The Nazi-Infested Monster Hegemon USA Created in Ukraine

For years, hegemon USA wanted a platform bordering Russia to wage war on the nation and its people.

After Viktor Yanukovych won a run-off election against Western darling Viktor Yushchenko in 2004, the Bush/Cheney regime’s Orange Revolution deposed him by street violence, sit-ins and general strikes.

Ukraine’s pro-Western Supreme Court annulled the run-off result, ordered a new election in December 2004, won by Yushchenko — a former governor of the nation’s central bank, his wife a US citizen and former Reagan/GHW Bush official.

In stark contrast to Yanukovych, Yushchenko favored NATO and EU membership for Ukraine.

In January 2010 elections, Yanukovych regained the presidency, taking office in February, allying with Russia because of large-scale investments and longterm loans offered.

From late 2013 to early 2014, the Obama/Biden regime’s Maidan coup in Kiev ousted him violently, installing Petro Poroshenko to replace him.

At the time, rooftop snipers overlooking Kiev’s Maidan gunned down peaceful protesters.

In Odessa, Right Sector Nazi thugs burned to death dozens of coup opponents in the city’s Trade Union House.

Some escaping incineration were shot or otherwise killed outside.

The Obama/Biden regime got Nazified elements it wanted installed in office — a coup d’etat regime, not a legitimate one.

From April 2014 to the present day, Ukrainian Nazis have been terror-shelling Donbass residential areas, killing thousands of civilians and destroying vital infrastructure — following orders from their US master.

Since installed by hegemon USA in May 2019, puppet Zelensky continued regime aggression on Donbass along Russia’s borders.

Since Moscow began its liberating SMO in late February, the Biden regime has been waging war on Russia by use of Ukrainian Nazified and conscript foot soldiers.

Like the US/West, Ukraine is a fantasy democracy, the real thing banned.

Martial law replaced what little remained of greatly eroded freedoms.

The Zelensky regime banned opposition parties, establishing dictatorial rule — the empire of lies and forever wars running things with him installed as a figurehead puppet.

Speech, press and academic freedoms were virtually banned, independent media shut down.

Television and print media are state controlled.

On all things related to Russia and other important issues, state-approved propaganda rubbish alone is featured.

Everything Russian is considered anti-Ukrainian, including the language.

Russian nationals are at risk of arbitrary arrest, prosecution, conviction, imprisonment, torture or assassination.

The same goes for anyone opposed to the fabricated official narrative on all things related to Russia and other major issues.

What MSM suppress about Nazified Ukraine is most important to report.

As ordered by hegemon USA, freedom and the rule of law no longer exist.

Tyrannical rule replaced what little remained of a free and open society.

Hardening it continues. New legislation usurps total control over conventional and social media, including power to block internet access.

Once enacted and enforced, freely expressing views that diverge from the fabricated official narrative will be a criminal offense — prosecution, stiff fines and/or  imprisonment to follow.

Will US/Western regimes act in similar fashion to Ukrainian Nazis — usurping total control over the message, banning alternative views, criminalizing “offenders”?

That’s where things are heading —  in directions beyond the worst of what Orwell and Huxley imagined.

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