Eliminating Ukraine’s Ability to Produce Electricity

According to analyst John Helmer:

“Slowly but surely, but also secretly, (Russia) is destroying the electric generation on which Ukraine depends for everything –  trains, water pumps, sewage treatment, light, heat, mobile telephones, refrigerators, radio and television, not to mention production lines in factories, in abattoirs, sausage making and other farm and food processing.”

So far, the regime remains able to supply electricity for war-making “on the eastern front, and for cross-border trains to run into Lvov from Poland with fresh arms,  ammunition, and rotating allied military staff advisers, together with NATO politicians and journalists keen to advertise their support.”

Given recent events, especially regime sabotage to the Crimean Bridge, taking out its electric grid entirely may follow.

According to regime sources, “about 1,700 cities, towns and villages, with about 1 million consumers, were without power in mid-March.”

“The most seriously affected were…Sumy, Chernigov, Nikolaev and Donetsk.”

“On May 3, Ukrainian and western media reported a missile strike against power plants in the western Galicia region capital of Lvov.” 

“Sub-stations supplying electricity to the railway system in the region were also hit.”

In September, “(p)ower (generation) in Kharkov, Sumy, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk regions w(as) stopped.”

Days earlier, the International Energy Agency (IEA) confirmed a sharp drop in the regime’s ability to produce electricity.

Since Russia’s SMO began, Ukrainian electricity generation is about 40% lower than earlier — with no prospect for restoring what’s lost.

Winter approaches with little or no heat awaiting millions of Ukrainian households and users of public buildings.

If Ukraine’s ability to generate electricity is halted altogether, including for its rail lines, transporting troops, arms and equipment will be greatly impeded.

The regime doesn’t have enough trucks to make up for what’s lost.

And large trucks on highways in open spaces are easy targets to strike and destroy.

Helmer explained that Russia foiled an attempt to connect Ukraine’s electricity grid to the EU system by attacking it.

According to a Western military expert:

The regime is “extremely hard-pressed to maintain and restore their electrical grid, most especially in the eastern regions.”

“They are just as concerned to the point of adding and testing back-up generators at key nodes of the grid, especially in Kiev.”

“(T)he precedent for the Russian General Staff and Kremlin for destroying a country’s electrical grid was set during (US-dominated) NATO(’s) bombing of Serbia…Iraq” and other nonthreatening nations their regimes preemptively attacked.

And this reality check:

Puppet Zelensky and others around him likely believe their own propaganda rubbish.

They don’t understand that  “housing of pumps (that deliver water and treat) sewage will freeze and split apart not heated via electrical means.”

“(E)lectricity is needed to ignite, then control, furnaces.”

“(L)ong lead times (are needed to) replace and restore” what’s been knocked out.

Along with striking the regime’s energy facilities, its substations were heavily damaged.

Since Russia’s SMO began in February, the made-in-the-USA monster/Nazi-infested Ukraine has undergone slow-motion imploding.

So is Europe economically and financially.

And according to unnamed military experts, former European economic powerhouse Germany’s munitions will only last two days if needed to defend the nation militarily.

And at least €20 billion is needed to resupply its military.

According to German Security and Defense Industry Association director Hans Christoph:

“This situation will not improve if ammunition is removed from Bundeswehr stocks and corresponding orders are not made at the same time” to replace it.

Yet the Scholz regime pledged over €1 billion in military aid to Ukrainian Nazis at the expense of its own security and other vital homeland needs.

And everything supplied to the regime accomplished nothing.

Separately on Monday, Russia’s upper house Federation Council Defense and Security Committee Chairman, Viktor Bonarev, said the following:

“No doubt, Russia as of today embarked on a new phase of the special military operation.”

“And we will act even more decisively.”

Will a declaration of war against the made-in-the-USA monster be announced ahead?

With or without one, a page was turned for more resolute Russian action ahead.

On September 21 in his address to the nation, Vladimir Putin warned hegemon USA, its Western vassals and Ukrainian Nazis that he’s not “bluf(fing)” in determination to eliminate the threat they pose to Russia’s security.

Multiple strikes on Ukrainian cities nationwide was an example of what he meant.

Given the likelihood of further regime strikes on Russia’s vital interests — including against liberated regions now part of the Motherland — what happened on Monday will likely be repeated with equal or greater force.

One thought on “Eliminating Ukraine’s Ability to Produce Electricity

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  1. Excellent report, Mr. Lendman. Appreciated….

    The Bear has been awakened…. (Will the [rational] world awaken and see reality, and embark on repair of global relations via negotiation, respect, active listening…? I cannot believe so, as long as the lurking, rapacious MICs out there are rolling in and feasting on their profits.)

    I’ll stay tuned.


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