The WSJ: More Politicized Tragedy and Farce Than Journalism as it Should Be

Whether James Madison said the following or not, reality is that “a popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce, a tragedy or both.”

When Paul Craig Roberts was associate editor and columnist for the WSJ, it published material worthy of newsprint.

No longer since its transformation from journalism as it should be to a proliferator of fake news, especially on invented US enemies like Russia.

On Wednesday like many times before, the Journal defied reality by falsely claiming that Ukrainian Nazis are “running circles around Russia’s lumbering military (sic),” adding:

The illusion of “nimble battlefield decision-making (by regime troops), exploiting the incompetence and top-down command of Russian forces (sic)” is worlds apart from reality on the ground.

Like US/Western MSM across the board, the Journal pretends that greatly battered, degraded and demoralized Ukrainian troops — heading for certain defeat — are prevailing over Russia’s overpowering military superiority.

Its reference to alleged take-charge regime junior officers gaining a battlefield “advantage” ignored that Russian forces largely eliminated them altogether.

And as explained in earlier articles, regime troops only gained control over largely open spaces of no strategic importance — not a single city or anything resembling a triumph to crow about.

Nor are regime troops “advancing south” into the Kherson Region, what’s now Russian territory.

Nor did they “surround” Russian forces anywhere or “cut of (their) supply lines (sic),” as Journal fake news falsely claimed.

Nor did the Journal explain that Russia destroyed most US/Western arms and equipment supplied to the regime — or that their hugely corrupted officials sold weapons and munitions gotten from the US/West in dark net transactions, including to terrorist groups.

And claiming that Ukrainian Nazis “seriously damaged” the Crimean Bridge — what connects the Russian republic to its mainland — ignored that vehicular and train traffic over it resumed hours after the sabotage incident.

And this Journal trash:

Russia’s mobilization of a small portion of its reservists was “politically risky (sic).”

“(N)obody knows how the conflict will end (sic).”

Imitation “Western military historians say Ukraine’s (illusory) battlefield successes will be long studied (sic)” — perhaps for their ineptness against vastly superior Russian firepower. 

No regime “surprise advance(s)” occurred throughout Russia’s liberating SMO, no successes worth crowing about, no “rout of Russian forces” anywhere at any time.

Things have been the other way around throughout Russia’s SMO.

And throughout its operations, the toll on regime manpower, arms and equipment has been devastating — compared to minimal Russian losses.

Then came devastating Russian Monday and Tuesday strikes on Ukraine’s power generation and communication systems, greatly degrading dozens of targeted sites — with more of the same coming in response to regime state terror on Russian territory.

It’s just a matter of time before Ukraine’s made-in-the-USA military collapses from depletion, exhaustion and loss of what little remains of its will to continue being battered by Russia’s vastly superior firepower.

Pretense otherwise by the Journal and other MSM won’t change reality on the ground when it becomes too obvious to ignore.

It’s just a matter of time.

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