The Scourge of How Rogue State USA Operates — Humanity’s Greatest Enemy

Along with its history of waging forever wars on invented enemies in pursuit of its diabolical drive for hegemony, both wings of the US war party are at war on ordinary people at home and abroad without  mercy — especially when undemocratic Dems are empowered.

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) are in the vanguard of supporting medicine as it should be practiced over politicized science.

On October 7, it reported the following:

The Trudeau regime threatened to imprison longtime Canadian physician Mary O’Connor MD “for refusing to violate her patients’ (rights to) medical privacy and safety,” last month saying:

She’s battling to preserve and protect the following rights:

“Right to access medical treatment”

“Right to adequate medical treatment”

“Right to privacy of their medical records”

On Saturday, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) contacted O’Conner — “demanding that she turn over the names and charts of all her patients who received medical exemptions” for masks that don’t protect, worthless PCR tests and health-destroying kill shots.

“I was asked to violate my patient’s rights…both to choose their medical treatment and the right to have their private medical records remain confidential between themselves and their doctor,” she explained.

The CPSO threatened to forcibly seize records it seeks.

Last November, the organization unlawfully ordered O’Connor to cease and desist the issuance of further exemptions — in breach of her Hippocratic Oath responsibility to do no harm.

Two days before Christmas 2021, O’Connor’s medical license was suspended — for practicing medicine with her patients’ rights in mind.

Last January, she was subjected to witch-hunt persecution in Ontario Superior Court — its ruling going against her and her patients by ordering her to violate their right to privacy.

Despite the draconian ruling in flagrant breach of the Nuremberg Code, she stood tall, saying:

“I will not violate my oath or my patient’s medical privacy.”

Over age-80, a practicing physician for most of the last half century, O’Connor is at risk of being imprisoned — for doing the right thing.

In response, she said the following:

“Now is the time for you to speak with your doctors and know whether they are willing to protect your medical files or will they hand over your most private and confidential details to the” CPSO or Trudeau regime on demand. 

Addressing the CPSO, she added:

“I am not angry.”

“I feel great sorrow for you.”

“You are in the lie and on the side of darkness.”

“I hope and pray to Our Good Lord that you will come to see the light…and help to protect Canadians.”

“Otherwise, you are complicit in their injuries.”

“I will not surrender my charts (and) say loudly:” 



If most physicians throughout the US/West matched O’Connor’s courage to do the right thing, the scourge of kill shots and all else flu/covid — with mass-extermination and elimination of greatly eroded freedoms entirely in mind — would have been stillborn. 

Separately days earlier, Health Impact News reported the following:

Since mass-jabbing for flu/covid began, “neurological diseases explode(d)” last year — including over a “100,000% increase in strokes.”

As earlier articles explained, mass-jabbing has been responsible for an epidemic of major diseases in all age groups — while providing zero protection.

The vast majority of reported flu/covid outbreaks were caused by jabs, the more jabs gotten, the greater the irreparable harm to health.

In stark contrast, unjabbed individuals are profoundly safer and healthier than their jabbed counterparts.

Based on real science, not its politicized version, the above reality is indisputable.

Some rare good news in a final comment:

In January, I explained the following:

Eminent physician Meryl Nass MD’s license to practice medicine was suspended for prescribing known safe and effective protocols able to cure flu/covid.

And at the time, she was ordered to undergo a neuropsychological evaluation — for practicing medicine the right way.

According to Children’s Health Defense on Friday, Maine’s licensing board will hold an October 11 hearing on Nass’ status, explaining the following:

On September 26, the board  “withdrew six (phony) accusations…”

On Sept. 30, it “withdrew more… allegations related to ‘misinformation.’ ”

“There are no patient complaints for the board to review.”

“Nass will introduce 286 pages of e-mails and letters from her patients and others, attesting to her competency, care and responsiveness to patient needs.”

Eminent medical and scientific experts will be testifying next week on her behalf — to set the record straight about why her license suspension should be lifted.

Throughout her 40 years of practicing medicine the right way, she “never had a malpractice case or a prior board action taken against her.”

If fabricated charges against her are dropped and her license suspension lifted, it’ll be a rare example of justice over state-sponsored war on public health and physicians who refuse to subordinate the rights of their patients to politicized science with diabolical aims in mind.

4 thoughts on “The Scourge of How Rogue State USA Operates — Humanity’s Greatest Enemy

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  1. To the obscenely profitable pharmaceutical industry, a patient cured is a customer lost. Real cures are demonized to be replaced by poison, cut and burn – the new PCB.

    Practically all medical practitioners are aiding and abetting, some out of fear of losing their medical licenses, by knowingly undermining and destroying patients’ health to rob them of their savings and assets, and always bringing misery or death through overdose, mutilation or bankruptcy.


  2. I just don’t understand how every last sheriff can stand down on a mass murder. It is clear “They are all in on it.”

    THEY are dropping graphene oxide from the air with the other killer toxins and using it as ink on the pills people take.

    Now La Quinta is saying there is no mRNA and no spike protein can be found in people and it is GO doing all the damage. There was an extremely important link on “world order review” on the topic with promising news graphe oxide can be treated easily with magnetic strips. Link: “SHOW a Single Image of THE ‘SPIKE PROTEIN’. Why Don’t They Do It? Simply because IT DOESN’T EXIST !” at


  3. Graphene oxide has some relationship to total control by the Fewocracy. Ken Wheeler gives the best talk on 5G I have seen and it covers water as the antenna for consciousness and how the high energy band of 5G has the ability to create harmonic sympathies in the body.

    “5G High-Band DANGERS & Reality” at


  4. The pharmaceutical mafias were able to implemented this Covid 19 vaccine fraud because they are in partnership with the criminal arm of governments whom
    will protect them from applicable justice.
    All law enforcement agencies are corruptly neutralized.


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