Biden Regime Declaration of War on OPEC?

In response to the announced production cut of two million barrels of oil daily by OPEC+ nations on Wednesday to stabilize prices and maintain them above production costs, a White House statement roared disapproval, saying:

The move will “have the most negative impact on lower-and middle-income countries” — ones hegemon USA and its Western vassals exploit by plundering their resources and immiserating their people.

In response, dominant Biden regime hardliners in cahoots with their congressional co-conspirators will retaliate in their customary heavy-handed ways.

According to the WSJ on Thursday:

“US lawmakers are pushing” legislation to break up OPEC, “charge it in front of the World Trade Organization, or even seize assets its members own in the US.”

According to energy official in the Clinton and Obama regimes, David Goldwyn, Wednesday’s announced production cut “is a declaration of economic and diplomatic war (sic).”

Ignored by Goldwyn, Biden regime officials and likeminded congressional members, wrongheaded US/Western policies bear full responsibility for high energy prices and overall inflation.

The combination of unparalleled money printing madness by the Wall Street controlled Fed, along with unparalleled sanctions war on Russia caused inflation to soar.

The way to greatly reduce it is by ending US/Western war on Russia by hot and other means.

As long as it continues with no end of it in prospect, inflation in the collective West and elsewhere will remain elevated way above optimal levels.

What’s happening economically and financially has nothing to do with Russia’s liberating SMO.

Responsibility lies fully in the US/West.

Having created today’s dismal state, their ruling regimes alone can change things by reversing their self-destructive policies.

Instead according to the Journal, undemocratic Dem Senator Markey intends to introduce Orwellian-named legislation, called the OPEC Accountability Act.

It requires the White House imposter to persuade, pressure, intimidate or bully OPEC member-states to reverse their announced production cut.

If these tactics fail, tougher regime heavy-handed actions will follow — including the initiation of dispute proceedings at the World Trade Organization.

Undemocratic Dems led by Rep. Tom Malinowski proposed legislation to mandate removal of US forces and defense systems from Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the Journal reported, adding:

“Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s drastic cut in oil production, despite (the fake) Biden’s overtures to both countries in recent months, is a hostile act against (hegemon USA) and a clear signal that (they’re) sid(ing) with Russia…against (Nazified) Ukraine,” adding: 

“This decision is a turning point in our relationship with our Gulf partners.”

According to undemocratic Dem Senator Chris Murphy:

The move by OPEC+ countries Wednesday calls for “a wholesale re-evaluation of the US alliance with Saudi Arabia” and other Gulf oil-producing countries.

If a turning point in relations between hegemon USA and Gulf oil producing states occurs, it’ll be a major step in the right direction against US/Western war on Russia, other nations free from their control, and humanity overall in their home countries and worldwide.

Further anti-OPEC legislation may include reintroducing the so-called “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act (NOPEC).”

Introduced earlier but never passed, it calls for the US (in)Justice Department to sue OPEC member states on dubious antitrust grounds — what current US law prohibits.

If NOPEC is enacted, hegemon USA may repeat against OPEC member states what it illegally did to Russia — seizing their assets in the US.

Going this far could irreparably damage relations with their governments.

Along with perpetuating war on Russia by hot and other means, the Biden regime and congressional Dems prioritize efforts to retain control in upcoming November 8, midterms — by election theft similar to how they stole the White House and Senate in 2020.

Citing a Friday meeting between Biden regime officials and Big Oil executives, anti-OPEC hardball tactics weren’t ruled out, the Journal reported.

In response to hostile US rhetoric, Saudi energy minister, Abdulaziz bin Salman, said the following:

“Tell me where is the act of belligerence” by OPEC+ member states.

“We shall act and react to what is happening to the global economy in the most responsible and responsive way.”

The announced production cut is “technical, not political.”

Because of high oil prices this year, Saudi Arabia’s economy is one of the world’s fastest growing ones — at a time when the collective West is fast deteriorating toward what may be protracted Main Street Depression conditions as bad or worse than in the 1930s.

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