Trampling on Truth Friday

In its latest fake news edition, the NYT sounded delusional by falsely claiming that regime troops “are exulting in their smashing of Russian lines (sic)” — what’s illusory, not real.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry on Thursday:

“(S)trikes by operational-tactical and army aviation aircraft, missile and artillery troops destroyed eight Ukrainian army command posts, 63 artillery units at firing positions, enemy manpower and military equipment in 173 areas.”

Four munitions depots were also destroyed and attempted advances by regime troops were smashed, the regime sustaining heavy losses of manpower, arms and equipment.

On the same day, Russian air defenses downed 9 regime UAVs, a MiG-29 warplane, an Su-24 bomber, and destroyed multiple rocket launch systems.

“(H)undreds of regime troops were also killed in the last 24 hours.

Attempts by its so-called tactical groups to penetrate Russian defenses were foiled.

Fake news by the Times and other MSM pretended otherwise.

Ukraine’s greatly degraded military is in “panic” mode, not Russian forces.

And this Thomas Friedman trash in his latest perversion of reality propaganda rant, saying:

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO regimes are “backing brave (sic) Ukrainian (Nazis and forced conscripts) to save” tyrannical rule now threatened by Russia’s liberating SMO.

“Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran…and the whole GOP (are) working…to ensure that Vladimir Putin has more oil revenue than ever to kill Ukrainians (sic) and freeze the Europeans this winter until they abandon” Nazi-infested Kiev once and for all.

And this Friedman trash:

At the same time, Russia and the Saudis are working in cahoots with each other (sic) to help Republicans “at least…regain control of the House” in next month’s midterms.

Calling the Saudis “brutes, bandits and useful idiots” clearly won’t go down well in Riyadh.

More Friedman trash:

“With his army in Ukraine suffering steady loses of territory (sic), Putin has one hope (sic)” — increase oil and gas prices to “force (European regimes) to abandon Kiev and Washington (in return for) resumption of Russian energy  exports (sic).”

More trash:

“Putin had a bad month in Ukraine (sic), but a good month in the US Congress (sic).”

“(A)nd Putin and (Saudi crown prince) MBS are laughing all the way to the bank (sic).”

Consistent perversion of reality by 

Friedman — an undemocratic Dem propagandist — is an embarrassment to journalism as it should be, what he and the Times long ago abandoned.

And this WaPo rubbish:

Turning reality on its head, the CIA mouthpiece pretends that greatly degraded regime troops are defeating Russia’s overwhelming military superiority.

And that Russia’s proceeding as planned mobilization was “botched (sic).”

And this delusional WaPo speculation, saying: 

“(W)hat would happen if Putin…lose(s) (in Ukraine and his reelection bid in 2024) (sic)?”

More WaPo trash:

“(W)ithout his (model democratic leadership WaPo falsely called) authoritarian…(Russia) could break apart (sic).”

Ignored by WaPo and other MSM is that if US/Western regimes had leadership like Russia’s, a new era of peace, stability, equity, justice and compliance with the rule of law would replace perpetual hegemon USA-dominated NATO wars of aggression against invented enemies.

Russian Federation policies are an antidote to the scourge of governance serving monied and imperial interests exclusively by exploiting all others — along with an endless cycle of aggression against invented enemies.

WaPo, the Times and other MSM support the above scourge instead of forthrightly condemning it.

A Final Comment

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the following:

“We received information through diplomatic channels that currently there are no plans to involve the Russian side in the (Nord Stream I and II sabotage) probe in any way.”

“We do not consider any impartial probes (into the made-in-the-USA sabotage on Russia’s pipelines to Germany) to be possible without participation of the Russian side.”

With Russian involvement, whitewash of US sabotage is assured.

Moscow will conduct its own probe to lay blame where it belongs.

Separately according to Bloomberg News, one of Nord Stream II’s dual lines was not damaged by hegemon USA’s sabotage.

If the Scholz regime wants Russian gas — what’s badly needed by German households and enterprises — it’s readily available by permitting its transmission through the undamaged Nord Stream line.

What should be a no-brainer will likely be rejected by Germany’s brain-dead pseudo-leader, the real thing sorely absent in the country and throughout the US/West. 

One thought on “Trampling on Truth Friday

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  1. Thank you once again, Stephen, for setting the record straight about the war in Ukraine.

    One of the worst TV offenders in disinformation on this subject is the Newsmax cable channel, which runs a scrawl of headlines of “breaking news” at the bottom of the screen on its programs.

    They continually present false claims that the Russians have been set back on their heels, day after day, while the Kiev regime is pummeling them.

    It’s pathetic. I have to believe that the channel is controlled by Zionist interests.


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