Russian Straight Talk During a Plenary UN General Assembly Session

Russia’s UN envoy, Vassily Nebenzia, minced no words as follows, saying:

There’s no ambiguity about “outrageous fraud in which (General 

Assembly president, Csaba Korosi) played a key role.”

“We were not given the floor to make a point of order.”

“Our statement was distorted, and now UN member states are being robbed of their right to express their opinion freely.”  

“This is an unprecedented manipulation undermining the authority of the General Assembly and UN as a whole.”

“In such circumstances, we opted to not take part in the vote.”

“We express our strong protest against the blatant violation of the procedural order of the meeting” — with intent to rig voting against Russia. 

What’s going on is the following:

Russia justifiably vetoed a Biden regime Security Council resolution, condemning its support for the right of UN Charter-affirmed self-determination for Donbass and Kherson/Zaporozhye residents.

Hauled out of retirement to serve US imperial interests at the world body, Linda Thomas-Greenfield consistently lies and mass deceives on all issues related to Russian and other invented hegemon USA enemies.

She’s been pressuring, intimidating, threatening and bribing enough General Assembly member states to cobble together majority support for adoption of the resolution vetoed by Russia at the Security Council.

The General Assembly is supposed to be “the most inclusive platform for equal dialogue of sovereign states,” Nebenzia stressed.

Today’s reality is worlds apart different because of diabolical actions by the empire of lies and forever wars on invented enemies.

Throughout UN history, there’s never been as much “cynicism, confrontation, and dangerous polarization as” as exists today — because of actions by hegemon USA and its Western vassals, Nebenzia stressed.

They excluded GA discussion of the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

They ignored the transformation of Ukraine from democratically governed to Nazi-infested tyrannical rule.

They suppressed US-dominated NATO use of Ukrainian foot soldiers to wage war on Russia and Donbass civilians — what’s gone on since the 2014 Maidan coup.

Russia is condemned for having liberated residents of Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporozhye from the scourge of Nazified tyranny.

There’s no ambiguity about atrocities committed by US/Western-supported Ukrainian Nazis against Russian nationals in the above liberated regions and throughout Ukraine.

State-terrorism by the US-installed regime against the Crimean Bridge was the last straw for Russia.

“By carrying out such sabotage, by terrorizing and killing unwanted officials and political activists, the Kiev regime positioned itself alongside the most ignominious international terrorist organizations,” Nebenzia stressed, adding: 

Nazified Kiev and its Western sponsors are waging perpetual war to “the last Ukrainian” with no end of its in prospect. 

The US-installed Kiev regime “forfeited this legitimacy in terms of its Russian-speaking population back in 2014.”

Since that Time, Russia documented indisputable evidence, detailing its crimes of war, against humanity and related atrocities — including brutal torture and cold-blooded murder.

Reality shattered the fabricated US/Western official narrative.

Separately in remarks to the press about how the Biden regime is rigging an anti-Russia GA vote, Nebenzia said the following.

What’s going on is “outrageous.”

“I have never seen such manipulations (of) General Assembly (member states) ever before.”

Russia called for a secret GA vote on the Biden regime’s anti-Russia resolution so member states could freely express their will without fear of recrimination by the empire of lies and forever wars.

Proceedings were rigged to deny it by US intimidation and threats.

Fourteen countries supported Russia’s proposal, 100 voted against it and 38 abstained.

On Monday strikes by Russian forces on multiple Ukrainian targets, Nebenzia stressed that Kiev was warned time and again about retaliation to come if it continues acts of state terror.

On ongoing Russian military operations against Ukrainian Nazis and conscript troops, he stressed that goals publicly explained by Vladimir Putin will be achieved.

A Final Comment

On Monday, the fake Biden spoke to US-installed puppet Zelensky by phone.

According to a White House readout, more US aid will be forthcoming — in support of Ukrainian Nazis.

Omitted from the readout was how much of what’s been supplied to the regime by the US/West was either destroyed by Russia or resold by corrupt Kiev officials in dark web transactions, including to known terrorist groups.

Separately last week, Sergey Lavrov explained the following:

“We cannot stay silent in the face of the Kiev regime’s reckless undertakings, which create risks related to the use of various kinds of WMDs.”

Russia’s SMO “revealed alarming facts.”

Notably they include “illegal military biological programs at Pentagon-installed labs, as well as experiments with the creation of prohibited chemicals.”

“The most dangerous artillery strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP continue as well.”

The day before the above remarks by Lavrov, puppet Zelensky recklessly called on his US/Western patrons to strike Russia preemptively with nukes.

In response, Lavrov minced no words, saying:

“This character actually gave the world further evidence of the threat emanating from the Kiev regime.”

“It is to neutralize this threat that the  (SMO) was launched.”

“As far back as February, (puppet Zelensky called for Ukraine) to possess nuclear weapons.”

The Biden regime and its Western vassals are “dangerous(ly) ratcheting up international tensions by pumping weapons into (Nazified) Ukraine” for perpetual war on Russia.

US-dominated NATO represents an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

They may destroy planet earth and all its life forms because of their megalomaniacal rage to own it.

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