embedded in big cities, shielded by civilians everywhere from Kiev to the smallest settlement in Donbass.”

“Ukraine had a significant air force and stout air defenses with BUKs and S-300s in large numbers.”

“The Russians reduced this order of battle markedly.”

“The navy of Ukraine is gone. It has no functioning naval bases.”

“The Ukie air defenses have been reduced to mobile radars and a few extant S-300s.”

“The most effective air defense they have is the tactic of massing MANPADS and receiving real time alerts from NATO of oncoming Russian jets and helos.”

“This has not stopped the Russian aerospace forces, though it is a hampering defense that has to be recognized as a threat.”

“The Ukie air force is 95% gone, only replenished from NATO with aircraft that stay in the battle for minutes before they are reduced to losses.”

“Over 500,000 Ukies are gone, dead and forever off the battlefield.” 

“Thousands of mercs have been killed or chased off the battlefield.”

“The entire junior officer echelon of Ukraine is gone.”

“US and NATO officers are the tactical commanders, as communications in the battlefield document.”

“American and British voices give the commands. Videos are available as proof.”

“Every strategic offensive launched by Kiev (and NATO command running its military) has been destroyed.”

“The only ground they gained was ceded in order to draw the Ukies into the open or to reposition Russian forces to better lines of defense.”

“The Ukies lost forever Mariupol, Kherson, Melitopol, all of Lugansk, 65% of Donetsk, their access to the sea (except with Russian permission at Odessa), the air space over most of Ukraine, and sovereign control over their utilities and transport systems which exist only as long as the Russians allow.” 

“Ukraine is under its 4th total mobilization.”

“By winter’s end it will have lost another 100,000 of their cannon fodder.”

“Likely, too, they will have lost what they hold in the Donetsk oblast.”

“The Russians have done this while exposing only 15% of their military.” 

“It is clear from signs in Chechnya that (General) Kadyrov could gather 100,000 extra men who want to join  Chechen forces from the Caucuses and other brotherly Muslim lands.”

“There are also ample signs that Syrians and some African fighters want to join Russia in the battle against the hegemon.”

“Another 100,000 foreigners could easily be brought to Ukraine, if needed.”

“Russia has enormous depth of reserves beyond its own manpower potential.”

“What (Russian) generals have done is send steel and explosives to demilitarize Ukraine.” 

“Artillery, bombs, rockets and missiles are fighting the war, saving Russian manpower while decimating Ukie force structure.”

Things are “going very well for the mission Putin set.”

“Ukraine will be destroyed and NATO will have no proxy.”

“NATO will have to send its own manpower.”

“That stage of warfare will fracture the alliance.”

“The US will have to coerce a new proxy force to fight Russia out in the open sectors of Ukraine.”

“They won’t be in fortified positions. And they won’t have civilians as shields.”

“If the US manages to spread war into Poland and Belarus and Moldova, a few hypersonic missiles from Russia will quench the enthusiasm of those NATO countries, and Russia will join with Belarus in an overwhelming punishment of Poles and Baltics.”

“If Kaliningrad is touched, the attackers will lose their capitals and HQs.”

“What the Russian military has not done does not indicate what (it’s very much able to) do.” 

“Strategically, the SMO is very successful.”

“Pulling out of Izyum and Lyman are blips that don’t even factor in the military scheme of things.”

As was expected today, once facts (are revealed), the scale of failure of (so-called Kiev) offensives become clear.”

The above reality check is worlds apart from daily propaganda rubbish by US/Western regimes and their MSM co-conspirators.

A day of reckoning awaits them.

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