Russian Foreign Ministry Update on Ukraine

Aside from Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine, most other nations and their people know that Russia’s liberating SMO is “justified and are aware of the origins of this crisis,” its Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova (MZ below) explained, adding:

Since installed by hegemon USA after the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, its Nazified ruling class “continues to persecute the local population because of the language they speak, political views and ethnicity.”

Ukrainian Nazis “never cease their barbarous shelling of peaceful cities and villages in the liberated areas” — with killing maximum numbers of civilians in mind. 

At the same time, hegemon USA and its NATO vassals continue to supply the regime with arms, equipment, intelligence and direction.

“We remember (Russophobic remarks) by the American political establishment about Ukraine’s main objective being to kill as many Russians as possible,” MZ stressed. 

“We remember and know that this ideology of killing is being promoted by (so-called) Ukrainian (envoys) around the world. We will never forget this.”

What’s going on is US-dominated NATO war on Russia by use of expendable Ukrainian cannon fodder troops — the Pentagon and CIA running things.

Lunatics in Kiev called for “detonat(ing) a dirty bomb in Moscow,” along with wanting the regime to have conventional nukes.

There’s no ambiguity about how they operate — extrajudicially in flagrant breach of the UN Charter and other international law.

US-dominated Western regimes “want to strike Russia from all sides.”

Their economic, financial and political war failed.

So they’re focusing on military action, a policy also doomed to fail.

Russia “will continue defending our homeland and its citizens, removing the arising threats to our security,” MZ stressed.

Discussing unanimous Security Council support for a transparent international probe into what clearly was Biden regime sabotage of Nord Stream gas pipelines to Germany, the empire of lies and forever wars — together with its Western vassals — want Russia excluded from participation.

Clearly it’s to lay blame away from where it belongs.

Russia rightfully demands its inclusion in “a comprehensive, open investigation” of sabotage to both Nord Stream pipelines.

I’ve slammed interventionist Blinken’s so-called spokesperson, Price, many times for turning truth and full disclosure on its head time and again.

So did MZ in her latest briefing, saying:

“Price routinely (and wrongfully) shifts blame for worsening global food crisis (conditions) onto Russia.” 

“In particular, references are made to a (fake news) report by the Washington-funded Conflict Observatory (NGO) on damage allegedly inflicted by our country on Ukrainian grain depots during the” SMO.

It’s not the first time that an invented US enemy was falsely blamed for what it had nothing to do with — and surely the pattern will repeat time and again.

Throughout its SMO, Russian forces have been exclusively focusing on military targets, an indisputable fact.

Commenting on fake news claims about Russia posing a nuclear threat, MZ said the following:

Hegemon USA and its Western vassals use MSM in their countries as imperial tools.

So despite no credible evidence, they falsely “accuse(d) Russia of using nuclear blackmail and threats.”

They “spread far-fetched allegations claiming that we are thinking about using nuclear weapons for either attacking (Nazified Ukraine) or carrying out a nuclear weapons test in the Black Sea to send some kind of a signal.”

“Do you know how this (fabrication) works?”

Their ruling regimes “took a page from propaganda and communications textbooks.”

When Russian officials say its forces will never preemptively use nukes, US/Western MSM “cut and paste these statements into their articles, leaving only who said it, and the words dealing with nuclear weapons and technology.”

“They throw out all the rest. This turns everything upside-down.”

US/Western regimes are escalating conflict dangerously, while falsely blaming Russia for their actions.

And while there’s nothing afoot at this time for Ukraine to become a NATO member-state officially, it’s virtually one already with hegemon USA using its military to wage perpetual war on Russia.

It’s not about winning — what’s impossible for Kiev against a vastly superior military power.

It’s all about what I call forever war — a futile US/NATO attempt to weaken, undermine and isolate the Russian Federation.

Instead of harming their targeted country, they’re self-inflicting harm on their own nations politically, economically and financially.

And the longer they continue their dirty game, the greater the harm they’ll inflict on themselves.

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  1. MZ’s “take”comports with my “take” in amazing congruence, and that from Day One, whenever that was [2014? end-2021? 2-23-2022? other?]…! Viva Russia in this moment-in-time of incredibly fraught circumstances and portents. Wanna-be hegemon USA is totally out of control, without any doubt. Active listening, respect, negotiation, seeking (so reasonable) accommodation, harmony rather than insults-belligerence-bombast-posturing for war rather than peace, anyone? Sadly, peace is not in the US toolkit, from Bumblin’ Biden to Blinkin’ Blinken and far down into the Belly and Bowels of the Beast. I am deeply ashamed of my country.

    Thank you, Mr. Lendman for honest, candid, and patriotic reporting. [As a nitpick, I might suggest that the penultimate paragraph would be even more on point had it included the concept of “moral integrity” — e.g., “Instead of harming their targeted country, they’re self-inflicting harm on their own nations politically, economically, financially, and morally.”]


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