Fantasy Russian Military Woes

US/Western MSM never report indisputable truths on major issues they want suppressed in favor of the fabricated official narrative.

Daily fake news editions feature the latter over the former with disturbing regularity.

Followers of their rubbish to stay informed are brainwashed to know nothing.

Ignorance is worlds apart from bliss.

With the vast majority of Americans connected online, it’s inexcusable to be ignorant about issues most important to our health, well-being, our rights and futures.

According to the latest AP (fake) News edition:

Ukraine’s greatly degraded military is defeating overpowering Russian forces.

And this AP trash:

Illusory battlefield losses “dented the image of a powerful Russian military (sic) and (created) tensions surrounding an ill-planned mobilization (sic).”

“They…left Russian President Vladimir Putin increasingly cornered (sic).”

Citing fantasy advances by Ukrainian troops — other than in strategically unimportant open spaces — AP defied reality by falsely claiming that they’re “advancing toward the city of Kherson (sic).”

Last weekend, sacked and disgraced former CENTCOM head, David Petraeus, embarrassed himself more than already on national television by displaying indisputable ignorance and arrogance.

In response, Paul Craig Roberts asked “how a person this utterly stupid (became) a four-star US general,” adding:

“God help us.”

Noted military analyst, Andrei Martyanov, called him a “cretin,” adding:

“Somebody (should) explain to Petraeus (and others as ignorant that they) lost everything (wars) they ever fought.”

Wanting “to sink Russian ships,” these “cretin(s)” likely know nothing about Russia’s Belgorod nuclear-powered submarines.

They carry “6 Poseidon drones…hav(e) unlimited range, (travel at) speeds in excess of 100 knots, are not interceptable by any existing ASW means, and carry not only nuclear ordnance, but also conventional explosives.”

“(A) single Belgorod can sink 6 US Navy nuclear aircraft carriers.”

They can “blow them out of the water (with) conventional explosives.” 

Does Petraeus, and others like him on active duty, want to challenge 

Russia militarily on land, in the air and/or in naval surface or underwater warfare — and get their heads blown off?

Russian super-weapons exceed the best in the West, and have been developed at a small fraction of hegemon USA’s wasted trillions to enrich its merchants of death and high-tech co-conspirators.

In its own latest fake news edition, the NYT once ahead turned reality on its head with rubbish like the following trash:

“Fresh from (illusory) victories in Ukraine’s northeast and east (sic),” the regime’s battered military continues to conduct suicide missions against overpowering Russian military superiority.

In the last 24 hours alone, Russian forces destroyed 10 regime command posts, as well as 6 Ukrainian ammunition and missile/artillery depots.

Russian air defense systems destroyed 16 HIMARS and Olkha rockets, as well as two HARM anti-radar missiles and six UAVs.

To date, Russian forces eliminated 313 combat aircraft, 157 helicopters, 2,151 UAVs, 379 surface-to-air systems, 5,376 tanks and other combat armored vehicles, 861 multiple launch rocket systems, 3,449 field artillery guns and mortars, as well as 6,277 special military motor vehicles.

Despite the above devastating losses, along with hundreds of thousands of regime troops killed, wounded, captured or who deserted front line positions to stay alive, Kiev’s military is “push(ing) farther into Russian-held territory (sic), expanding its campaign in another direction (sic) as Moscow struggled to mount a response and hold the line (sic)” — according to Times fake news rubbish.

In his latest edition of setting the record straight, analyst Larry Johnson explained the following:

How many cities have regime troops captured, he asked?


Regime troops moving into “open plains” where Russian forces aren’t deployed don’t reflect battlefield victories, far from them.

When Russia strikes regime troops, they have no airpower to counterattack.

Nor enough artillery to contest “a concentrated attack.”

In stark contrast, Russia has vast amounts of sophisticated ground, air and naval weapons to devastate Ukrainian troops — especially when confronting them in open areas.

Ukraine has nothing remotely able to counter vastly superior Russian military strength in head-to-head combat.

At this time, Donetsk and Lugansk freedom fighters are being incorporated into Russia’s military.

“(O)nce its forces are properly manned and in position…Russia is expected to unleash” more devastating strikes on regime troops, Johnson explained.

If attacks on Russian territory continue, its SMO may be upgraded to a declaration of war to smash the made-in-the-USA Nazified Ukrainian monster once and for all.

A Final Comment

According to BigSerge, “the most consequential men in the world are poorly understood in their time.”

This reality clearly applies to Vladimir Putin.

He’s no “Hitlerian demagogue who rules with extrajudicial terror and militarism.”

Compared to his pathetic US/Western counterparts, he’s a preeminent giant on the world stage and overwhelmingly popular domestically for good reason.

Serving all Russians, not just the privileged few by US/Western non-leaders, Putin governs according to the rule of law — what the collective West long ago abandoned.

US/Western demonization of Russia and Vladimir Putin personally rallied the vast majority in country behind the need of its military to protect the nation’s security from an existential threat posed by the empire of lies and forever wars as well as from its NATO vassals.

According to BigSerge, “(r)ecent polling shows that a supermajority of Russians support defending (new Russian republics and regions) at any cost.”

Vladimir Putin and key Russian officials around him “conceived of (the ongoing SMO) as an existential struggle for Russia…”

Its aim is “to eject an anti-Russian puppet state from its doorstep and defeat a hostile incursion into Russian civilizational space.”

“Public opinion is now increasingly in agreement with this” assessment.

It’s hostile toward the empire of lies, its forever wars and complicit NATO vassals.

Buoyed by supportive public opinion, stepped up military operations are likely coming ahead.

In early July, Putin said the following:

“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield.”

Well, what can I say. Let them try.”

“We haven’t really started anything yet.”

That most likely will change.

When Russia’s SMO began, there was no consensus for large-scale mobilization for full-scale war, no public fear of an existential threat to the country as justification for conducting one.

Today, internal criticism is for Russia to escalate combat operations against US/NATO war on the country by use of Ukrainian foot soldiers.

It won’t be long before the Russian bear shows the mettle it’s made of — the collective West and Ukrainian proxies to feel the might of its overwhelming military superiority.

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