Will Biden Regime Dark Forces Stage a Tactical Nuclear Strike on Ukraine to Lay Blame on Russia?

Hegemon USA has been staging false flag attacks since at least the mid-19th century grand theft of Mexican territory — to expand the nation from sea to shinning sea by stealing land to accomplish its diabolical aim.

California, Utah, Nevada, as well as parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming and Colorado were Mexican territory — until US aggression unlawfully seized it. 

At the time, the Rio Grande became the Texas-Mexico border.

One US false flag after another followed grand theft of Mexican land — notably the 9/11 state-sponsored mother of them all.

If a Biden regime tactical nuclear false flag strike on Ukraine occurs — to falsely blame Russia for its own war crime — the risk of possible global war will be more greatly heightened than already.

On all things related to hegemon USA’s invented enemies, nothing can be ruled out.

The empire of lies and forever wars long ago abandoned the rule of law in pursuit of its diabolical aim for unchallenged global dominance by brute force and other dirty tricks.

In stark contrast, Russia prioritizes peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations in strict compliance with international law.

The Kremlin vowed never to use nuclear weapons — except in retaliation of their use against the Motherland or if its security is greatly jeopardized.

In stark contrast, a same day article explained hegemon USA’s self-declared right to wage preemptive nuclear or convention wars against invented enemies at its discretion.

Reading lines pre-scripted for him to recite on Thursday, the fake Biden reinvented reality about invented enemy Russia — falsely  claiming that Kremlin authorities may order a first-strike nuclear attack against the US/West or Nazified Ukraine.

Was he instructed to make this outrageous claim without having been briefed on plans by US dark forces to stage a tactical nuclear false flag strike on Ukraine to wrongfully lay blame on Russia?

Not a shred of evidence suggests that Russia would ]go this far — or that its forces might use chemical, biological and/or other banned weapons against any adversary — what’s been longstanding US practice throughout its history from inception.

In stark contrast, consider reality about dominant US dark forces.

The dominant US criminal class staged the 9/11 mother of all false flags to unjustifiably justify preemptive war on nonthreatening Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria based on bald-faced Big Lies. 

Nearly two decades later, dominant US dark forces topped their earlier criminality by waging war on humanity at home and abroad by kill shots and all else flu/covid — with mass-extermination of unwanted billions and elimination of remaining freedoms in mind.

Given what’s indisputable, there’s nothing too unthinkable off-the-table that hegemon USA won’t try in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

For good reason, Pink Floyd rock band co-founder, musician, performer, Roger Waters, called the empire of lies and forever wars “the most evil of all (nations) by a factor of at least ten times,” adding:

Hegemon USA “kill(s) more people…interfere(s) in more people’s elections,” and blames victims for the worst of its crimes of war and against humanity.

Everything it claims about Russia and other invented enemies are “all lies, lies, lies, lies!”

It bears repeating what I stressed in a same-day article and said earlier as well.

If US/Western regimes operated like Russia, a new era of peace, stability, equity, justice and compliance with the rule of law would replace perpetual hegemon USA-dominated NATO wars of aggression against invented enemies.

While hegemon USA prioritizes use of nukes at its discretion, Russia prohibits this practice — except in self-defense as explained above.

With the worst of its megalomaniacal aims in mind, have things passed a point of no return toward full-scale US war on Russia with nukes.

What’s unthinkable is never off the table in pursuit of its diabolical aims.

Rogue state USA is by far humanity’s greatest threat, especially with crazed Dems intending a repeat of grand theft Election 2020 to stay empowered next year and beyond — at the expense of world peace and a nation fit to live in.

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