US/Western Regimes Want You Dead

US/Western regimes more greatly threaten humanity than any of their predecessors in world history.

One example of their diabolical agenda is forever wars on invented enemies.

Kill shots and all else flu/covid far more greatly threaten the survival of billions of people targeted for elimination worldwide.

Undemocratic Dems are in the vanguard of what’s going on.

Last week, Judicial Watch (JW) said it received “249 pages of (Pharma-controlled HHS) records.”

They reveal new plans by Biden regime dark forces to push flu/covid mass-jabbing — with toxins designed to destroy health and shorten lifespans.

Documents received by JW followed an August 2021 FOIA lawsuit — initiated because HHS stonewalled its request “for records related to (the agency’s) (flu)/covid 19 Community Corps program.”

Newly released records revealed Biden regime plans for what’s likely to be a more intense MSM propaganda campaign than so far.

Like earlier, it’ll be all about mind-manipulating maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm from kill shots — containing health-destroying toxins designed for this purpose.

Commenting on what’s planned, JW President Tom Fitton said the following:

HHS records “show a disturbing and massive campaign by the Biden (regime) to propagandize and politicize” kill shots. 

“It seems as if the entire entertainment industry” has been enlisted to push what’s crucial to shun.

Separately, JW commented on “rampant fraud and corruption (related to the Biden regime’s) massive (flu/covid) relief” cash giveaway, including the following:

IRS employees were “charged with stealing over a million dollars from (Biden regime giveaway) programs to buy luxury goods, fancy cars and travel.”

The regime’s so-called $2 trillion flu/covid CARES Act “is rife with fraud and corruption,” theft by IRS staff a tiny tip of a gigantic iceberg.

Grand theft amounting to tens of billions of dollars was uncovered so far.

“Yet the cash keeps flowing,” JW explained.

Separately on Saturday the Epoch Times reported the following:

Bankruptcy attorney Jeff Childers sued “and got the first appellate decision in the country, finding mandatory masking presumptively unconstitutional.”

According to Childers:

“If they could get away with encroaching on our constitutional rights to that extent, dictating what we wore, then they were going to go to the next level.”

“That seemed obvious to me. And it was not something that was obvious to my peers.”

Separately on his website, Childers explained that families of patients hospitalized for what’s (most often) (mis)diagnosed as flu/covid are seeking legal help to protect them.

Hospitals denied them visitation rights, failed to provide proper nutrition and fluids to their loved ones, and coerced patients to submit to health-destroying treatments.

Since seasonal flu was renamed covid, hospitals — including the nation’s top-rated ones — they’ve been paid 6-figure bonuses per patient to artificially inflate flu/covid numbers and administer health-destroying protocols.

For patients diagnosed with flu/covid, they’re paid an additional $13,000 — $39,000 if put on a ventilator.

Their entire bill is increased by 20% if use hazardous to health remdesivir instead of known safe and effective ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for treating and curing flu/covid.

Childers explained that distraught family members call his office when their loved ones are ventilators and toxic drugs, adding:

“In many cases, hospitals refused to release the patient, citing their unstable condition, meaning that at some point it can become impossible to get off the (flu/covid) express.”

“The most common complaints we get include that patients are being pressured to accept remdesivir, (or were already given the toxic drug) even though they objected to it, or the hospital will not administer alternative widely-used treatments even though the patient is in critical condition where side effects are less risky than imminent death.”

“I have personally seen hospitals spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers to keep patients in their facility.”

“I call it medical kidnapping.”

Hospitalization for what’s diagnosed as flu/covid risks a life-ending experience.

Instead of operating as healing institutions, they’re administering health-destroying protocols to hasten death — in flagrant breach of the Nuremberg Code and societies fit to live in.

On Saturday, noted retired physician Dr. Vernon Coleman minced no words, saying:

“Hospitals are not suitable places for sick people.”

“If you must go into one, you should get out as quickly as you can.”

Truth for Health Foundation’s President, Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD earlier said the following:

US hospitals nationwide are “fail(ing) to (fulfill) fundamental patient right(s), (including their) right to request treatment.”

Doctor/patient relationships as they should be no longer exist in US hospitals nationwide.

“(A) hospital admission has become like reporting to prison.” 

“Prisoners in America’s jails have more visitation rights than do (flu/covid) patients in America’s hospitals.”

Protocols mistreat patients instead of doing no harm — by “rationing medical care for people older than 50” and administering health-destroying treatments instead of the other way around.

A personal note:

Most of my doctors are affiliated with one of the nation’s top-10 rated hospitals.

I dread the prospect of illness requiring admission.

For individuals my age, hospitals are virtual roach motels.

Patients check in but don’t check out to go home.

That’s the disturbing reality of what’s going on in the US nationwide and elsewhere throughout the West.

7 thoughts on “US/Western Regimes Want You Dead

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  1. Dr. Jane Ruby is a good channel to follow on Telegram: She calls the $100,000 reward for killing people by poisoning them with WhenDeathIsNear the Fauci Death Protocol.

    Hospitals are now the knew killing fields.

    Amandha Vollmer is a Canadian doctor whose website is dedicated to “Holistic Health Education” has a website dedicated to medical kidnapping. She is on my ten people to know. I will try to find the link later after dark.

    Rockefeller/Monopoly medicine is all a fraud and part of the machinery is getting the murderous quacks to be in debt one way or another.

    The Dims and Pukes are the parties to the Purple Conspiracy: HangThemAll


  2. Previous catchphrases like antibodies, life-long immunity, herd immunity and genetic defects are now all forgotten and replaced by: trust science, fast-tracking, emergency use authorization, you need 2 shots, get your booster shots, get vaccinated.

    There is no such thing as a virus or an infectious disease. Diseases are caused by uncleanliness, poisons and unclean spirits. Vaccination bypasses the immune system to inject poisons into the body.

    The corrupted WHO is partly financed by the Pharisaic pharmaceutical companies that want their fabulous return on investment. The WHO should be outlawed as a terrorist organisation and for genocide, and together with the pharmaceutical industry be tried under the Nuremburg Tribunal.


  3. Again, it’s a hospital, not a hive of leathernecked marines – if anyone in a hospital gives you an answer other than immediate compliance, pick up something sharp and metal and do them in the face. Mark them, so for the rest of their life they have to explain how they got those marks.

    Another thing – where do all these murdering fucks in hospitals go when their shift is over? Do you follow them? Keep tabs on where they live, learn who their family members are? Maybe it really is that easily – if they mention remdesivir, show them pictures of their children playing in their yard, ask them how they want things to go, here. Because what if the people working in the hospitals never go home? What if the ones doing the actual killing are living in the hospital somewhere? Do you even look? How do you really know unless you go look? Lockdown? So that you can’t look at what?


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