UK PM Truss’ Incredible Shrinking Approval Rating

Ahead of her profoundly undemocratic selection as PM by Tory party members, only 12% of Brits expected her to “be a great or good prime minister,” according to a YouGov poll.

When ousted as PM by Tories, Boris Johnson’s public approval was 22% — most Brits calling his time in office poor or terrible.

Since replacing BoJo on September 6, Truss’ approval plunged to a level well below the low for her predecessor when ousted.

According to a YouGov poll conducted on Oct. 1 and 2, her public approval rating is only 14% — compared to 26% in the firm’s Sept 21 – 22 survey.

Nearly three-fourths of respondents (73%) view Truss unfavorably — 55% very unfavorably.

Overall, only 20% of respondents view Tories as favorable, down from 28% in September.

At the same time, support for Labor is increasing.

At 44%, it’s up from 37% last month.

On Thursday, Bloomberg News asked if Truss can recover from overwhelming public disapproval, noting:

“The Omens look bleak,” adding:

After four weeks as Tory PM, “talk at (a) party conference in Birmingham this week was whether…Truss will (remain in office) until Christmas.”

“(F)ollowing the disastrous reception of chancellor of the exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget last week, there is even speculation that (BoJo) could stage a comeback to save his party.”

According to UK pollster, John Curtice, Labor is on course for the largest majority advantage over Tories since Tony Blair won 167-seat advantage in 2001. 

A JP and Partners poll released Wednesday showed Truss to be profoundly “untrustworthy,  incompetent” and a servant of the rich and powerful.

Pollster James Crouch said she “ managed to reach the depths of the poor personal ratings of both Theresa May and Boris Johnson at the end of their tenure, within weeks of taking office and within days of her government’s first major action.”

Last weekend, thousands marched in London and other UK cities against unaffordable electricity and utility bills.

Protesters carried signs, saying:

“Can’t afford to live” 

“Freeze profit, not people” 

“Eat the Tories” 

Videos showed Brits burning utility bills.

A Don’t Pay UK anti-Truss regime campaign is underway, a spokesman, saying:

“Millions of us simply won’t be able to keep our heads above water, and many will freeze when weather turns cold.”

Critical of the regime she heads, Bloomberg slammed her cabinet for “consist(ing) of loyalists and holdover (BoJo) cronies.”

During her Wednesday addressed at the party conference in Birmingham, hecklers interrupted her.

Calling for “growth, growth, growth (sic)” at a time of decline, decline, decline, she praised Nazi-infested “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine (sic).”

On Wednesday, the London Guardian said Truss’ party conference address “did not contain any policy announcements, and in fact it did not really contain much news at all.”

Saying “nothing” to make her hardcore libertarian extremism “more appealing,” her address “was not particularly well written.”

She avoided discussion of her intentions ahead, knowing they’ll “not be welcomed” — not even by many Tories.

Separately, the Guardian slammed what it called her “malignant cult.”

She’s a “bigger disaster than her predecessor.”

She’s going BoJo “one better by trying to destroy all trust in the machinery of government.”

“First as farce, then as tragedy.”

Her regime “isn’t Britannia Unchained. It’s Britannia Unhinged.”

“The question isn’t whether or not Trussonomics will emerge victorious (it won’t because it can’t), but how much collateral damage will accumulate in the meantime.”

“The brutality and chaos of what is now unfolding at the heart of government is most starkly described by one memorable quote from an unnamed cabinet minister, who said:”

“It’s like Lord of the Flies.”

And this from Politico on Tuesday, saying:

There’s “anarchy in the UK as Liz Truss’ ministers go rogue.”

According to her trade minister, Conor Burns:

There’s “not (much) good news that is going to be emanating from the (Truss regime) in the coming months.”

Labor leader Keir Starmer slammed Truss as a “destroyer of growth (because of what he called her) kamikaze” mini-budget — featuring handouts to the rich and austerity for the vast majority of Brits.

It’s at a time when a winter of discontent approaches throughout the West and elsewhere over hard times likely to get much harder ahead.

2 thoughts on “UK PM Truss’ Incredible Shrinking Approval Rating

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  1. If they don’t get rid of disassTruss soon people are going to beg to be made Russian. We will have to learn the dancing to keep warm and we will be eating the potatoes. It used to be that West was best and East was least, now it’s all up for grabs.


  2. The motto of the elites is: ORDO AB CHAO. You could say they are doing a splendid job.

    My guess is, the goal is to make things that bad, that people will eventually accept CBDC, even though this means the end of liberty.


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