The Only Option for Ukrainian Nazis Not Taken: Unconditional Surrender

Russia’s only choice is to demand unconditional surrender.

Nothing less is acceptable.

On Monday and Tuesday, Ukrainian Nazis got a taste of Russia’s overwhelming military superiority when unleashed — and how defenseless the regime and its US/NATO patrons are against it.

Vladimir Putin earlier said the following:

Hegemon USA-dominated NATO wants Russia co-opted.

“(T)hey want to defeat us on the battlefield.”

“Let them try.”

“(E)veryone should know that, by and large, we have not started anything in earnest yet.”

On Monday and Tuesday, a page was turned. A new reality dawned.

In response to one US OK’d Kiev terrorist attack on Russian infrastructure too many by damaging the Crimean Bridge, Russia significantly degraded the regime’s power grid, greatly disrupted its communication systems and impeded its ability to move troops and arms by rail to frontline positions.

All of the above was achieved in 2 days.

Throughout Russia’s liberating SMO since February, US-controlled regime troops never achieved a strategic triumph, never captured a single city — just largely open spaces of no strategic importance because Russia saw no reason to defend them.

Multiple Russian strikes this week on strategic regime targets stopped short of destroying them altogether.

Yet its actions this week sent a clear and unequivocal message.

If hegemon USA-controlled Kiev continues cross-border terrorist attacks on Russian targets, its military will retaliate with overwhelming force, the regime to pay dearly for its actions.  

Its heavily degraded military has nothing remotely comparable to Russia’s battlefield superiority.

If unleashed unrestrained — short of using tactical nukes — conflict could end in days, a few weeks at most.

Strategic regime targets could be eliminated altogether in short order — with minimal civilian casualties.

Can US/NATO air defense systems change the dynamic on the ground?

They’re unable to intercept and destroy Russia’s high-precision hypersonic missiles.

And this reality check:

US/NATO regimes depleted their arsenals of weapons, munitions and equipment by what was sent to Ukrainian Nazis — and what’s on the way — for Russia to destroy.

Another reality check:

Once newly mobilized Russian reserves complete training and are deployed, its offensive will liberate occupied parts of Donetsk, Kherson, Zaporozhye and other areas entirely, including Odessa.

On Tuesday, US-installed NATO puppet, Stoltenberg, recited his customary litany of bald-faced Big Lies, as follows, saying:

Ukrainian Nazis continue “to make significant gains (sic).”

“Russia is increasingly resorting to horrific and indiscriminate attacks on civilians and critical infrastructure (sic).”

“President Putin is failing in Ukraine (sic).”

Things are “not going as planned” for Russia (sic).

“NATO is not party to the conflict (sic).”

“But our support is playing a key role.”

In less than so many words, Stoltenberg virtually admitted that conflict between Russia and Ukraine is NATO’s war, noting:

If Russian forces triumph over Nazified Ukraine, it’ll mean defeat for US-dominated war-making alliance.

Indeed, hegemon USA and its NATO vassals have been waging war on Russia for years by use of expendable Ukrainian foot soldiers.

It’s been ongoing since the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 Maidan coup in Kiev.

At the same time, US/NATO war on Russia by other means has been ongoing throughout most of the post-WW II period — by illegal sanctions, sabotage and other dirty tricks.

Since the 2014 coup, hegemon USA transformed Ukraine from a nation-state into a war-making instrument of state-terror for use against Russia and Donbass civilians. 

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, stressed it, saying:

“(L)awless actions (by the Nazi-infested regime are) committed in the manner of the worst terrorist cells.”

Make no mistake.

Chances of Ukraine turning a page in favor of conflict resolution following two days of devastating Russian strikes on its strategic targets are virtually nil.

The regime will likely continue cross-border terrorist attacks — as ordered by its US master.

In response, it’ll pay dearly by more hard-hitting Russian retaliation.

It’ll learn the hard way that unconditional surrender is its only option.

A Final Comment

According to Tass on Wednesday:

“Regions in southern and central Ukraine were put on alert for missile strikes on Wednesday, Ukraine’s Vesti news outlet reported.”

“According to Vesti, air raid sirens were activated in the Vinnitsa, the Cherkasy, the Odessa, the Nikolayev, the Kirovograd, the Dnepropetrovsk and the Poltava Regions.”

If information about further Russian strikes on strategic regime targets becomes available, it’ll be discussed in a follow-up article.

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  1. Complete stupidity of Ukrainians to oblige their own slaughter by obeying their masters US. Be wise and surrender Ukrainians.


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